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June 20, 2002

We begin this 18th consecutive monthly edition of the CAPERS on a sad note. COL Ralph Perry’s untimely demise has shocked the Carlisle Barracks community. He was a highly respected and well-liked officer, and as far as we knew, physically fit. That a heart attack brought him down while he was doing his daily run was totally unexpected.

The entire staff of and all our many CI’s on Carlisle Barracks wish to extend to Kathy and the family our sincerest condolences.

Our other loss is personal. Our beloved Chairman of the Board, retired Gen. Peter E. Genovese, Jr., a graduate of the U.S. Army War College back in the 1980’s, has passed away after a courageous battle against leukemia.

The editor-in-chief, his former military aide and longtime confidant, has penned a tribute to this great man on our home page, which we urge all of you to read. By the time you have done so, you will see why flag officers like Gen. Genovese will be forever honored and respected for their decency and integrity – while “pygmies” like the “Hero of Grenada” and “Pathetic Bobby” will always be known for their failures and flawed “leadership.”

Speaking of “Pathetic Bobby,” and what an appropriate label THAT is, this mean-tempered former commandant was even more obnoxious and abusive than we realized.

Since we printed the embarrassing, but TRUE revelations about a courageous civilian worker on Carlisle Barracks that witnessed “Pathetic Bobby” at his screaming, childish worst and filed a “violence in the workplace complaint” on him as a result, we have been contacted by others who have had similar observations of churlish behavior on the general’s part. We know “Bobby” (famed for a certain pair of inscribed “panties”) reads CAPERS regularly. So what do you say, general? Want to see some more of your CAPERS in print, or have you had enough?

And we thought WE were primarily responsible for you’re NOT getting a third star! Actually, if you want to know who is really responsible, take a good look in the mirror. You would have been ahead of the game back then, to have recognized your failings and taken an anger management course. Maybe that might have helped. Too late now.

We don’t mean to brag, but our intensive, ahead of all the other media coverage of the Bartlett murder case at Carlisle Barracks, drove a certain bumbling PAO, now known everywhere on post as “THE DUMMY,” to complete distraction. Every single fact we first reported on these pages, checked out as 100% accurate.

The DUMMY’s ham-handed attempts to “stonewall” the civilian media didn’t exactly help “public relations” with the local community. Maybe that’s why they, and even one of the major networks, contacted us to get the inside lowdown on what really happened.

We wonder if Carlisle Barrack’s outstanding Commandant, Gen. Robert Ivany, knows that THE DUMMY has detailed one female secretary in Root Hall to “monitor” every day. What’s the matter, DUMMY? Don’t you know how to “click on” to our site yourself? Are you so “spooked” by our revelations, you can’t wait to know how to fashion your “spin control?” So far, you’re doing a poor job of it. The general would be well advised to look for a new PAO.

Intense Spring rains have made the Barracks grass grow. The Griffin guys and gals are out mowing yards even as it rains. But try as they might, they just don’t have the same incentive as the DPW workers they replaced. Those guys literally fought for the chance to run a lawn mower in back of Quarters 2.

Those were the days when the then-deputy commandant’s young wife – a certain Mrs. “M” – would sunbathe with her top removed. When the noise of an approaching mower would come near, the mischievous lass would rise up and put a hand above her eyes for shade to see who might be coming near.

Even Alan Thompson and his pal Bill Lewis found at least “two great reasons” to jog by Quarters 2 on their noon run. Seeing parts of this colonel’s wife’s anatomy became a regular thing on the Barracks – remember the time she sat on “Santa’s” lap with no underwear on at the Christmas Party, or the above mentioned incident with the inscribed “panties” left in the LVCC Sports Bar? “Pathetic Bobby” won’t soon forget.

Congratulations to Mrs. Becky Rynard, the well-respected and plain spoken lady from the Contracting Office. She landed a great job at the Navy depot up the road, which should put her career back on track. Becky endured a lot of abuse and mistreatment at the hands on one of the two HARPIES at Carlisle Barracks. Now she will be working for real “professionals” in the Navy procurement system.

While we are on the subject of HARPIES, our CI’s at TRADOC tell us that the over-paid one – a GS-13 – has received yet another failed report card on the management of her office at the Barracks. Maybe she’ll dust off the kneepads now and try and save her skin that way. It reportedly worked in the past.

As long as we are handing out “kudos,” Ken Thompson should get in line. Insiders tell us that he is doing a super job at DCA. He can make decisions on the spot that hold up and he knows the right answers when the NAF managers ask questions or evaluate problems. Ken has applied for the director’s job and we think he is an excellent choice.

LOOK OUT GUYS AND GALS ON THE GATES! The new beefed up civilian force may soon be a faded memory. Sen. Phil Graham of Texas – your protector in the past – is retiring from Congress. No effort was made by lawmakers to block a massive A-76 of civilian security forces in DOD. In fact, the newly passed DOD funding bill specifically opens the door for such an effort.

These guards are too new to federal service and unskilled in mounting a sophisticated appeal to any A-76 decision. The guard force is formally represented by Local 2004 of AFGE, but not a single guard is willing to pay dues to a union that is alleged to have failed to represent them properly in the past.

Some of the newer employees are touting the Fraternal Order of Police as a bargaining representative. It would take a skilled organizing drive and an FLRA-supervised election to oust the people in New Cumberland who control the AFGE AFL-CIO union. Good luck folks – no one wants to see “Rent-a-Cops” on the gates at Carlisle Barracks.

We never thought we’d miss THE BULLY. His obnoxious attitude and foul-mouthed tirades are well-known at MHI. But let’s face it. The guy was great “copy.” A newspaperman’s dream.

