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October 4, 2001


Sadness pervades the land, in the wake of the September 11 terror attacks against the United States - and
Carlisle Barracks is no exception.

Some of you will remember Army War College graduate, Timothy Maude, who was one of those killed when the hijacked airliner plowed into the Pentagon.

The highly respected lieutenant general, who was the U.S. Army's chief of staff for personnel, left us far too

As did another well-liked officer, MAJ "Jackie" Cummings. He passed away Sept. 25. You will recall he
collapsed on the running track sometime back. Fortunately he wasn't alone at the time, but after a long struggle,
he has passed on. Only 40 years old.

The heartfelt sympathies of AWC graduate, BG Peter E. Genovese Jr., USAR (Ret), Chairman of the Board of, and our entire staff go out to the families of both these fine officers. They will be surely missed.

We continue to be impressed by the leadership and "housecleaning" abilities of Carlisle Barracks best
commandant in many years. We didn't think Gen. Robert Ivany would react so quickly to our suggestion in the
last CAPERS that he decorate the bottom of his wastebasket with the request for an extension from a certain
underachieving, foul-mouthed LTC to "stay on" despite his undistinguished (for a West Point graduate) career: nearly 30 years of commissioned service and STILL a light colonel!

Well, this mean-spirited fellow, nicknamed "The BULLY," by those unfortunate to have to work under him and
take his abuse, has gotten word his services are no longer required and he's trying to put the best "spin" on it.
In fact, his friend, the Barracks' bumbling PAO, is trying to convince those who inquire, that the "BULLY" is
actually a pal and close confidant of the general. Yeah, SURE!

Incidentally, the BULLY has informed his minions that his replacement can have occupancy of the plush office whenever he wants it. Gee, that's generous of him, since it doesn't matter anymore what the BULLY wants.
He's "history" (pardon the pun) - yet another piece of deadwood Gen. Ivany has detailed for departure. First
went "The Screamer," then "Chuckie Cheese," now "The Bully." Can "Dickie Wigglebottom" and "Pee Wee
Herman" be far behind?

Our "deep-cover" CI's however, report the BULLY has one more "trick" up his sleeve. It seems, mindful of
his impending unemployment and inability to land a decent job on the "outside," the BULLY is scheming, or
should we say $camming, to land a so-called "service-connected" disability rating to help "pad" his meager
Army retirement check.

The good folks at Dunham better have their X-ray machines and "BS detectors" warmed up when the
BULLY arrives complaining of "back" pain. The only real "pain" here is the PAIN in the --- HE'S been to
all who have been unfortunate enough to have been associated with him.

A tip of the hat to ace reporter Matt Miller of the PATRIOT-NEWS Carlisle Bureau.

No, we didn't slip him the story, but this intrepid newsman, a must read for anyone who wants to get the REAL
story on "goings-on" at the Barracks, has his own network of sources and scored BIG with his story about
cost overruns" for the new Military History Institute.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery they say, and Matt's piece was picked up by The Associated Press and
even the tame Carlisle SENTINEL. They made it their front page story in the Sunday edition. Kind of surprising.
The "home town" paper is not known for running stories the PAO would consider "negative.' Good for them.

While we're on the subject of MHI, Gen. Ivany once again has picked a "quality" individual - not a "drinking
buddy - to become the new Director of the Institute.

All our sources at the AWC and Fort Sill, tell us that COL Russell "Skip" Hall will return respect and honor to
that position. The last two occupants, since the outstanding COL Steve Bowman, USA (Ret) left, have done little
to distinguish themselves. Quite to the contrary, judging from the many EEO complaints filed during their

Good riddance to them both! Maybe they can get together in a downtown BAR and commiserate over the humiliations heaped on them by this column's incisive reporting. That last "pow-wow" in Building 22 did not go undetected. Nor what was said.

COL Hall, a 1998 AWC grad and excellent Field Artillery officer, is well-known and respected by the Carlisle Barracks community. His choice as Director of MHI indicates that Gen. Ivany considers the job to be
something more than a "dumping-ground" for "losers" whose career has gone nowhere.

An expert on Central and South American history, COL Hall once taught at West Point. He is inheriting a demoralized staff, what's left of it, but he should know "morale has gone way up" at MHI since the present
director got his "walking papers."

Since CAPERS mixes well-deserved praise in with what we like to think is constructive criticism, we'd like to
respond to those of you who've asked us WHY we didn't do a big deal on the "identity theft" scandal at Dunham Clinic.

The main reason is the staff is not at fault, and certainly not the commandant. One dishonest individual decided
to compromise medical records and scam $38,000 in bogus credit card swindles.

Well, the case is solved and the perpetrator gone. In no way should the excellent folks at Dunham be tarred with
any brush. It could have happened at any Army medical facility in the country.

Who's the two "harpies" at Carlisle Barracks - one from Dillsburg and the other from DRM - who are out to
pillory the popular staff of the MRW Sports program?

Seems a few years back, the wrong staff member signed a receipt for some basketballs for the AWC students.
It was a "big enough deal" to get someone a reprimand and time on the street!

Why can't the garrison commander just transfer the Sports Program to the Public Affairs Office where they
know how to "bury" their mistakes?

SORRY TO BE LATE in "congratulating" Alan Thompson on his big recent promotion. That is what happens
in government when a manager loses half his staff to an A-76 competition. The Army promotes the manager and increases his administrative staff to deal with the reduced responsibility. Sound familiar?

We promise - no more barbs for this issue. Instead, we give a WELL DONE to Mr. Tim Harpster, GS-12
Computer Analyst, at the Mechanicsburg Navy depot.

Tim is an accomplished physical fitness trainer and teacher of the martial arts who "moonlights" at the Letort
Club and Thorpe gyms with fee-paid training programs for Army War college students.

This "Robin Hood" of modern civil service, earns from the RICH and gives to the POOR. Harpster is the
model of what a civil service advocate should be.

He donates his annual leave to help government workers with EEO cases and DOD grievances. Harpster is an
expert on OP
regulations governing annual employee rating policies. He accepts no money from those he helps,
and many
people at the Barracks need such help.

We live in an era, dear readers, when government civil service unions are racked by embezzlement scandals, and district officers tool around central Pennsylvania in big, white Lincoln-Continental, paid for, we hear, from membership dues!

Harpster, on the other hand, travels at his own expense to garrison headquarters where he goes "one-on-one"
with the ill-equipped, junior JAG officers the Army dumps off at Carlisle Barracks. So far, Harpster has bested
all of his legal opponents at the three installations where he has appeared for the defense. Let's hope this guy
retires early and goes to law school. He has the heart of a lion and the crafty instincts of a fox.


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