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May 15, 2003

WHAT A REACTION! – Our current story – (on the home page) – “COVER-UP AT CARLISLE BARRACKS” – has resulted in the tenth-highest total of e-mails we have ever received for one of our investigative articles since went “online,” two and a half years ago.

There’s not enough hours in the day to personally respond to all of you, so we’ll take the liberty here, if we may, of saying THANK YOU for your support and comments, and a special “welcome aboard” to the two new “CI’s” (confidential informants) who work at Carlisle Barracks. They have joined our crew since that story was first headlined. We already have an INTEL NET “second-to-none” there, but we’ll never turn away good folks with facts to tell about corruption and wrong-doing.

As for the “fair-haired boy” of Carlisle Barracks, you have to hand it to the major. He’s got it made! Powerful friends to pull him “out of the fire” again and again whenever he gets in trouble, and a command that conveniently “looks the other way.” The old “double-standard of justice” at Carlisle Barracks lives on! It’s not what you do, it’s who you know and . . .

Well, you get the picture.

We’re curious WHY the usually politically-astute Gen. Ivany didn’t at least require the pampered major to make a pseudo “apology” to the handicapped African-American security guard he berated (in front of several female witnesses), screaming: “I’LL BREAK YOUR FINGER OFF AND SHOVE IT UP YOUR ASS, SIDEWAYS!” My, what a fine “officer and gentleman” MAJ Grindle is! What’s the EEO rating on his OER, we wonder? Are you reading this, BG Vincent Brooks?

We’d love to see the major try THAT kind of verbal abuse and intimidation on a resident of Harlem, south central Los Angeles, or inner city Pittsburgh, where the lucky major is supposed to be going this fall to get his PhD - courtesy of the Army and taxpayers. Nothing like harassing women and hurling vulgar threats at minorities to get you “rewarded” at Carlisle Barracks.

CONGRATULATIONS – Yes, congratulations are in order to retired CWO Kathy Olson on her promotion to GS-11 on “TOMMY-BOY’s” team. He may be an obnoxious creep, but he’s a step up from what she’s been working for! This prickly female has found a way to “escape” the grip of her mercurial former “boss,” DICKIE WIGGLEBOTTOM.

Seems the effeminate martinet just can’t seem to keep good women in his section. More than a few have quit or transferred OUT. Part of the problem is they sense “DICKIE” just doesn’t like gals – a good example of his crudity was the time he insulted a veteran female worker in the halls of MHI.

The lady was feeling poorly that day and asked WIGGLEBOTTOM if she might take a “sick day” to recuperate. To which the tyrant responded: “What’s the matter with you? You got AIDS?”

THAT kind of crack would have gotten most government workers –even GS-12’s from the Civil War History Roundtable – fired, but not WIGGLEBOTTOM! Like a “cat,” he has nine lives. However, a new Commandant is coming in very soon. And maybe it would be best for all concerned if WIGGLEBOTTOM just “packed it in” and retired.

ANOTHER DEPARTURE – Speaking of DICKIE WIGGLEBOTTOM, his trouble with women continues.

We have learned that a recently-hired GS-06 female historian, with many published books and two masters degrees to her credit, has “given notice,” sold her home in Carlisle, and landed a much more congenial job in California.

Joanna MacDonald, we’re told, quickly got “fed up” with what she called DICKIE’s “dictatorial ways” and bailed out. Her friends are happy for her that she has done so well. She tells pals she won’t miss WIGGLEBOTTOM, but feels sad for those “still under his control.”

PATHETIC BOBBY – You remember him, the “legend in his own mind?” This self-proclaimed “military historian,” who has a face “only a mother could love,” has been written up numerous times on these pages. And like the proverbial “bad penny,” he refuses to go away. Even now that he is a “has-been, over the hill general,” who recently made a poor appearance on TV as an alleged “military analyst.”

This foul-tempered former commandant sure left a lot of unpleasant memories behind during his undistinguished reign at Carlisle Barracks. We have already chronicled the day he went “ballistic,” screaming obscenities and kicking at doors at Collins Hall when he found his immediate entrance impeded. That resulted in one brave civilian worker filing a “violence in the workplace” complaint on him.

Well, we just heard another revealing anecdote about “old pumpkin head” that is too good to pass up.