Maybe we ought to “thank” a former commandant, “Pathetic Bobby,” for saving his fellow “ring-knocker’s” hash after that hushed-up drunken driving incident in town. If the 28 years of commissioned service and still a LTC “loser” had been dumped back then, we would have been deprived of a lot of interesting stories in the meantime.

Several of our CI’s who attended THE BULLY’s “going-away party” report the colonel actually opened his wallet and went “all out” at the LVCC Club. He paid for a carver, turkey, rolls, vegetable trays, chicken fingers, meatballs, and small hot dogs with bar-be-que sauce.

Thanks to the BULLY’s “generosity,” revelers (who actually were celebrating his departure MORE than he may have realized) happily consumed two _ -sized kegs of beer and 9 carafes of wine.

Very few of the MHI staff attended. Mostly he attracted his own family and a few people around post who are always ready to “scarf up” free food. THE BULLY’s pal, THE DUMMY, turned out some of his staff. Birds of a feather do flock together.

While we’re on the subject of MHI, why is it that the number two spot is almost always filled by a complete JERK? We’ve written about SIMON LEGREE (and his Hillary-like wife, rumored to be even nastier and difficult to work with than he) in the past. Thankfully, simple SIMON will soon be history as the Army, apparently desperate for 0-6 engineer officers, is kicking this dunce “up the ladder.” He’s Korea-bound, and not a moment too soon.

But he’s not leaving without pulling some more stunts that earned him his “moniker” and the enmity of many who have unfortunately come in contact with him and his obnoxious ways.

LEGREE will be leaving the Barracks after failing to execute a purchase order system to provide MHI with needed supplies. He can neither comprehend Inter-Library loans or understand why they should be an increased charge to the borrower. His sole accomplishment is securing “performance awards” for two upper level staffers who clean the break room and operate a “members-only” snack bar.

In fact, the old admin office in front of the elevator looks like a daily indoor picnic as LEGREE’s minions stuff their boss with free meats, cheese and candy to gain his “favor” and have him overlook their short-comings – like failing to post a price increase for historic photographs for three months! Lots of “good-will” generated for MHI that way!

This arrogant and sarcastic officer also set an all-time record for expensive TDY while lower and mid-level staff were denied the opportunity to get basic training to properly do their jobs. LEGREE even caused the new MHI director, COL “Skip” Hall some major embarrassment recently. It had to do with wrongfully parking a vehicle on grass and some MP’s that whispered into COL Hall’s ear. So typical of “stupid” SIMON LEGREE.

Carlisle Barracks has the best fire department of any military installation in the country. The hard-working fire fighters have to get by on a fraction of the budget they deserve.

Isn’t it about time they were treated with more respect and concern? In these dangerous times, the fire department and their ability to do their job to maximum efficiency, may be the difference between life and death.

So when you see a fire fighter during the regular workday, people, please take a second to greet them and say THANK YOU for a job well done.

And speaking of a job well done, what can we say about COL Tim Harrod, except that this outstanding officer has done a very commendable job as chief-of-staff. We all will be sorry to see him go. You really appreciate a fine officer and human being like Tim when you stop to recall the surly “war-crimes expert,” “Chuckie” Cheese; a now-gone garrison commander nicknamed the SCREAMER (replaced by the multi-talented “Ty” Smith); and a deceitful and incompetent LTC at MHI, known as THE KENTUCKY RUG MERCHANT.

“Good-bye and thanks,” COL Harrod, but “good riddance” to the rest of that gang. Gen. Ivany did a good job of eliminating the drones and leaches from the previous regime.

How could we have a CAPERS without at least a mention of “Dickie Wigglebottom?” This mean-spirited martinet has shown his petty vindictiveness and prissy behavior once again. We cite the case of a fine lady, the departing Mary Rife, a senior member of the AWC staff.

Mary is as “sweet” as the apple pies that she baked annually and sold ON HER LUNCH HOUR to support her church. The only “blemish” on this fine woman’s record of outstanding government service was place there by – who else? “Dickie Wigglebottom.”

He had nothing better to do than badger the head librarian with a specious “charge” that Mary was somehow “violating” federal law by contacting her pie customers on a government computer. Gee, we wonder why the hypocricy, Dickie-boy?

You seem to see nothing wrong with using government resources in your office to schedule and set-up lucrative speaking engagements at well-heeled Civil War Roundtable chapters throughout the nation. We hear the “honorariums” are substantial, and first class travel and plush hotel accommodations provided. Wonder how the “taxpayers” like them apples?

We’ll have MORE on “Dickie’s” great adventures in next month’s CAPERS. A hint: we’ll “tell-all” about the nasty feud between Dickie and his onetime ally, TOMMY-BOY. Not the type of thing that will impress a new MHI director who comes to the job with a shovel to clean up the mess left by the previous two (failed) directors.

This edition of CAPERS closes with a tale (not tail) of MISS DILLSBURG. The HARPIE with the “big caboose.” Seems MISS DILLSBURG doesn’t like to stick around post or keep her own time-card. That duty got passed on to the loyal understudy called the BONY BLONDE BOMBSHELL.

Now retired Garrison staff tell us that every two weeks the BOMBSHELL would bring in her boss’s timecard with the statement: “Well, you know she really didn’t work those hours.”

When LOUDMOUTH JERRY was garrison commander, those words fell on deaf ears. The story gets even better. Seems a certain bartender at the Trindle Inn (near the back gate) remembers our HARPIE as a Friday afternoon “regular.” With a smirk on his face he tells our CI’s: “She was hung over even before she parked her butt on the barstool.” Thanks to certain controls instituted by garrison commander LTC “Ty” Smith, that behavior is no longer tolerated.



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