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October 15, 2002

Good news from our CI’s at the Mechanicsburg Navy Depot. Yes, folks, we have plenty of readers there too. Seems the red-faced officers at the Naval Inventory Control Point have finally “unloaded” a real barracuda, initials “VS” – also known as the “Man Hater.”

Sources tell us this lovely lady took her “big dog” to the vet for neutering. There, she had the animal’s “privates” pickled and placed in a clear glass jar.

The “man hater” then allegedly visited the desk of every male employee in her section to “show” them her trophies and let them know she “collected” such things. And was she TOUGH! Any minor technical mistake in her computer shop merited five days or more “on the street!”

This gal’s career ended abruptly when she went “toe to toe” in EEO against Rocky Morrill and his experienced union stewards.

Speaking of “Rocky” and his union, word has filtered out of the personnel office at Mechanicsburg, that the Navy has offered “mega-bucks” to “settle” an outstanding arbitration with the union. We can’t disclose the exact amount, but we’re talking about a figure almost $750,000, to be divided among 425 Navy employees who have been underpaid for “overtime work” since 1997!

The Washington law firm representing Local 1156 takes 25% “off the top” as legal fees. A certain “cash reserve” is established to pay some workers dollar for dollar on travel expenses they were shorted. The rest gets apportioned according to Navy payroll records. Minimum compensation is projected at $1,000 per claimant.

The Carlisle Barracks workers fighting the A-76 award to RAMTECH could use this kind of help. We hear that RAMTECH is so sure of themselves, they are passing out the best-paying jobs to displaced Carlisle Barracks officers about to retire. And doing this without regard to displaced Barracks workers who have the right of “first refusal” for employment under the law. WHY is there no line outside of Ernie Lopez’s EEO office to contest such an outrage?

We hear that two former Carlisle Barracks civilian personnel officers, “Kindly Kevin” and “Little Richard,” have moved up the road and landed high-paying jobs at the Navy Depot. A lot of their time is spent ordering workers to “take down” posted “hard copies” of CAPERS tacked up on bulletin boards. Come on, admiral! Loosen up and find some more CONSTRUCTIVE work for these overpaid guys!

Two old friends from the Command Group on post need our prayers and support. A horse recently kicked former Chief of Staff, COL Tim Harrod. As you may know, Tim retired to a ranch out west. The injury, we are told, caused liver damage. And a certain lovely, smiling lady from the deputy commandant’s office is enduring breast surgery in a struggle with cancer. We love and respect her and wish Linda all of God’s mercy and healing. Good luck, “Mrs. B.”

The latest news from the excellent Letort Club is that the “always great” Kim Gardiner and her able staff did a “bang-up job” on the SHIPWRECK BALL. Which proves that “on-post” facilities offer a better choice than the Clarion Motel.

The only thing Kim has not yet been able to accomplish, is to persuade the DEADBEATS from the Navy Depot to pay their bills. Dozens of phone calls and a warning that the debt will soon turn into “interest-bearing” obligations have not worked.

The Fleet Material Support Office managers (FMSO) are too CHEAP to pay their tab! Months of bureaucratic haggling have only resulted in the issue being “kicked upstairs” to a higher Navy command. Now the FMSO “dummies” claim they “can’t remember who” on their staff holds the government credit cards! You ate the donuts, “swabbies,” now PAY UP this bill!

We are amused to learn that “Gigglin’ Jack,” the Pennsylvania patronage employee from the state Museum Commission, has piled up some more costly TDY from “Uncle Sam.” Jack and his two chain-smoking helpers got a week in New Orleans to learn about museum management. Did they make it down to Bourbon Street? Our CI’s know.

Lowly government employees with years of service, not to mention advance degrees and articles in various publications, have gone without needed supplies to create the funds to make that “junket” possible.

It might be quite a laugh if “Jack” didn’t fancy himself the BEST QUALIFIED candidate for the much sought-after Title X directorship at MHI. This fellow might have been THE BULLY’s choice to lead a “Children’s Crusade” into the cornfield on Army Heritage Road, but we find two major problems with “Jack” as director.

First, he never finished college, and more to the point, he never served as a military officer! The latter is what really counts at Carlisle Barracks. That, and a ring from West Point.

