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What an improvement on Post since the new garrison commander, LTC Thomas Smith arrived! Civilian workers and military officers alike aren't mourning the departure of Smith's predecessor in that position. Prone to temper tantrums and passed over for promotion, the former garrison commander was so widely disliked, most anyone would have been an improvement. But Smith, in his own right, has restored morale, brought dignity to his job, and possesses such unique talents as a published author and military historian, he is the logical choice for next MHI director.

A certain prissy civilian with a record of abusive behavior toward his female employees, better beware.

The book the effeminate martinet wrote for his ex-boss on government time and using a government secretary - big mistake - is ready to come back and haunt him.

Not only was what he did illegal, it was so unethical that the secretary involved won't risk perjury lying to the Feds.

As for the ex-boss, the fat and "chameleon-like" retired colonel, a world-class back-stabbing two-face, is finding out what life is all about when you don't have an 0-6 paycheck to fall back on.

What foul-mouthed LTC, whose outbursts and off-duty behavior have brought embarrassment to the Barracks in the past has started drinking again to the point he rarely shows up for work? Someone would be doing him a favor to take away his car - we mean "truck" - keys before he gets in another scrape with civilian police. One observer says she thinks the Army would be doing a "merciful thing" to ship him off somewhere to "dry out."

Carlisle Barracks is lucky to have such a skilled and efficient civilian work force, especially the men in the fire department. Which makes one wonder why the past few years, civilian workers have been targeted for elimination? Union organizers have actually been aided by the "bully-boy" tactics of prior commandants, especially one who - at last report - was STILL unemployed.

Perhaps a new era of mutual respect has begun with the arrival of new Commandant Maj. Gen. Robert Ivany. Time will tell, but so far, the new commander has gotten high marks for candor and conducting himself as a general officer should.

The days when the clean up crew would get a back ache hauling away boxes of empty wine bottles from Quarters One is thankfully over.

Kudos to USAWC Secretary Tim Harrod for confronting the pornography problem on Army computers at Carlisle Barracks. However, why is he tasking someone to watch employees as they view the internet when management can and should be installing software to block pornographic web sites? Software is more reliable and far less labor intensive! The War College is about to A-76 its computer support staff. Could it be that someone at the Barracks is more worried about who is reading this column than who is watching porno?

A few years ago, a well-liked and respected LTC and War College student took his life with a gunshot wound to the head. Did a former MP-investigator nick-named "Mad Dog" help drive him to an early grave? And will a former PMO rot in hell someday for his cruelties and "the end justifies the means" tactics?

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