PATHETIC BOBBY showed early signs of “temper tantrums to come” back in the mid-90’s when he visited Carlisle Barracks on behalf of the “Army After Next.” This well-known “screamer” brought with him a staff of sycophantic flunkies, all as stupid and out-of-control as he. Their mission was to host a program featuring a pre-recorded tape of the general’s speech at 0800 the following morning at Collins Hall.

As a normal practice, the audio visual chief directed a 50 year-old female E-6 to “screen the tape” the preceding day, to avoid any technical failures during the formal meeting. Nothing unusual there.

Well, the doors to the screening room suddenly burst open as the raging two-star general, his eyes blazing, demanded: WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING LOOKING AT MY SPEECH BEFORE THE SCHEDULED TIME?”

Unwilling to listen to explanations or talk to a supervisor, this bully reduced the older woman to tears.
The next day, a heroic COL Jerry Wilkes, (now retired), stood by in front of the Audio Visual Department to “protect” his soldier and civilian staff from any further indignities and abuse that might spew out of the mean-tempered general’s mouth.

Four months later, the same COL Wilkes assembled his workers to inform them: “Guess WHO was just named as the next Commandant of Carlisle Barracks?”

The rest is a sad chapter in the history of the installation under such an egocentric “two-star.” Honorable officers winced at the coin-operated Coke machine – loaded with canned beer and wine coolers – in Quarters One. As they did at many of the general’s escapades, such as the infamous “inscribed panties” incident.

LITTLE AL – In early December 2002, a kindly old man asked to come back to Upton Hall one last time to see his former workplace.

The workforce turned out en masse to watch in admiration as Gen. Ivany presented the elderly gentleman a “commander’s coin” and honored the war veteran (Korea and Vietnam) for his many years of service as a soldier and later as a much-beloved volunteer at MHI.

Were the promises made and gratitude expressed by the Commandant genuine? Only time will tell.
When the old veteran died on Dec. 17th, his son – a 19-year civil service worker at the Barracks (who made many contributions of his own to the Directorate of Community Activities) – fell victim to what we are told was a “calculated vendetta.”

The old man’s namesake was unfairly disciplined for taking off two days to deal with his father’s funeral. Then he was placed on “suicide watch” (shades of the Kremlin) and arbitrarily removed from his job.

For two months, the man was forced to “sit on his hands” and do nothing at the Skill Development Center, while authorities performed an overdue background check on him and investigated a bogus “accounting problem” involving some ski trip receipts.

A full-scale investigation and the help of ace Harrisburg attorney Ronald J. Tomasko ultimately brought about a job transfer for this injured and disheartened employee. We understand that Tomasko is now contemplating a civil lawsuit for his client’s damaged reputation. In view of that, we won’t identify (at this time) the victim or his accuser.

“GOOD OLD BOY WALT” – This Arkansas resident might just be a half-brother to “Slick Willie” himself! At least judging from how he managed to talk his way back on Post.

Should we blame Dr. Rich Yarger and others for the overly-hyped letters of recommendation that got “Walt” his job as project manager for the REMTECH conglomerate? Surely they should have known better.

We are told that affluent, white, middle-class “I love the Army like a cash cow” Walt started his career as a teenager latching onto a federally-sponsored anti-poverty program for unemployed ghetto youngsters.

When his Army appointment came along, he abandoned his ROOTS and allegedly rode the “gravy train” all the way to Carlisle Barracks. Some say the “textbooks” he used teaching Course 9 to Distance Education Students were copied straight from the magazine racks in the basement library.

“Old Walt” devoted his days to brewing coffee, bad-mouthing John Connally and lobbying the brass for preferential treatment, based on his unhappy home situation. He wanted to retire to central Pennsylvania, not Arkansas.

Acknowledged as the man with “the shortest arms and deepest pockets” at the Barracks, “old Walt” used his Green Dodge Dakota pickup, we are told, to haul trash and garbage from Troy Road to fill the government dumpsters, while frightened MP’s pretended not to notice.

He also used the truck to move one of his daughters to a college out west. Too frugal to pay for a motel on the return trip, we hear the colonel fell asleep at the wheel on his return and rolled the truck, losing a leg in the tragic accident.

Janice York (remember her, “fair-haired boy?”) correctly warned COL Madden that he is “driving out” talented civilian workers to “make way” for retired Army colonels. Her pleas, like so many other appeals to reason, fell on deaf ears.

