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We knew that CHICKENS COME HOME TO ROOST (see home page) would be unpleasant reading for "Pathetic Bobby," the "Hero of Grenada," and one Ron Meier, BUT we certainly didn't expect the HUGE numbers of "downloads" off our web site.

The story must have struck a chord, since our "numbers" - as they say in the business - shot UP, and stayed there. Both "unique page views" and individual "hits" were five times normal.

Maybe it's some of those folks at the Barracks reportedly "warned" by Meier NOT to look at on government computers. Well, that's a "no-brainer." They can just go home after work and "look" to their heart's content there. DUH!

Oh well, we can't fault RM for being "agitated." After all, we certainly wouldn't want to be in HIS shoes right now! That lawsuit up in Harrisburg is not going away, and could really blow the lid off a lot of misconduct at the Barracks that was "covered up" in recent years.

If Chilcoat and Scales are made to testify under oath, we want to reserve "front-row seats" in the courtroom. Usually, as members of the Fourth Estate, we'd sit with the other reporters, but THIS one will be too delicious to miss a single word.

While we're on the topic of the "media," we'd like to offer OUR entry in the Carlisle Barracks BANNER's "photo caption challenge."

You know, the PIX of bumbling PAO, LTC Jim MacNeil in a "fisherman's outfit."


The December issue of The BANNER might better have been called "Ulmer TIMES."

Don't get us wrong. We have the utmost respect and admiration for Lt. Gen. Walter Ulmer, Jr. - a brother Vietnam veteran, and - unlike some other "generals" we know - a man indeed worthy of his rank.

But no less than THREE articles, each accompanied by a photo? In a twelve-page publication? They don't teach that at DINFOS School!

SSG Jeffrey Ege and his able assistant SGT Sheryl Lawry do an admirable job with what they have to work with. Perhaps the blanket coverage was an order from "on high."

We realize their "boss" would never be confused with a "real" journalist.

Kim Gardner and her top-notch Club staff certainly out-did themselves during the recent holidays. You have to marvel at how he or she could get such great food AND high-ticket door prizes for only $4.00 tickets.

Once again the Command included the Griffin Service contractors and recognized them as government employees. Some former DPW staffers were miffed that the taxpayers had to foot the bill for a second gala event at the Golf House that evening. This second party was Griffin Service staff only!

We also are hearing "rumors" of bare-knuckle brawls down on the banks of the Letort between some Griffin Service staff and the DPW's resident gladiator - "Battlin' Brother Bill." Could THIS be the reason for the "somber facial expressions" worn by COL Shields lately?

Did anyone catch "The BULLY" on C-SPAN recently?

There he was, marbles in his mouth as usual, being interviewed in the rare book room of the Military History Institute.

What a pathetic performance! To say the BULLY was "inarticulate" is putting it mildly!

If you forget the temper tantrums and foul-mouthed invective this fellow is well-known for, one could almost feel "sorry" for him.


As the interview unfolded, the high-pitched monotone irritated us so much, we thought up a new "torture" for captured Taliban.

Just lock them in a cell with a loudspeaker playing the BULLY's "mumblings" 24/7. THAT would drive anyone insane!

How we long for the days when MHI last had an outstanding AND respected director. We're referring to COL Steve Bowman.

A superbly "qualified" historian, with a PhD to his credit, Bowman's ebullience and enthusiasm would have been ideal for C-Span's camera.

One only has to think back to the mid-1990's to realize just how BAD things became under first, the "leadership" of "The Chameleon," and then his pal, the West Pointer, who couldn't rise above light colonel in nearly 30 years of commissioned service.

If avoiding scrambled syntax and meandering speech patterns are important to those who select the Director of the Heritage Museum, chances are the BULLY will lose out.

Not to worry. "Chuckie Cheese" decided to "pass" on our generous offer of a job at So that "office-boy" position is still open.

Like Ray Verbish, MHI's veteran cataloger, Atra Hough represents the best qualities of federal civil service. This remarkable lady began her career some years back at the Military History Institute and has been an outstanding performer ever since. We knew her as a highly respected staffer at the Root Hall Library where she used to work.

Recently, Atra transferred back to MHI and catalogs books for the Technical Service folks, who are part of an enlarged Collection Development Branch. She has a lot of knowledge and expertise to share with her fellow workers.

We all have medical issues to be addressed as we get older, and nature is not always kind. The staff at MHI is saddened to hear that Atra is not well and needs your help.

She has asked for leave until mid-March to recover her health and spirit. This time, management is actually supporting an employee with medical problems! This does not always happen at Carlisle Barracks - as the many EEO cases brought because of management "insensitivity" attest.

We ask our many readers who qualify, to contact Sylvia Smith in the Civilian Personnel Office and donate all the surplus "leave" you can afford, to carry Atra through the recovery period that lies ahead.

We also ask you to keep her in your prayers. Thank you.

"Dickie Wigglebottom - currently in a BIG "snit" with The BULLY - never fails to read CAPERS each month. We didn't say he is a FAN of what he reads, because he decidedly is NOT! It's just he can't afford not to see what inside scoop we are breaking. Well, "Dickie," we could run an item about you right here. This month. We're itching to do it, but . . . should we? Nah. Better to save it for later - at a more "appropriate" time - like, let us say, April 15th?

Life can be more exciting than "reality television" in one mostly-female Post directorate.

The GRAND PRIZE for these "aging girls" is to "bag" a full-bird colonel and bring him to the altar - with all the perks and retirement benefits that befit the rank.

The two leading contestants are a certain- "bony blonde bombshell"and her husky queen-size "boss" the one with the more than ample "behind."

This decades-long rivalry has taken some exciting turns and ensnared previous garrison commanders.

Remember "Jerry the Loudmouth?" He was said to be interested, but too frightened AND too cheap to dump his wife. To date, the "ladies" have had to settle for much smaller "trophies."

Our CI's, in place, tell us the one with a "big paycheck" managed to bed and wed a broken-down military police enlisted man. Then there was the long-running competition for the former JAG officer who failed to distinguish himself at Carlisle Barracks. The "blond bombshell" took home this trophy, but instead of being "well-heeled," he turned out to be just another "heel."

Last we knew, he'd left town.

Remember AS THE WORLD TURNS on TV? Carlisle Barracks has it's own soap opera and the "admission" is free.

Until next month, we bid you farewell. Remember, wherever you may be on Carlisle Barracks, one of our CI's is there. And we will throw the spotlight on the good, the bad, and the ugly. But things are definitely getting better, thanks to Gen. Ivany and LTC "Ty" Smith, so have hope, friends. The dark days of Chilcoat and Scales are over.


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