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September 15, 2003

And what a fantastic two weeks this has been! is now the fastest-growing military web site of our kind in the world. The number of hits (unique page views) we’ve had has doubled and tripled in the space of a single day! And much of that we have to thank to a bumbling PAO, whose arrogant and obnoxious ways have helped us gain even greater influence.

Not that former Pentagon flak and “fast-track” LTC Merideth Bucher wishes us well, she doesn’t! But the sheer nastiness of her manner and the clumsy way she has conducted herself with the civilian media have succeeded in making her something of a “cartoon character” in the battle of censorship at Carlisle Barracks.

Her lack of a DINFOS diploma really showed when the PAO spouted such incredibly stupid lines as, the Barracks blocked to improve “morale, good order and discipline.” As one of our readers wryly e-mailed us: “All she had to do was add SEIG HIEL at the end!”

Americans don’t take kindly to people who violate the First Amendment and practice censorship in order to prevent both military and civilian workers at Carlisle Barracks from reading the truth. The articles on MCC are, at times, highly critical of wrongdoing on post. A case in point is our recent story: COVER-UP AT CARLISLE BARRACKS.

How can any right-minded person condone vicious and vulgar threats [“I’ll break your finger off and shove it up your ass, sideways!”] as that made by MAJ Chuck “fair-haired boy” Grindle to a handicapped African-American worker on post? Or that same officer’s alleged harassment and abuse of Carlisle Barrack’s then top-ranking civilian female employee, Janice York?

When this lady went to Mike “NO COMBAT” Colpo in search of help, all she got was stalling tactics and finally a lecture: “I thought we had this under control!” the colonel fumed, when in frustration, York went to EEO and filed an official complaint. This now retired GM-13 sadly told that Colpo had “betrayed” her trust!

We reported this, just before the illegal “ban” went into effect. It is obvious we have been hit with deliberate “retaliation.” And that will cost a heavy price before this fight is over! We just hope that new Commandant, Gen. David Huntoon, doesn’t blow his chance for a third-star at the end of his current tour at Carlisle Barracks by being “indecisive” now in dealing with his two errant “inherited” staffers – the embattled chief-of-staff and his sidekick, the stumbling PAO.

Matt Miller’s superb article on page one of the Harrisburg PATRIOT-NEWS on Saturday (September 6, 2003), which disclosed the censorship and violation of MCC’s First Amendment rights, started a firestorm!

The story was quickly picked up by The Associated Press and reported on radio and television stations from coast-to-coast. We did radio talk shows from Portland, Maine to Seattle, Wash. The popular (6.4 million hits-a-day) Drudge Report and the (3 million hits-a-day) circulation World Net Daily also republished the article. Other Internet web sites grabbed it up and headlined Bucher’s infamous “good order and discipline” quote. Apparently she, and the Carlisle Barracks JAG, were the only ones in America “tone-deaf” to the offensiveness of such a “cold-blooded” statement.

In a soon-to-be-published separate story, we will go into more detail about the HUGE outpouring of support we have received - 100,000 extra hits just in the first 48 hours of this controversy. Suffice it to say, Bucher and her many mistakes – are you reading this Chief Public Affairs Officer of the U.S. Army? – has only served to make us stronger and given an audience we couldn’t have dreamed of before!

Thanks, Bucher. We promise not to “get in the way” as you shoot yourself in both feet. That is, after you pull them out of your very big mouth! All your “best” efforts have badly backfired!

In the PATRIOT-NEWS article, Bucher was quoted as saying she knew of “no one” who had “complained” about not being able to get on a post computer.

“No kidding, Sherlock?” Do you really have such a low opinion of our readers and your co-workers that you think they are stupid enough to come and complain to you? Don’t look now, but your total lack of credibility is showing!

METZ THE MESSENGER BOY – You remember our recent CAPERS of August 31st when we ran an item disclosing what disdain the supercilious “Dr.” Steven Metz holds you – our readership – in? “DISGRUNTLED FRINGE” is what he called hundreds of you.

Well, when you read that, many folks got right back to us – civilian and military alike. And guess what? Not one person had anything GOOD to say of the smug, self-satisfied Metz.

Now we see from his latest e-mail – sent to us at 2:07 AM PST, or 5:07 AM EST [at least he is using his own home computer] he is now carrying messages for the “brave” Mike (NO COMBAT) Colpo – messages that could get the both of them in very serious legal trouble.

The best “advice” we can give you, Metz, is to mind your own damn business (if that is possible) and hire yourself a good defense attorney. Now. You’re going to need him!

WANTED TO RENT – A large multi-bedroom house near the Barracks suitable for a Boston terrier that the prissy owner thinks of as his “sister,” and room for 64 (count ‘em, 64) “armies” of toy soldiers.

Yes, boys and girls, Dickie Wigglebottom – who campaigned hard to get this web site banned – is finally being evicted from the big brick house with two elephants on the porch – NEWT and RONALD! The owner wants the house back. Thus the mincing martinet from MHI may not be able to “walk” to work any more.

