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Quiet Carlisle Barracks has been rocked by the brutal killing of an officer's wife, whose beaten body was discovered on post Thursday morning, March 21, the day after her husband reported her missing.

39-year old Suzanne Bartlett was so viciously assaulted and her face disfigured, investigators had to use dental records to make a positive identification.

Our C.I.'s - (confidential informants) - on post report the victim's husband, LTC David P. Bartlett Jr., told the CID he was at Collins Hall until 2130 hours Tuesday night. He reported his wife "missing" early Wednesday morning, saying she didn't return from a late-night jog.

Informed sources say the CID has a "suspect" in custody and are seeking a "confession."

Civilian reporters trying to get on base Friday were told they could not enter.

Since many of's "reporters" are already within the gates, that tactic won't work with us. A phone call to LTC James MacNeil, the PAO, resulted in the playing of a recording that he was "gone" and wouldn't be back until March 8th. Two weeks have gone by. Hello? Time to change the recorder message "colonel."


The murdered woman was the mother of three children: Carrie, 9; John, 6 and Anne, age 3.

LTC Bartlett, 46, is Branch Chief of the Operation Research Group at the Center for Strategic Leadership on Carlisle Barracks. He is a graduate of Lafayette College in Easton, Pa. and taught military tactics at West Point from 1987-to-91. A 23-year Army veteran, Bartlett entered the military through college ROTC. He had served overseas in Germany.

The Bartletts have lived in the Marshall Ridge area of the Barracks since 1999. They are one of 281 families residing there.

Post officials announced a memorial service for the well-liked mom as the Carlisle Barracks community reeled from the shock of the murder.

Some 22 civilian relatives of the slain woman have arrived on the Barracks and are being quartered in the guest house.

Gen. Robert Ivany, post commandant, moved quickly to reassure the Carlisle Barracks community as to their safety and has done an excellent job of quieting fears and comforting the family members affected by this tragedy.

It was the first official "homicide" in Barracks History, although an AWC lieutenant colonel allegedly "shot himself" back in 1996 just off-post because he was "depressed," according to the "official" story. Informed sources tell that the lieutenant colonel was being "harassed" and "psychologically tortured" by a duo of "out-of-control" MP-CID agents (one nicknamed "Mad Dog") working for a now-departed PMO.


Family friend and neighbor MAJ Steve Sobotta discovered Suzanne's body at around 1130 hours Wednesday. The officer was taking part in a foot search of the area and happened to look into the deep fishing hole on the Letort at the bridge near the bowling alley. Underneath, in a storm sewer, Sobotta saw part of the victim's torso floating in the water.

Cumberland County Coroner Michael Norris ruled the death a homicide. "The victim was badly beaten about the face and strangled," he said. "There were NO signs of sexual assault."

That would tend to torpedo any theory that some "predator" somehow got on the post and "waylaid" Mrs. Bartlett as she was "jogging" along a running trail.

Inside sources report that when Army officials told the county coroner what they "wanted done," he replied - in no uncertain terms - that he knew his job and would do it and then file his report.


LTC Bartlett reported his wife "missing" at around 0300 Wednesday. The MP's declared the Bartlett quarters "a crime scene" that evening and moved the family out. The children were taken to the Post Chapel.

Someone forgot to cancel the Thursday morning trash pickup, and by the time the MP's had arrived at the dumpster behind the War College at 0830 hours, any possible "evidence" - like a blunt instrument - was gone. All they found was a wet rag sticking to the dumpster's lid.


By that, we mean developments can occur at a moment's notice. Be sure to check back with on a daily basis for the latest details.

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Why does former Commandant, Lt. Gen. Richard J. Chilcoat have plenty to worry about? His links to the above case have resulted in the "chickens coming home to roost," (see our separate story.) The general, described by Barracks insiders as "vain, pompous and arrogant" has a lot of explaining to do - under oath. New questions will be asked. He should heed the warning words of the great T.S. Elliott: "April is the cruelest month." Well it certainly will be, for the "hero" of Grenada.

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