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March 23, 2002

Well gang, hold onto your hats, because this promises to be one of the hardest-hitting CAPERS yet. We are sticking to our plan to LEAD the column this month with the forced "early retirement" of Ron Meier. But, of course, a "breaking story" - the murder of Suzanne Bartlett at Carlisle Barracks - deserves position as the LEAD item on our Home Page.

It was a long time coming, but finally the highest-ranking civilian on post is gone. A strong case could be made as to WHY it took this long, when you look at the very serious allegations of serial sex harassment of females on Carlisle Barracks over the years.

The former DCA head hired a high-powered Washington law firm, Passman & Kaplan, and a "deal" was worked out where RM would leave the Barracks in exchange for a $25,000 "cash settlement." That likely won't cover the legal bills Meier has accumulated in defending himself against several charges he sexually harassed females on post. The most serious case, and the one likely to result in a "win," is Barbara Vanner's Federal
court suit against Meier, the Army and other individuals.

Only "insiders," - and has "sources" in almost ALL departments on post - were aware that Meier was fighting a losing battle against the last two garrison commanders over alleged "age discrimination."

We can see how Meier - or anyone else, for that matter - could file suit against THE SCREAMER. He was so obnoxious and offensive, he couldn't
help but make "enemies" from one end of the post to the other.

But LTC "Ty" Smith has done an outstanding job. He was one of the "quality" officers brought in by Gen. Ivany to CLEAN UP the terrible mess
left behind by the "tag-team" of THE HERO OF GRENADA and PATHETIC BOBBY. It was a monumental task, but the new commandant has performed admirably, as one-by-one, the "deadwood" and "losers" were lopped off.

Remember "CHUCKIE" CHEESE, the resident "war crimes expert?" GONE! The aforementioned SCREAMER? GONE! The CAMELEON? GONE! The BULLY - already "on the skids," out the back door! Can we hope for "DICKIE WIGGLEBOTTOM" to be next? At the rate TOMMY-BOY is "acting up," we may have to put the "nemesis" on HIM! And he will go down the crapper too!

But the real "untold story" of the Ron Meier affair, is WHY was he "protected" so long by Gens. Chilcoat and Scales? What is worse, is Chilcoats's imperious HYPOCRICY. Hungry for his third star, and not wanting ANYTHING to get in the way, Colin Powel's alleged "buddy" destroyed at least one fine officer's career with a stroke of his pen. Then, when advised of the terrible injustice done that officer (via a detailed and documented request for commander's inquiry,) he blew that off too! So it is rather amusing and ironic to see him "hoisted by his own petards" now.

And don't kid yourself, "Ritchie," you're a long ways from "out of the woods." Whether you want to or not, you will be MADE to explain your actions, like offering Barbara Vanner $50,000 to "go away," when she valiantly fought to be heard over allegations RM "sexually harassed" her.

And as for "Pathetic Bobby," (famed for having a pair of his deputy commander's wife's panties inscribed to him) how delicious it will be to hear HIM explain why Ms. Rae White was treated so horribly when SHE tried to get justice over allegations against Meier.

Instead of help and understanding, she was told by "CHUCKIE" CHEESE and THE SCREAMER that she'd have to fork over big bucks in "photocopying costs" to even "see" the 15-6 investigation done on Meier as a result of her allegations. At one point, White was even banned from coming on post! Is this the way these "astute" officers practice today's "political correctness?" By acting like "cavemen?"

Chilcoat isn't the only one who will be made to answer for what he did. That "joke" called DOD-IG needs to be investigated, and those who "covered up" and "denied justice" there should face court-martial. Little chance of that happening, however. Too many of their "ilk" in positions of power. It's
a shame they can't be "fumigated" like a bunch of cockroaches.

As for Meier, he didn't even get to clean out his own desk. The Carlisle Barracks "leadership" was especially eager to get him off post as soon as possible. The DCA Chief's attractive wife came in and filled the cardboard boxes.

Meier told his staff on leaving, that he is "disgusted" with government service. His plans are, we are told, to move from the area and follow his successful wife to the Carolina's, where she has an executive position with Delta Airlines.

Since THE BULLY finally departs (officially) on April 1st (appropriately enough, April FOOL's Day), we at wondered who
the next "Great Satan" would be.

we wondered, would take the BULLY's place on our dartboard?

