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June 15, 2003


Right, that one. Well, the suit has been settled out of court – in Harrisburg, Pa.

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The Army and Carlisle Barracks can heave a sigh of relief. It would have been mighty uncomfortable for the HERO OF GRENADA and PATHETIC BOBBY to be up there on the witness stand “under oath” and have to admit to all the hypocrisy and misconduct that took place on their watch.

In fact, in the above story, we revealed that Chilcoat offered Barbara Vanner, who worked on post as an employee assistance programmer, $50,000 to “go away” when she first lodged sex harassment charges against Chilcoat “favorite,” Ron Meier, former boss of the Directorate of Personnel and Community Activities (DPCA). Can you spell attempted “B-R-I-B-E,” boys and girls?

Vanner, realizing that she wasn’t the only woman thus victimized and that Carlisle Barracks was “selective” in who they sought to “punish” for “sexual harassment,” on real or trumped-up charges, didn’t take the bait.

Now she will be adding a lot more than fifty grand to her bank account.

Which makes us wonder how M. Rae White, another alleged victim of the now-departed Meier, feels knowing her “sister,” Barbara Vanner, won a big cash settlement? The two did not always “get along,” shall we say?

White was badly treated when she sought help from PATHETIC BOBBY (of “inscribed panties” fame), and his chief “flunkie,” COL Charles “Chuckie Cheese” Ware, the Barrack’s resident WAR CRIMES “expert.” An idiot known as THE SCREAMER, a former garrison commander who left Carlisle with a less-than sterling OER, also “got into the act.”

Scales failed to get his third star, in part, due to’s exposure of numerous problems that occurred during his tyrannical reign. Like cursing and screaming in public in front of women as he kicked at a closed door in an “infantile temper tantrum,” thus getting tagged with a “violence in the workplace” charge by a civilian employee on post.

The last time we saw PUMPKIN HEAD, he was scowling on the FOX NEWS CHANNEL and pretending to be a so-called military “expert” during the Iraq war. He turned out to be about as good at that, as the self-proclaimed military historian is a “writer.” In other words, not very good at all!

Well, congratulations to Barbara Vanner on her cash windfall. You can be sure that not all of that settlement came out of the Army’s coffers. Some may have helped deplete Ron Meier’s bank account.

We hear the former Carlisle Barracks DCA sold his rental house in Mechanicsburg for between $165,000 and $170,000 this spring with the proceeds going to meet the terms of the judicial settlement negotiated with Vanner’s female attorney.

We sure were looking forward to covering and reporting all the “graphic testimony” this case would have promised if it had gone to trial!

GOOD RIDDANCE – We promised you last month we would do up a “going-away” item on the post’s smart-mouthed PMO, who thankfully, according to his own MP’s, is leaving Carlisle Barracks forever. We say: “Good riddance.”

Jim Peterson was so typical of the caliber of PMO that the Barracks has been inflicted with over the past decade. With perhaps one notable exception, the PMO’s have been “arrogant bully-boys” who end up alienating everyone except their sycophants and the top brass, who could care less how cruelly and illegally they wield their considerable “power.”

There was one ex-PMO who made the BIG mistake of being “taped” while threatening an undercover FBI intelligence asset. He ended up “retiring early” and having to take off his full colonel’s “chicken wings” to go “out the door” as just another LTC. This creep, and the thugs who worked for him, are all gone now, thank God, but the stench of their evil deeds lingers on.

Another PMO, a failed former Pennsylvania state trooper, got shipped out when he “shot his mouth off” to the wrong person. No “going away party” for that obnoxious moron. Just another “bottom-shelf” provost marshal who made himself look ridiculous by personally handing out traffic tickets. Any PFC can do that! Maybe that’s what he should have been. A PFC! With our apologies to all good E-3’s out there.

We at enjoyed “outwitting” Peterson at every turn, as he and his “pal,” retired PAO, LTC Jim MacNeil, desperately tried to plug the many news “leaks” on post during the Bartlett murder case. Our battalion of CI’s in Carlisle kept us well-informed as to what was really going on, and we in turn used discretion in what we published, so as not to jeopardize the on-going investigation.

