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February 26th, 2002


One of the reasons CAPERS has come to be so widely-read and respected as an ACCURATE and INSIDE "news source" at Carlisle Barracks (after all, who would you BELIEVE first - the bumbling PAO, or those with a track record of telling the truth?) - is because we are clearly ON TARGET in whatever we write. Those we EXPOSE, know that we have "more in reserve" to use if need be, and they are well aware, in picking a fight with this column, WE always get the last word. And we know how to "drop a dime" where it counts. Just ask a couple officers we know who retired "early" at a grade lower than they anticipated.

News has reached us from our extensive network of CI's on post, that $1,000 was recently stolen from the Chaplain's Fund. A disgraceful act in itself. No, we won't identify the alleged thief. The case has been solved and we will let "justice" - for a change - take its course. But we'll make this observation: one has really sunken low, when they stoop to stealing from the House of God.

It seems a certain prissy martinet, who's been featured on these pages in the past, may be in a heap of trouble. Not one but TWO "alphabet agencies" are now said to be looking at him. And April 15th "draweth nigh."

Something to do with excessive "overpayments" to a certain favored vendor and some sort of "kickback" in return. Of course, these are just "allegations," right now. Let us hope this isn't true. You see - this "light-in-the-loafers" fellow wouldn't last very long - what with some of the "brutes" behind bars these days.

A source at the Barracks has provided us with photocopies of certain VERY interesting vouchers. THIS will be "bad news" indeed to the "martinet," as he is said to figure no one knew about the particulars.

The key word, investigators say, is "Watchung." Those "in the know" at the Barracks will add "two and two" very quickly.

APRIL FOOL'S DAY. What an appropriate date for the BULLY to depart the Barracks for good! Yes, on April 1, 2002, a certain underachieving, foul-mouthed LTC with nearly 30 years of commissioned service and a West Point sheepskin (for all the good THAT did him) leaves the Army.

Most of the staff at MHI are ready to "celebrate" the departure, as long as the can be assured that this fellow with "marbles in his mouth," does NOT return, like the specter of Banqo's Ghost.

Speaking of LOSERS, the recently-arrived Simon Legree," famed member of "the knee-pad brigade," is transferring to Korea. SOME of the MHI staffers will not exactly "go into mourning" at his departure. The key question is? WHEN will the Army fill that slot with a qualified, competent officer and break the string of "dunces" that have occupied that position for the past few years?

However, even Legree "looks good," compared to that utter slime-ball, the "Kentucky Rug Merchant." For HIM, a warning: The wheels of justice grind slowly, BUT they grind exceedingly fine.

ALL TAKE NOTE: Word is, a certain OBNOXIOUS punk we'll call "Tommy-boy," is getting to be a "major" - or should we say "retired-LTC" - pain in the ass.

We've "withheld our fire" on this "phony" ever since CAPERS started, but unless he stops his petty harassment of his underlings - and we mean NOW - he'll be very sorry he didn't heed this message.

Many of the complaints we get from Barracks staffers center on WHO gets selected for the post honors and awards handed out by the garrison commander. Far be it for CAPERS to badmouth anyone selected. However, we feel compelled to point out a few good people overlooked in recent years. We have two candidates in mind and neither of them is a regular civil service worker.

Our first choice is DARLENE, the absolutely gorgeous, blond Griffin Services grounds crew worker who has "dazzled" all who see her and the results of her fine work. This lady outperforms any of the men on post. She expertly trims hedges and shovels tan bark with the best of them. She can drive any tractor or truck in the motor pool. If a post digger is required, she uses it. This lady really enjoys outdoor work and is excellent at whatever she does.

COL Shields really "hit a home run" when he hired her!

Among the truly outstanding non-appropriated workers who operate the Letort View Club, it gets hard to pick among Kim Gardner's best. However, we can't pass up the opportunity to recognize Ms. Lois Gleim, an outstanding example of hard work and superb customer service at Carlisle Barracks.

Lois rose through the ranks from waitress to events coordinator. This fine lady never forgot her roots, and you can see her "pitching in" at lunchtime to help out the busy ladies on the floor. She recognizes the customers by name, and always has a pleasant word for each of them. Lois used to get the recognition such hard work earns, but those were the days when "Mr. P." was in DCA (formerly DPCA). Work conditions and employee morale have drastically fallen since Mr. P. retired. We SALUTE those who are enduring these hard times, yet still "excelling," in spite of the current "leadership."

We call attention to the recent untimely death of Carl Hosfelt, master steam plant operator for Carlisle Barracks for as long as anyone can remember. Carl passed away at the early age of 53. He died of cancer and life-altering injuries sustained in the line of duty. And, some would say, in part, because of a truly significant military injustice.

