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Even though the Pentagon's "official line" on the forced anthrax vaccination program is: the injections are "safe," devastating news has come from Michigan. In a bombshell article by the Lansing STATE JOURNAL, it has been revealed a Bioport worker has DIED of anthrax-related causes.

Bioport Corp.'s controversial anthrax vaccine may have contributed to the death of one of its own employees, a medical examiner said, according to the newspaper story.

"The July death - if officially tied to the vaccine - could add to safety and financial concerns hounding the Lansing company, which is the sole producer of the U.S. military's vaccine to combat a deadly biological weapon possessed by an estimated 10 nations.

"Richard Dunn had worked for BioPort and its predecessor, the state-owned Michigan Biological Institute, since 1992. The 61 year-old Ionia man, who cared for and monitored test animals at BioPort, was required to take the same vaccine given to the nation's military personnel.

"Dunn received 11 doses of the vaccine - the last, given in April. An autopsy performed in August suggests the vaccine as a factor, Ionia county Chief Medical Examiner Dr. Robert Joyce said.

"The autopsy, Joyce said, showed Dunn had an inflammatory response to the vaccine throughout his body. He wouldn't comment further on how the swelling led to Dunn's death, through he did say the worker did not show signs of the deadly bacteria in his body.

"Even though they didn't find any anthrax in the man's system his body's reaction to the vaccine contributed to his death," Joyce said.

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