The above-mentioned officers instigated a “witch-hunt” to find out where our information was coming from. But, like most everything else they did, they miserably failed. Not one CI was “uncovered,” let alone punished. Hey guys, they were right under your nose! What do you expect from MacNeil, who couldn’t find his backside with both hands at high noon?

But Peterson is the type of rotten personality that needs a strong “attitude adjustment.” We know you called the editor-in-chief of this web site a “flim-flam man” in front of a number of witnesses, Peterson. And that is slander!

Question our intelligence, as we certainly do yours, but you don’t get away with lying about a field grade officer and combat veteran’s INTEGRITY. We just might slap you up the side of the head with a lawsuit to teach you a lesson in manners.

We aren’t the only ones celebrating Peterson’s departure. A highly-trained female captain, who had the misfortune of working for the PMO on her reserve assignment, actually left HATING the “obnoxious major.”

How about the firemen, civilian security forces, all he supervised? Peterson never failed to drive morale to a new low. We’ll get into that more, in the next segment.

Insiders tell us that Peterson lacks the training and job skills needed to be a security manger or public administrator. He’d have his hands full running a 7–11 store! Civilian guards have resigned at the rate of one per month for the past 14 months! The guards that remain, have been grumbling they need an effective union, and have been writing letters to their congressman about violations of work rules governing lunch hours and uniform allowances.

Personnel actions are months overdue and annual ratings reflect reprisals, NOT performance. While punishing every guard infraction, this mean-spirited and vindictive “top cop” ask the guards to “look the other way,” we are told, when he comes through the gate late at might with alcohol on his breath.

This despised PMO leaves a legacy in the Fire Hall of hatred and mistrust among the firemen. Remember when we reported a flare up against senior fireman Eddie Beam who was acting as supervisor during the chief’s illness? The culprit was the infamous bully we call the BRAWLER FROM REDTANK ROAD.

Instead of dealing with a long list of post fights and other infractions, the PMO reportedly turned the BRAWLER into his own personal SNITCH and set him against two new firemen. The victims used to work at DPW before their skilled trade jobs were eliminated.

THE BRAWLER continued to make his own shift trades without management approval and scheduled his sick leave well in advance to extend holidays and weekends. Why not, when you have no worries and face no consequences from the PMO?

When the chief failed to remind a fireman, who needed formal training and had limited TDY experience, that a government car must be immediately returned to post without stopping at home, the SNITCH was right on the phone with Fred Dupert trying to earn “brownie points” with his “handler” Peterson.

“Now a real fireman faces formal discipline and the RAT with both a wife and a mistress in Root Hall continues his reign of terror,” one of our CI’s reports.

AMERICAN FEDERATION OF GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES – Local 1156 Union President Rocky Morrell at the Mechanicsburg Navy Depot has spent two days in Washington in recent weeks testifying before Congressional committees.

The Bush Administration is proposing to strip union membership and collective bargaining rights from federal workers in the Department of Defense.

When “Rocky” testified, he asked the startled legislators to tell him why the President needs to strike down all the nepotism rules that govern hiring and promotions in the workplace. No one on the committee or the congressional staff had an answer to that!

Rocky says the federal workforce includes people who hate unions and are no more than “free riders,” because a majority of DOD workers do not pay union dues. If civil servants want to protect their jobs and influence “swing politicians’ like Congressman Todd Platts, this will have to change!

DISABLED VETERANS DISRESPECTED -- While we’re on the subject of the Navy Depot, (we have many loyal readers and sources over there), union officers and stewards say they are being “stonewalled” by the admiral, the Secretary of the Navy, and the Office of Budget and Management, in their efforts to write a meaningful policy to manage the hiring and promotion of those brave souls who lost their “mobility” in service of their country.

The admiral told negotiators that the “BIG PICTURE” is at the national level. This issue is beyond one installation,” he declared. To which the union steward replied: “If that is so, then we are certainly an important ‘PIXEL’ in that picture. So let’s do something here and now to hire and retain disabled veterans.”