There was a freezing cold spell and an almost total "whiteout" on the highways that midwinter night some 14 years ago. Carl was at home asleep when he got the emergency call from the garrison. The heat plant was down! Homes and children were cold! Every house on post is hooked up to central underground heat lines. Carl got in his car and started in to the Barracks to deal with the crisis. He only stopped when the highway was blocked by a serious multi-car accident.

Carl put on his flashers and got out to offer help. Almost immediately, a speeding car, coming from behind, struck Carl and his vehicle. Carl lingered in the hospital unconscious and near death for more than a month.

His fellow workers donated leave. The garrison commander "promised" to support him, but in the end a SLIMY junior JAG officer at the Barracks successfully argued that Carl's family should be denied the needed Workman's Compensation Benefits. The Army's "case" was founded on the "loophole" that Carl had interrupted his trip into work when he stopped to get out of his car at the scene of the original accident!

Undaunted by such despicable treatment, Carl returned to work as soon as he was able, and kept the boilers in top running order. He even "beautified" the dreary steam room with overgrown office plants rescued from post dumpsters. The boiler room soon became a glorious "greenhouse."

In May of 2001, the Army had to decide if it would protect Carl's job or contract the operation of the steam plant to Griffin Services. The decision was made to go with the cheaper contract workers.

Besides, the contractors would be younger and not "handicapped" with crippling injuries like Carl. This beloved worker and friend to all, was "discarded" along with the bulk of the DPW workforce. And now he is dead - at 53. asks its many readers to make donations in Carl's name to the American Cancer Society. Thank you.

Speaking of "junior" JAG officers, we have neglected to "welcome" the latest "legal beagle" to have landed at Carlisle Barracks. He won't have to go far to outdo the losers that held that job before him.

MAJ Kelly is the "portly parachutist" who - besides needing to get out on the track and do some PT - has tackled the duties of Post "prosecutor."

Like the JAGS who preceded him, he comes with a criminal law background, and will be obliged to "mop up" the myriad of EEO cases and Workman's Comp claims that come before him.

Apparently this "airborne trooper" sometimes climbs into his jump suit and harness the wrong way - and lands on his head! How else to explain why he badly needs a refresher course in civil litigation?

Last October, a long-suffering disabled worker at the Golf House convinced an EEO judge to award him $35,000 in damages plus attorney fees and back wages.

At Christmas time, the new JAG, now called MAJ "Scrooge," was threatening to hold up the money unless the worker would sign a pledge NOT to "embarrass" the Army. "Inquiring minds want to know, HOW an employee can further embarrass a branch of the military that seems BEYOND embarrassment? How can officers, pledged to defend the Constitution - with their lives if necessary - be so quick to tread on the rights of the citizens they are sworn to "protect?"

Besides, "major," if you wanted to continue the case, the Department of the Army could have appealed back in November. In fact, they failed to do so because they KNEW they would LOSE!

A few weeks ago, we wished Karen Stimson well in her new assignment in Root Hall. We hoped that her logistics experience and "enlightened leadership" would make working conditions better for the "underlings" in the Log and Maintenance unit. Sorry to report that the tense, hostile environment has only gotten WORSE!

Now the staff are not allowed to turn on their PC's during "duty time." No more going to the local web site to read the BANNER or WEEKLY BULLETIN. No more receiving or sending e-mail to fellow workers in the Department of Public works (DPW) unless they want to turn on the PC at "lunch time." Could it be that, like the poor souls who work for Ron Meier, someone is AFRAID that the "oppressed workers" might gain inspiration and amusement from a certain column, wildly popular on Post - The CARLISLE BARRACKS CAPERS?

The two "Harpies" at Carlisle Barracks just can't seem to stay out of the news. Sorry, folks. You guessed WRONG. We aren't writing about the one who has "intimate knowledge" of 45% of the male population of Dillsburg! We mean the one with "money" BAGS under her eyes who likes nothing better than to "rip the guts" out of departmental budgets.

We hear the Fire Chief has been given a paltry $300 to buy (12) pairs of boots this year. None of the men have current basic training needed to do their jobs. The trucks are getting older, and at least one vehicle is discarded Navy "turn-in." At a minimum, this pumper needs is a new paint job and rebuilt engine. What the department REALLY requires is a state-of-the-art NEW fire truck! The fireman of Carlisle Barracks should not have to respond to emergencies and go "into harms way" barefoot, under-equipped and inadequately trained because some idiot "bean-counter" wants to divert Army resources to "upper management" joy rides and Conference "one-upmanship's."

Please remember the "baggers" in the commissary who work hard for their "nickel and dime" tips. How about being a little more generous? Surely some of the higher-ranking officers we know, who go through the line without dropping even a penny to those less-fortunate folks, don't want their NAMES immortalized on CAPERS "Cheapskate List." Do they?


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