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May 18, 2002

Our “second-to-none” coverage of the Bartlett murder case (which brought us a great deal of notice from the mainstream media), has resulted in a 40% daily jump in the number of HITS logged on to this site from all over the United States and around the world.

Soon we shall pass FIVE MILLION unique page views, with “the sky the limit.” From late summer of 2000, when we publicly defeated an attempt at “censorship” of our web site at Carlisle Barracks, we have grown stronger than ever. In those days, the question being asked on post was - WHO reads CARLISLE BARRACKS CAPERS? Now the question is, WHO doesn't? Our readers may wait until they get home to get on the PC, but they do, and in greater and greater numbers. THANK YOU everyone!

Since the DUMMY - a certain “bumbling” PAO on post - couldn’t hunt down or control our CI’s at the Barracks, we “scooped” our friends at the PATRIOT and SENTINEL with specific, and heretofore unknown details of the sensational murder case.

Well, here’s some more INSIDE information. Domestic strife in the Bartlett household was not unknown to the military police. They had occasion to go to the colonel’s residence several times prior to the fatal beating that cost likeable Suzanne Bartlett her life. Perhaps something could have been done to prevent the tragedy that happened. But now we will never know.

Also, the Army has publicly revealed something we knew from the start. The case against LTC Bartlett is strong enough for them to risk going for a charge of “premeditated” murder. Yes, a certain computer holds the key. But we won’t go into details before the trial.

Well, THE BULLY had a good day for a change. Kind-hearted Gen. Robert Ivany actually pinned the Legion of Merit on the under-achieving LTC. Sadly, for him, the foul-mouthed field grade retires from the Army after a less than brilliant career.

With a West Point “sheepskin” in hand, one would have thought THE BULLY would at least be a bird colonel by now, but our friends up on the Hudson tell us the “pal” of the Carlisle, Pa. Police Dept. made a powerful enemy “way back when” and thus had his “career” short-circuited.

Nearly three decades of commissioned service and only 0-5 to show for it! We know some ROTC’s and “drones” in the National Guard that got 0-6 in much less time. But then, they were more adept at “office politics.” He may have a nasty disposition, but one thing we can say in THE BULLY’s favor. He isn’t reticent about letting you know what he thinks of you.

While we’re on the subject of MHI, (welcome, COL Hall), we can’t resist reproducing in part this e-mail memo that made the rounds in Upton Hall recently:

“FYI – This message is a reminder that neither the snacks, water or coffee are FREE. There is a FEE involved if you wish to consume or partake of any of these items. MHI does NOT pay for these.”

The memo continues: “Several staff members that are NOT fund members have been OBSERVED by the SECURITY SYSTEM helping themselves to these items. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.”

Seems anyone with itchy fingers and a taste for treats who has not kicked in to the “fund,” better be ready to “smile” ‘cause YOU’RE ON CANDID CAMERA!

ATTENTION PMO – Why haven’t your MP’s ticketed a certain truck that turns up regularly “parked” behind the Finance Building near the dumpster? It is red with Texas plates. The “driver” has been known to operate the vehicle in town with the lights out after visiting a local watering hole. Don’t you think the other folks on post who get ticketed might like equal enforcement?

A “hint” to the above-mentioned officer. If you’d roll out of bed a little earlier in the morning, instead of waiting until 0815 to find a parking spot, you wouldn’t have to hide your truck from roving MP patrols.

We haven’t always been kind to Griffin Services in previous CAPERS columns. But we’d like to say GOOD-BYE and WELL DONE to a real gentleman who deserved better, the Griffin project manager, COL Bob Shields. He is very well thought of by his workers and he truly tried to make Carlisle Barracks a better place.

His wife works at Dunham Clinic (where we have many loyal readers) so we’re sure Bob will be around socially, but still, it’s a shame what happened. One thing you can be sure of is that DPW’s Alan Thompson and “Battlin Brother” Bill Lewis won’t be on the colonel’s Christmas card list.

Speaking of Alan Thompson, we see he’s about to lose yet another of his top lieutenants. This time it’s a certain bald-headed chief warrant officer, “double-dipping” as a GS-11. An avid biker, this character mystified many as to what he “really” did for the government on post. We hear his job is being eliminated. Karen Stinson will take on whatever he was supposed to be doing, but with no promise of promotion. All this once again proves that on Carlisle Barracks, a good woman can pull her own weight and take on the job of any man on post.
Maybe should launch a “missing program” ALERT. Does anyone know what happened to the VIOLENCE IN THE WORKPLACE training course on post? This much-needed effort has not been around since the dark old days of “Pathetic Bobby.”

That former commandant, best known for a pair of inscribed “panties” and all the empty bottles his minions had to lug out of “Quarters One” after a party, was also known for having a MEAN temper.

In his “heyday,” Pathetic Bobby” liked to “micro-manage” Collins Hall and use the “STAR-TREK” technology of the Audio Visual Department to support VIP Army conferences held there. Seems one morning, the irritable general went over in person to check the set-up for an event on his schedule. But there was no set-up! Someone on his staff failed to brief Prof. Campbell and no orders had been issued to the civilian and military staff on duty.
Our eagle-eyed CI’s tell us the commandant flew into a RAGE! Yelling and swearing, “Pathetic Bobby” began kicking on locked doors in the studio complex. One courageous civilian staffer, a GS-11 – we know who he is, but we won’t name him here – was so taken aback by the outburst, he went to the ACS office later and filed a formal “violence in the workplace” complaint on the commandant!

Well, we said he was BRAVE.

Soon, things got “very difficult” for him around Carlisle Barracks and he ended up in a much more congenial position in Europe. He was only following Army “policy” about VIOLENCE in the workplace, but when an infantile “temper-tantrum” is thrown by a two-star general, apparently THAT is OK.

Some very dedicated, longtime volunteers on Carlisle Barracks are becoming disgruntled. The new civilian guards are making it very hard for these good folks to enter and leave post. They lack standard vehicle and personal ID’s.
That’s a problem our readers at Garrison Headquarters could easily take care of.

We hear that TOMMY-BOY’s daily “dress requirements” might well include a black arm band to show his “rank” as Official Undertaker at the Military History Institute. If someone wants to “kill off” a program and “bury” the evidence – no one does it better than TOMMY-BOY.

COL Pappas, the aging founder of MHI, must be fuming as he sees donations to his organization drying up and coming to a halt. The Veteran’s Survey Program was the heart and soul of the organization. It prospered under Pappas, survived under a series of light colonels, and then took off like a rocket when a senior GS-5 clerical employee stood in for her LTC boss when he retired. This classy lady befriended retired generals, kept in daily communication with veterans organizations, and attended veterans reunions in the region on her own time and expense.

The best and the biggest of the collections at MHI came about through the World war II and Korean War Surveys. When this outstanding female employee asked her chain of command for a well-deserved promotion and recognition for her efforts, the former Director slapped her down with reprimands and suspensions. He cut off her contacts and read her mail. THE BULLY “reorganized” and turned the survey project over to his “sometime pal,” TOMMY-BOY.

Not only did this retired loser from the Berlin Brigade kill off the two existing surveys, he failed completely to launch a timely Vietnam Survey, disgracefully leaving the heroes of that war to found their own Vietnam Museum in Texas. As Nam vets ourselves, we at wish this effort in Texas the very best.
Carlisle Barracks has missed the boat on having a world-class Vietnam archives. The slimeball known as The KENTUCKY RUG MERCHANT, The CHAMELON and their PMO “buddy” had a big role in that. We hear the Marine Corps Historical Society gets that fabulous and priceless collection of books, tapes, photographs and memorabilia.


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