THE FAMILY FRIENDLY LEAVE ACT – The management agenda is no better at Carlisle Barracks. Our CI’s tell us about a senior garrison staffer with more than 20 years of distinguished service, 400 hours of accumulated leave, and very little sick time.

The young man applied for “Family Leave” to care for his mother who is dying of cancer. The bedridden women required “round-the-clock attention” and someone to help her with the most basic daily needs.

When leave was requested, Mr. Silverberg denied the request, pending a “letter of need” signed by a social worker. When the social worker called to coordinate the requirement, we are told that Silverberg ignored the calls and did not respond to the woman. Finally, a sympathetic garrison manager allowed the grief-stricken man annual leave to be with his mom in her final moments.

When the mother died, only then did the Civilian Personnel Office relent and grant the family leave requested. The “policy” at Carlisle Barracks appears to be based on production of a “death certificate” to let civilians “use” this “benefit.”

ARE YOU READING THIS, COL. MIKE COLPO? Civilian personnel management on post is your area of responsibility!

MORE CAT FIGHTS – The second floor of Upton Hall is looking more and more like a battleground than a productive work area. In one office, THE CAT WOMAN OF CATALOGING is scrapping with her highly competent senior employee, who has struggled for years with seriously failing eyesight.

“At the Barracks, any physical impairment makes one a target for pettiness and fault finding by certain cruel managers,” one of our CI’s reports.

Further down the hall, nails are being sharpened and barbs quipped as a recently retired female warrant officer and the TUBBY ADAMS COUNTY TURNIP QUEEN (with the three-part name) square off to see who will DOMINATE the befuddled “wasp nest” called TOMMY-BOY’S TEAM. Some think the Historical Services Branch might aptly be called the “Hysterical” Services Branch!”

OLD FRIENDS – Our CI’s at the downtown Bosler Library tell us that Agnes Miller has found productive work as an unpaid volunteer “in a real library.”

We remember Agnes from our daze at MHI, as well as many late-night phone conversations. Not much got past this unassuming little woman. Her head may have been down, but her ears were working. She did a great job keeping us posted on daily events at the Institute.

Agnes was paid a small stipend for her work, but that all ended abruptly - along with her watering the plants and brightening the workplace. Seems Agnes made the terrible social “faux pas” of opening a door without knocking!

She interrupted HOT PANTS in a “steamy” coupling with the retired LTC who serves as her “office mate” and “live in” neighbor from the adjoining apartment!

Now, no “BAD THOUGHTS,” boys and girls. HOTPANTS assured the EEO counselor, with a straight face, that this extra-marital sexual relationship had NOTHING to do with her TWO rapid promotions during the BULLY’s tenure. It could be just a “coincidence” that HOT PANTS hoped the BULLY would beat out Dr. Conrad Crane for Directorship of the Military History Institute. We are told she is already bad-mouthing her new boss.

STUPIDITY – A dim-witted MP’s “daffy” wife is scrapping with E.J. Nichols over the vendor parking space behind Root Hall. Can you believe a “round-the-clock stakeout” to see who might be using a single parking spot behind the building reserved for VENDORS! As Bill Clinton would say, “it all depends on the meaning of the word VENDOR.”

That question has Darlene McCabe and Nichols slapping each other across the face with government publications and obscure regulations. Seems that since most employees became government contractors and now work for Walt Craig at REMTECH, they think they qualify for “vendor parking.” E.J. won’t buy into this theory, and thus “the fur is really flying!”

On an installation troubled by murder, drugs, vandalism and an inept PMO, aren’t there better ways to utilize scarce law enforcement resources than on this silly stakeout? “Thank God we’re finally rid of Peterson,” sighed a frustrated female worker.

REST IN PEACE – Retired COL James F. Greene of Hummelstown, Pa. was one of the most beloved of MHI volunteers who worked upstairs at Upton Hall. Thanks to this fine gentleman, we have a magnificant patch and insignia collection that the colonel collected and donated to the Institute.

