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The Army says it plans to release findings by the end of the year from its investigation into the reported killing of South Korean civilians by American soldiers in the early weeks of the Korean War, the Associated Press reported.

Officials told the AP the timetable was not designed to "avoid releasing information" before Election Day.

Yeah, sure.

"The No Gun Ri inquiry is not in any way or shape being driven by considerations regarding the election," Army Secretary Louis Caldera said in response to a reporter's question at a Pentagon news conference.

It was Shakespeare that said "Methinks the lady (in this case Clinton "yes-man" Caldera) doth protest too much."

When these "politicians," and that's what Caldera is, or President Bill "I loathe the military" Clinton wouldn't have installed him, say one thing, it usually means another.

No "politics" involved in the delay? Why of course not!

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