Several members of Army poster-girl, PFC Jessica Lynch’s old unit at Fort Bliss, Tex., tried to peddle topless photos of the 19 year-old supply clerk to a supermarket tabloid for $200,000, but were turned down flat, MilitaryCorruption.com has learned.

While sources at the GLOBE said the explicit photographs cannot be “positively identified” as being those of Jessica, an article in the mass-circulation weekly went into great detail in describing the various poses allegedly depicted.

The snapshots, apparently taken in a barracks before Lynch’s unit – the 507th Maintenance Company – departed for Iraq, are said to show the fresh-faced, all-American girl “topless,” touching herself with her blue jeans pulled down, and in one pose – simulating a sex act well known to Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky.

If the shocking pix are indeed of Jessica, no media outlet in the United States would dare publish them. Not only would it be “politically incorrect” to embarrass the young soldier – lionized on the covers of NEWSWEEK and PEOPLE magazine as a “hero” – but the backlash from an angered public would be swift and severe.

The French and Germans, however, might not have as many compunctions about “feminist fallout.” It’s conceivable that somewhere down the road, the naughty pix might turn up in the pages of PARIS-MATCH or DER SPEIGAL. With tensions high between the U.S. and its onetime close allies over the war in Iraq, it would be indeed ironic if such photographs first appeared in France and Germany.


It may never be known for sure who leaked the “news” to the Washington POST that PFC Lynch – now discharged from the Army with a million dollar book deal and lucrative offers of TV movies – fought like an Amazon against attacking enemy soldiers during an ambush of the convoy she was riding in March 22 near Nasiriyah, Iraq.

If Pentagon “spinmeisters” concocted the tale to please “women in combat” proponents, it worked like a charm.

The POST breathlessly reported that 19-year old Jessica had emptied her rifle into the charging horde of enemy troops, finally succumbing when they bayoneted and shot her into submission.

“She was fighting to the death,” the newspaper declared in a stirring account on the front page. Lynch “sustained multiple gunshot wounds” and also was stabbed as “she fought fiercely and shot several enemy soldiers until she ran out of ammunition,” read the purple prose. Why John Wayne couldn’t have done better!

Actually, the native of West Virginia suffered several injuries when the vehicle she was riding in collided with a truck at the beginning of the attack. PFC Lynch didn’t get off a shot.

Even her “rescue” by American forces from a nearby hospital was cast in doubt by a BRITISH BROADCASTING CORPORATION documentary. The BBC claimed the dramatic rescue was “staged like a Hollywood film.”

According to the television report, Jessica was well cared for and the Iraqi guards had disappeared long before U.S. forces stormed the hospital compound firing “blanks” and “liberating” the injured soldier.

The once-reliable BBC has taken on a leftist slant in recent years, so perhaps the documentary was a cheap shot. But eyebrows were raised when Pentagon flaks announced Jessica had suffered a “memory loss” and couldn’t recall a thing after the first shot was fired. Maybe so. But it sure did come in handy at a convenient time to deflect questions from the media.

One wonders how the “memory loss” will affect her ability to tell her “story” in the book she and her ghost-writer, disgraced former New York TIMES reporter Rick Bragg, plan to write for the million bucks. Now that she’s out of the Army, maybe her memory will return and she can go into some detail on what really happened that day on the road to Nasiriyah.

Right now, Jessica is under tight wraps. “What was to be a friendly exchange between two Veterans of Foreign Wars posts in West Virginia turned into a surprise visit and lunch with the former POW,” the Associated Press reported.

Members of an Ohio post traveled for three hours to Palestine, W.Va. to present gifts to the 20-year old, former Army private first class.

The local post commander was mighty pleased when Jessica, accompanied by her parents, Greg and Deadra, along with sister Brandi, posed for pictures and shook hands. “She also accepted a dozen long-stem roses, a POW medallion and an inspirational book,” the wire service reported.

What would have been an ideal media outing turned sour at the end when an AP reporter was not allowed to speak with Lynch or her family because “she is under contract with ABC for her first interview,” Lynch’s “public relations spokeswoman” Aly Gregg announced.


One thing is for sure. The real “hero” of that quick and violent firefight was an Army sergeant from Oregon. In fact, most of the “heroics” initially attributed to Lynch were actually performed by Walters – a 33 year-old military cook who had made the Army his career.

A later investigation revealed Walters had “fought to the death,” firing his rifle into the onrushing enemy until he ran out of ammunition. His body was later found with two bayonet wounds in the abdomen. The veteran NCO had also been shot numerous times in the leg and back.

His grieving mother, Arlene Walters, wants to know why all the attention is focused on Jessica Lynch while her son lost his life fighting back against Iraqi soldiers.

Walters got the same Bronze Star medal PFC Lynch got, but his mother wonders if his documented heroism might merit more than that. The Army isn’t interested. They told the family there will be no upgraded decorations.


There were two other females in the Nasiriyah ambush besides Jessica Lynch. PFC Lori Piestewa – the single mom of a 4-year-old boy and 3-year-old girl – was shot and killed. The young woman, who grew up on a Hopi Indian reservation, didn’t make any magazine covers, but she did get a mountain named after her in her home state of Arizona.

And SPC Shoshana Johnson who was taken prisoner. Not nearly as “attractive” as Jessica, the stocky African-American soldier wondered out loud why she had been given a much lower disability rating from the Veterans Administration than PFC Lynch.

Shakedown artist, the “Rev.” Jessie Jackson, soon showed up to hold a press conference decrying “racism.” That probably sunk any chance the female soldier had at getting a medical upgrade on her disability pension.


Among the dead in the ambush at Nasiriyah was PFC Ruben Estella-Soto, an 18 year-old from El Paso, Texas. He had hoped to study engineering under the GI Bill.

Chief Warrant Officer Johnny V. Mata, 35 of Pecos, Texas. The former high school football player left behind a wife and several children.

SPC James Kiehl, 22 of Comfort, Texas. His wife was pregnant with their first child when the soldier shipped out for Iraq.

PVT Brandon Sloan was only 19 years old. From Ohio, the smiling young man was active in high school sports.

M/SGT Robert J. Dowdy from Cleveland, Ohio had been in the Army for 18 years. Married with a teenage daughter, the 38 year-old senior NCO grew up in a working class neighborhood. “He loved the Army,” his brother Jack recalled.

SGT George E. Buggs, 31, of Barnwell, S.C. Active in his high school marching band, Buggs joined the Army after graduation. He is mourned by his wife Wanda and their 12 year-old son.

MilitaryCorruption.com salutes ALL our troops in Iraq, including the fallen dead and those who survived the ambush when an Army convoy took a fateful wrong turn on the road to Nasiriyah.