BEDLAM AT THE FIREHOUSE – The famous BRAWLER at the firehouse is making out like a bandit with the benefit of “time off” to pursue his timber business. We hear he bought a new truck with the favors from a former much-despised PMO. Snitches are well-paid and protected at Carlisle Barracks.

Meanwhile, we hear our favorite “bully boy” is telling neighbors out on Red Tank Road that he beat up a local retarded man because he heard that “special people” sometimes expose themselves in public and that he had both a wife and a girl friend who should not be looking at any “logging equipment” that he does not own.

Speaking of the Firehouse, our loyal CI’s at Garrison Headquarters tell us that Firemen Jim Zipfel and Jerry Wilson caucused for two whole days with the garrison commander and an official of the International Fire Fighter’s Union about the volatile conditions coming to a head in the Fire House.

All this trouble was brought about by the recently departed PMO, who no one, expect his snitch and a few sycophants, really miss.

CONTRAST IN CAREERS – After 19 years of loyal dedicated government service, Mrs. Mel Teats from ACS was severely injured and lost the use of her legs when struck by a car.

When her sick leave expired and the donated leave was also gone, “kind-hearted” Mr. Silverberg sent Mel the standard blunt letter. Report for work or resign!

She chose the latter, even though she got all dressed up to volunteer to work the recent OFF POST SOCIAL for the Class of 2004. You know, the one that Mike “NO COMBAT” Colpo didn’t show up for. For that matter, he hasn’t been “showing up” for much of anything lately, has he?

It seemed it was all too easy for the Army to show compassion for the recently departed Director of Contracting, who was granted one leave without pay extension after another until her “needy case” was adjudicated and settled for big $$$. At Carlisle Barracks, the SINNERS fare far better than the SAINTS.

THE SAGA OF SUEY SOW – One of the highest-rated clerical employees on post – a GS-08 no less!

We are told she got the job the hard way – she was born to it. Her “pappy” was DIRTY OLD LESTER, the chief hatchet man for John Perry in the old Civilian Personnel Office.

SUEY, as she is known to one and all in the Dunham Clinic extension on Carlisle Pike, has failed at every task assigned her. Yet she somehow triumphed over manager Fred Bucci when he gave her a rating that reflected the failed job performance she shows. In fact, she turned the rating around on appeal to the military bosses and wounded up with a big bonus and supervisory authority over a long-abused male medical technician. She is said to enjoy tormenting this talented man the way DIRTY OLD LESTER bullied union officers from the DPW.

The medical technician became so frustrated, we are told, from the “constant harassment,” he wished out loud that he could “BLOW-UP” the medical supply building with everyone in it!

In these days of “political correctness,” that calls for a suspension! Trouble is for the officers in charge, three days “on the street” without pay would take their troubles out of the building. The solution was three days “on the street” WITH pay, so long as the poor man used the time to see top-notch social worker Ginger Wilson Gines at Dunham Clinic for counseling. If Donna Nicosia were still around, she might want to test these very same Dunham Clinic managers for “aggressive tendencies.”

As we go to press, the man’s torment goes on, and SUEY SOW has become a contestant in the “Dillsburg Olympics,” competing in the fictional “Times Card Competition.” She allegedly reports to work late and “compensates” by leaving early.

THE SUPER VIXON OF COLLINS HALL – Remember last month we reported this “contractor babe” liked to brag that she got a boss fired for alleged “sexual harassment?” Well, now she’s been canned herself.

It seems this married “tootsie” like to spend most of her duty time hanging around the “help desk.” She liked the young male enlisted soldiers. Indeed, at a birthday party in a Mount Holly bar, our heroine became imbibed and decided to strip for the boys. We are told that VHS cameras and still pictures were made to commemorate the “all the way” event. Everyone wants to see those pictures, except perhaps the woman’s husband and two small children. This is not her first scandal, but does her kind ever learn?

GENITAL PIX – You recall the item mentioned in our OPEN LETTER to the embattled chief-of-staff asking him what he knew and when he knew it about a former enlisted man on post who sent digitalized pix of a certain part of his anatomy via computer e-mail to an underage girl in town? And that the irate mother, knowing who was responsible, demanded of the “authorities” on Carlisle Barracks that something be done?

We are told that Mike “NO COMBAT” Colpo succeeded in getting her to hand over the incriminating pix and promised her the matter would be “looked into.’ The soldier appeared to suffer no consequences of any kind and voluntarily left the Army.

Now our CI’s report that the ex-GI tried to land a well-paying computer job on post with REMTECH. Trouble is, his reputation preceded him, and he wasn’t able to get the proper security clearance. So kiss that job good-bye!

EDITOR’S NOTE: Greetings to the many thousands of new readers this month to CARLISLE BARRACKS CAPERS. May you enjoy trying to figure out “who’s who” herein and we hope that you’ll keep us “posted” on mischief at YOUR local installation. Just e-mail us at Thanks.


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