As long as we are talking about the scramble to become Title X director of MHI, we would be remiss if we didn’t point out THE BULLY still thinks he has a shot.

Apparently having “marbles” in his mouth; being picked up DUI in town (“Pathetic Bobby” got him off the hook on that one); and having one of the foulest mouths in the memory of Carlisle Barracks, isn’t enough to knock this failed LTC, with 32 years of commissioned service, “out of the box.” We’ve been saving AMMO to use on him from his “daze” up at West Point, for just such an occasion. That OER makes interesting reading. Well, it should, and we think, in the final analysis, THE BULLY won’t get the job.

As for some of the other “contenders,” there’s a former director, known as THE CHAMELEON, who would put on knee pads FAST, if it meant he was to get the job. The problem is, he’s still remembered at MHI as an inept, incompetent with lousy “people skills.” Remember those bizarre “Board of Director” meetings? This guy couldn’t even cut it as a battlefield guide.

And then there’s that little matter of “favoring a subordinate” who allegedly wrote a book on the Civil War for the colonel on government time and using government facilities. THE CHAMELEON and his “effeminate friend” even had the manuscript typed up by an MHI secretary.

We know who she is, and can direct the Feds to her door in a heartbeat. Looks like a job for the U.S. Attorney’s Office. You know - up in Harrisburg - were FLATHEAD’s “dim-witted” wife works.

One other contender for the Title X job we need to “dispense with” is the ever-obnoxious TOMMY-BOY.

The “little people” at MHI rate TOMMY-BOY a possible “inside choice.” This consummate “flunkie” and veteran of the “knee-pad brigade,” learned his “sycophant” lessons well. Yes, he may have screwed up BIG TIME when he was in the “Berlin Brigade,” but this creep is “still a possible choice,” due to his “political” skills.

But TOMMY-BOY would have a steeper “learning curve” as the new “boss” of MHI than any of the other candidates. This “loser,” has never read the professional literature on retaining and holding archival records. He couldn’t even manage the Oral History Collection correctly or get timely release of the transcripts so carefully prepared by his two hard-working and long-suffering staffers. And he disrespected the opportunity to obtain a priceless collection of Vietnam War audio, video, print and photographic archives. Guess not being a combat vet had something to do with that! Are you reading this, Gen. Ivany? We know you are.

Some of Emmett William’s old friends from the Barracks have contacted us to remind our readers that both Alan Thompson and Tom Kelly “knew” Emmett had a heart condition when they fired him. Moreover, his confidants argue that Emmett was on to “much more than lead paint and bad electrical connections.” Was William’s removal related to his knowledge of how the Army handled radioactive material on post – radioactive “medical waste” from Dunham Clinic?

When Emmett was brutally fired, his office was “locked down” and he was not permitted to retrieve personal files. A good lesson for all Barracks workers is to photocopy your records and keep copies at home.

A “deep cover” CI on post tells us that “it was part of the audit trail of official documents that gave lawyer Peter Broida the ammunition to unravel ALL the trumped-up charges that were hurled at Emmett.”

Down through history there are legal records of men going to prison for “intentionally doing wrong [making false and misleading statements] . . . and causing the death of another person.” May the guilty never know a good night’s sleep. Emmett’s friends may yet demand justice from the Army. This dedicated safety officer, a man of unquestioned integrity, died “in the line of duty” much as a soldier on a battlefield. Please, dear reader, take a moment right now to remember Emmett. Be glad that there are such people as him who still seek to SERVE their country. has been asked by many readers to look into the situation at the Child Development Center on Carlisle Barracks. Recent “reorganization changes” have taken the program away from Army Community Services and given manager Mrs. Melody Irwin a “free hand” in day-to-day operations.

We heartily agree with this change. Mrs. Irwon is one of the most stable and admirable of managers on post. She takes good care of the children and really cares about the welfare of her staff. Gone are the days of “micro-management” and “screaming rages” by former DCA staff and management.

However, we fear that the two government inspectors on post have been too “cozy” with contractors to fix and seal up all of the air passages in the furnace room.

In the event of fire, this could endanger children. If the new garrison commander is half as caring as LTC “Ty” Smith - what a tremendous job Smith did after THE SCREAMER left and faded in to oblivion - he should heed our warning and find some repair money fast, or detail some firemen to make the necessary fixes BEFORE the winter season is upon us.

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