Not to worry. A failed former LTC we'll name FLATHEAD (for his close-cropped haircut and the DUMB expression on his face), takes "center stage." This "loser" likes to "run his mouth" on post and soon could find himself sitting square in the middle of a "journalistic" bulls-eye.

Besides his undistinguished career, this "charter member" of the "knee-pad brigade" can "assume the position" faster than Monica Lewinsky.
While she attended to one part of the male anatomy, FLATHEAD was most adept at planting his "kisser" on the "backside" of a certain general known derisively on post as the "HERO" of Grenada.

FLATHEAD's imperious and equally STUPID wife (who once worked at the Barracks) liked to "wear" her husband's rank in order to "get her way." But as a low-grade GS-employee, her ineptitude was soon evident to all.

One "field-grade" we know was so stunned at her incompetence, his mouth literally fell open. He felt it necessary to beat a path down the hall to
inform her boss the woman was "in way over her head."

Word of the complaint soon got back to "Mrs. LTC," and she told her dotting hubby. FLATHEAD, aka "The Trunkman," got his "revenge" soon enough when he authored a "career-ending letter" for Chilcoat's signature that NUKED the above-mentioned field-grade. FLATHEAD might have served his boss better if he had let on his own "personal reasons" for shoving in the knife.

But the under-achieving light colonel was never known for his candor or intelligence. He had one of the softest jobs on post, yet we know at least
one full colonel who had to "chew him out" several times for "goof-ups" and mistakes that would have finished a less-connected officer. At least FLATHEAD failed to make "full bird." We can be thankful for that.

What's he doing now? Why sucking up to the Cumberland County "political establishment." Let's hope they discover what a "dunce" he really is. Flunkies, after all, are a dime a dozen. As for "wifey," now she has a job "up the road" so-to-speak. BUT, if she's foolish enough to try and use her "employment status" or "connections" to "come after" any critics, she will soon learn how to spell the word: L-A-W-S-U-I-T.

Remember last month's item about DPW's "Battlin Brother Bill?" Well, our sources tell us Bill saw that and immediately confronted his older
brother, Jim, accusing him of being our informant.

After getting bitter fraternal denials, Bill went over to the gym and accused another fine fellow (but NOT one of our CI's). "If it wasn't Jim that
fingered me to, it was YOU!" he shouted. But the charge was met by firm denials and "Battlin Brother Bill," more
frustrated than ever - steam coming out of his ears - "stormed off" to stew a while.

Griffin Services is out of money! All employees face five-day furloughs. Angry furloughed DPW workers are talking about bringing a class action lawsuit alleging Griffin is, as they so delicately put it, "a fraud." They are also upset at their former Union, AFGE Local 2004, for its failure to adequately represent them during the alleged "rigged" bidding at the time of the A-76 process.

"Ms. Dillsburg" is scrambling trying to convince the Army to modify the contract and give Griffin more money to bail them out of bankruptcy. Does any of this smell like ENRON or ARTHUR ANDERSON ACCOUNTING? Better open the window.

We fired our first "shot" at TOMMY-BOY last CAPERS in hopes he would straighten out and stop being such a JERK. Apparently he is incapable of taking good advice.

TOMMY-BOY didn't exactly distinguish himself in the Berlin Brigade. When he got pushed out by a new commander, the LTC turned for help to a kindly friend at Carlisle Barracks. Soon TB was a Title 10 Army civilian.

His considerable ability to "suck-up" carried him through three MHI directors. Occasionally, he would show his immaturity when - bested in a policy discussion by other staffers - he'd jump up, run outside and circle Upton Hall four or five times to regain his composure.

Under THE BULLY's tenure, TOMMY-BOY found his "soul-mate" and became a willing "hatchet-man." His obnoxious behavior has resulted in a morale crisis and the loss of approximately one seasoned staffer for each of the last eight months.

Time and space prevents discussion of each case, so we will focus on the most recent departure.

An attractive female volunteer and part-time NAF employee, was driven to resign after TOMMY-BOY hassled her about the twenty paid hours she did of duty time. Not only is he alleged to have "shorted" her pay after she worked more than the required hours, but he continued to arbitrarily change the duty hours assigned. This disrupted her personal life.

Promises made were broken about health insurance. The woman's OUTSTANDING annual performance ratings were marred by falsehoods and innuendo because she dared to report safety problems to Tom Kelly's office.