In 1944, then-Captain Greene went ashore at D-day plus 5 to replace a captain killed in the invasion. After seeing the movie SAVING PRIVATE RYAN, the colonel told MHI staffers his most significant challenge after the invasion was to “reason” with American GI’s and convince them NOT to shoot Germans who had raised their hands in surrender. He told the soldiers this practice would only make the enemy fight harder and not give up. Thus costing more American lives in battle.

Now word reaches us that COL Greene has gone on to his eternal rest.

A veteran of World War II, Korea and Vietnam, COL Greene earned the Silver Star, Bronze Star for Valor and the Purple Heart. He gave 30 years of his life to the service of his country.

If only we had more men like him! God bless his wife, Lucille and COL Greene’s nine children.

FAVORITISM – Alan Thompson used to be known as the “KING OF NEPOTISM” at Carlisle Barracks. He inherited the two squabbling “Battlin’ Brothers”; BIG MAMA’s love affair and marriage to the ENERGIZER BUNNY; also the DPW executive, torn between two women.

Now our camera shifts it’s “spotlight” to Building 315. In order to get a civilian replacement for the loathsome PEE WEE HERMAN (how many careers did this weasel help to destroy?) the Army negotiated to recruit a Mr. and Mrs. Henry, a real-life military personnel “tag team.”

Trouble is, no one in the chain of command above Mrs. Henry dares tell her “what to do.” She runs straight to the BOSS or gives him “pillow talk” at night. The hard-working military and civilian staffers are at a loss with how to deal with this serious problem. In the meantime, Mr. Silverberg and the PJA major has “blessed” the arrangement as “not a conflict of interest.” Really? It sure is NEOPOTISM!

BUNNY TALES – Friends and former co-workers of the ENERGIZER BUNNY, our fabled “job hopper,” tell us that the government has him doing summer hire work. He’s a laborer. In the fall, he has been promised security work at the beefed up Army Heritage Education Center.

The BUNNY thinks he has friends in management, but wait till the troubled loafer gets caught sleeping on the job!

That’s what got him in trouble at the Fire House. We are told the BUNNY has a “sleep disorder” that does not let him wake up, even when alarms go off! And he was the fireman on the alarm desk! Even the MP pounding on the door in the middle of the night or the sound of ladder truck with sirens roaring as it left the station failed to rouse him.

When the BUNNY “hibernates,” you can’t shake him awake!

INCOMING ROUNDS – The “other shoe” is about to drop in the case of MAJ Grindle, the “fair-haired boy” of Carlisle Barracks. Powerful people in high places want to know WHY the top-three rankers at the installation let Girndle off so lightly after accusations the major “cursed out and threatened” a handicapped African-American security guard (in front of several women witnesses) and then made former top-ranking female department head Janice York’s life so miserable that she pleaded with COL Mike Colpo to “help” her by keeping Grindle a safe distance away. He didn’t. . . .WHO is the most disliked captain at Carlisle Barracks? That’s easy. CPT Powell, who – according to our disgusted CI’s – has “crossed the boundary of civilized behavior with his brutal ways.” Not to worry. We hear the captain will never be a major, and in fact, will soon be GONE, as in “OUT” of the Army. . . Ken Thompson is crying in his beer. He thought he was a “cinch” to get Ron Meier’s old job of Director of Community Affairs (DCA). Instead, Gen. Ivany picked Mr. Darryl Clay from Stuttgart, Germany as new leader of the morale welfare program on post. We are told Ken’s “ham-handed’ handling of the Youth Service Program in recent months sealed his fate as an “also-ran” . . . LTC J.M. Koivisto didn’t exactly distinguish himself either, during the EEO fiasco, informed sources say. . . What failed former MHI director, who has but one friend left on staff at Upton Hall, has observers worried? It seems this non-achiever, now that he’s no longer feeding at the Army trough, is not watching his grooming. The long, greasy “hippie-like” hair-do on a 60 year old man is less than becoming. He also needs to take a bath more often. In other words, he STINKS, in more ways than one! . . . What AWC scandal is about to break into the headlines, just as the new Commandant’s taking over? Sad to see Gen. Ivany’s career end with a whimper and not a bang. But he lost all chance for promotion thanks to a person “very close” to him. Someone with, as Jackie Gleason would say, a BIG mouth!





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