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Who's the female RAT seen patrolling the halls in Building 22? We don't mean the rodent variety. This "two-legged" rat, despite her incompetence, survives by being an informer. Fortunately, she's so clumsy, even at that, her co-workers are "on to her." As soon as her boss "retires," she'll follow him out the door.

It's no secret that LTC Thomas Smith (what a great improvement as Garrison Commander!) is a very talented writer. With four published books under his belt and a witty way with words, this respected officer has let it be known he wouldn't mind being the next Director of the Military History Institute. An excellent choice, we feel, and coming faster than some people think.

Incidentally, what lieutenant colonel was summoned before the Commandant recently and came back with a long look on his face that indicated it had not been a "social call?" This officer, famed for his foul language and screaming rages, should "wise up" and let go of the bottle. If not, he might get picked up by the Carlisle Police again, and THIS time, he WON'T get a "free pass."

Word is "Hotpants" may not have long to celebrate her illegal promotion. Plus her retired field-grade "boyfriend," in mid-life crisis, may find himself in big trouble before a judge in divorce court. Lots of embarrassing information about to be revealed.

"Pee-Wee Herman" is in his "comfort zone." NOW is the time for the other shoe to drop. Here's a clue. What Noncom who used to work for him knows all his "dirty deals" and has just spilled the beans?

Bumbling PAO, LTC James MacNeil, was absolutely "frantic" recently, eyewitnesses say, when an Associated Press story appeared in the paper about War College graduate, retired COL Henry Zimon's troubles.

The President of Allbright College in Reading, Pa., has been accused of misrepresenting himself on his resume.

The AP said accusations surfaced last year when the Chronicle of Higher Education reported Zimon "may have misrepresented claims of publishing books and holding postdoctoral fellowships at Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

"The publisher for Praeger said there was no book by Zimon and former CIA Director James Woolsey, with whom Zimon allegedly is editing a book," said he knows nothing about it.

One of what Barracks veterans call "the most ARROGANT and OBNOXIOUS officers on post" is leaving next month. Thank God! His long-awaited departure will be greeted with relief and celebration by his many critics. Hey, there "Chuckie." Don't let the door hit you on the way OUT!

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