It doesn’t matter that “Old Walt” knows little about the computer support business. He might just be able to make his mark as a bureaucrat. We hear he has already planned for 71 contractors to do the work of 44 government workers.

THE CAT WOMAN – In the dark days of THE BULLY’s “reign of terror” in Building 22, this trembling GS-11 used to sit at her desk all day and sob and cry. But when THE BULLY retired, she adopted some of his worst character traits. We are told she turned into a “shrill shrew” that enjoyed “taking names and kicking butt.”
This creature refuses to “weigh” her own wheat on the “scale” she uses to measure others. When not “harassing subordinates,” this female supervisor sits around talking about the “antics” of her house full of cats.

She needs to get a life – and perhaps some air freshener.

DON’T PANIC – Is there Legionnaires Disease in Building 652? We’ve been sitting on this story for months, so as not to start a “panic” at Collins Hall.

Seems a routine maintenance inspection earlier this year, showed the virus growing in the air exchangers which serve the building. The entire apparatus was torn apart and sterilized to protect the military and civilian workforce.

This dangerous culture developed in the newest heating system on post. Just think of the germs and “bugs” that are likely to develop in the two buildings occupied by the Army Heritage and Education complex (Buildings 22 and 315).

These unclean work areas and the unflushed men’s room toilets in Upton Hall are a virtual “petri dish” just waiting to grow germ cultures. But the Army has chosen to “re-circulate” polluted air and continue the misguided doctrine of assumed risk. They “assume.” The staff takes the “risk!”

VIOLATION OF MEDICAL PRIVACY – The Health Information and Portability Act of 2003, accommodation in the work place, and reprisal were among the topics covered in Ernie Lopes’ first annual EEO Conference at Collins Hall.

Folks like DICKIE WIGGLEBOTTOM, HOT PANTS, and THE CAT WOMAN (OF CATALOGING) surely need such training.

It’s no longer legal to “play doctor” with subordinate employees. The new law establishes real penalties for intrusive questions into an individual’s medical condition or private records. Maybe the “mincing martinet” liked “playing doctor” as a child so much, he wants to continue “examining” those who depend on them for positive annual performance evaluations.

HOT PANTS told one ailing staffer to take annual leave and “go find a pay phone” if she needed to consult a doctor or make an appointment from work. How thoughtful! One attractive blond lady quit federal service in protest, and her lovely “Liz Taylor look-alike” sidekick transferred to a real library across the street.

WE AGREE – Did you happen to read Anne Hurst’s excellent piece in the Sunday SENTINEL (April 20) about the value and patriotism of the Army Emergency Relief Program, which helps so many distressed military personnel in times of financial crisis?

Why is it that there is so much mismanagement and indifference on the part of retired general officers and certain “fat cat” colonels who run the Association of the U.S. Army in central Pennsylvania?

They brazenly ignore the LeTort Club, Carlisle Barracks Golf House and local military installations when they hold their fundraising dinners and pricey golf tournaments.

Terry Myers and Kim Gardner have every right to feel snubbed by this “association of elites” and the likes of TOMMY BOY and his cohorts.

Let’s spend some money at home!

INCOMING ROUNDS – Gen. Ivany must be really nervous about all the bad publicity from our recent investigative article: COVER-UP AT CARLISLE BARRACKS. He made sure to show his face at the retirement ceremony for the less-than-loveable SFC Kimberly Rogers. That she’s African-American “had nothing to do with it.” Sure! . . . While we’re on the subject of the soon-to-be-departed Commandant, what’s this we hear about the general’s wife using SSG Tommy Shird and CPT R. G. Dixon as “common laborers” doing “grounds work” at Quarters 3? . . . Plans are now being made to set up MG Huntoon (the new Commandant) in a suite at Washington Hall while Quarters 1 is being renovated. Guess that means no more “unique page view hits” for from there, until the new boss moves in. . . We hear the two most likely candidates for trouble and police investigations are THE DUMMY (can you spell R-E-M-T-E-C-H?) and a certain athletic major with an exotic last name. . . . COL Madden has let it be known in the past that he’d really like to be GEN Madden someday. Word is, from those in the know, that possibility has the chance now of a snowball surviving in Hell. . . . Next month we spotlight the post’s highly-disliked PMO, whom we outwitted at every turn during our second-to-none coverage of the Bartlett murder case. This clown is leaving soon, another in a long line of undistinguished “top cops” who come to Carlisle Barracks, then fade into a well-deserved obscurity.



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