A DPW investigation (described in an earlier CAPERS), confirmed her worst fears about "sick building syndrome."

This gutsy, beautiful, strong-willed young woman managed to have the last word. She told her "tormentor" to "find someone else" to hassle. She refused to sign the last evaluation - a practice that MCC advises other Carlisle Barracks employees to consider. It won't stop the process, but it will call problems to the attention of the next level of command.

It also scares the daylights out of people like TOMMY-BOY.

At her farewell reception in the Loyal Legion room, the popular and courageous young woman thanked many of her co-workers, especially the beloved and much-missed Michelle Cash. She credited one of her former supervisors for commending her for total candor and HONESTY in expressing her beliefs.

The Military History Institute is now recruiting a part-time NAF position and volunteer. The first "requirement" - ONLY THOSE WILLING TO ACCEPT INTIMIDATION, OVER-WORK AND SHOW TOLERANCE FOR THE LAZY INCOMPETENCE OF MID-LEVEL FULL-TIME "CIVIL SERVANTS" NEED APPLY.

The "old guard" is rapidly changing and regular retirements are becoming all-too frequent. Last month we bid a sad goodbye to Ray Verbish - the best and the brightest - of the Department of Public Works staff. "Insiders" bet that without Ray around to do the work, "E" (the wannabe Engineer Man") would be lost. This guy is a former Army PAO and self-employed cabinet-maker with a degree in landscape architecture.

Well, it didn't take long for "E" to "bail out" on Ray's heels. That's what happened last month in a colorful farewell luncheon at the Bonanza Steakhouse. Some former workers came to make sure he was leaving. Others came to please Alan Thompson.

One who did NOT come, was "Battlin Brother Bill" who looks like the winner at last in a decades-long "power struggle" that made Thompson's DPW staff meetings a bloody HELL! With "E's" departure, Alan will lose certain institutional knowledge - like the secret grass seed formula used on Post.

A former DPW secretary tells CAPERS that "E" used to monitor her "pillow talk" lest she share "secrets of the office" with her husband. When she became pregnant, "E" made her quit. This was when Gen. Chilcoat was "piously" and hypocritically telling assembled post workers that "sexual harassment will NOT be tolerated at Carlisle Barracks!"

The tragic events of 9/11 showed us just how important and vital our nation's firefighters are. None less so that the stalwart band that protects Carlisle Barracks.

Can't we show them a little more appreciation and provide the necessary funds they need? They are willing to put their lives on the line for us, we should let them know how much we value them!

Beginning in the next CAPERS, and continuing henceforth, on a monthly basis, we will run items about the firefighters, hoping that by doing so, we will stimulate more support for their efforts.

A SALUTE to all you guys from "you-know-who."

We'd like to end the CAPERS this month with a well-deserved THANK YOU to now-retired former "keeper of the gate" at Carlisle Barracks, Mrs. Helen Yohn.

This lovely lady had more 'clout' as secretary to the commandant than the chief of staff himself! You've got to know, in 31 years of government
service, she has "seen it all" - the good, the bad, and the ugly. And she has a very good memory.

We would like to offer Helen a generous "financial package" for hardcover and paperback book rights to her story of the all the "goings on" at Carlisle Barracks over the years. We are sure it would make a fascinating and revealing story.

TO ALL OUR FAITHFUL READERS IN THE CARLISLE BARRACKS AREA: When first went "on-line" some 18 months ago, our staff set a policy that we would endeavor to answer EVERY e-mail sent us in 48 hours or less.

The growth of has reached a point where it is nearly impossible to respond to all the mail - what with up to 300 e-mails a day streaming in from all over the world.

Our HITS number in the MILLIONS and we are read on a regular basis in nearly 100 countries of the world and on every U.S. military base in
CONUS and overseas. Yes, the Pentagon reads - or should we say "monitors" us - but with more trepidation and contempt than admiration. We can
live with that. Our "duty" is to help our brothers and sisters in uniform - not play-up to the brass-hats and fat-cats.

Don't think for a moment that we don't value the support we have received from loyal readers and "sources" at Carlisle, Camp Hill, Mechanicsburg, Hershey, Lancaster, Harrisburg, Shippensburg and numerous other communities in the Keystone State.

But there are not enough hours in the day to answer you all, so please know that while you may not get a response from us, that doesn't mean we
don't appreciate you. We do! So keep those tips and messages of encouragement coming. We thank you so much!


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