May 15, 2004

WITCH HUNT UNDERWAY – All over Carlisle Barracks, “the dogs have been loosed,” and frightened CI’s, (confidential informants), have “gone to ground.” A brave handful, angered by the heavy-handed tactics of Mike “NO COMBAT” Colpo, “diminutive” garrison commander, LTC J. M. Kosvisto, “Suskie the PMO” and others, have contacted us to say “the reign of terror” is “the worst in memory.”

“They are questioning everybody,” one source tells us. “Do you know MAJ MacDonald? Have you ever spoken with or been in contact with him?” You’d think instead of a decorated Vietnam veteran and award-winning journalist, the “powers-that-be” at the Barracks were hunting down Osama Bin Laden himself!

“Your last column [April 15] and the item: THE REVOLVING DOOR really sent Huntoon into orbit!” a Root Hall CI said. “The Commandant has vowed to shut you down, (CARLISLE BARRACKS CAPERS), by rooting out anyone and everyone that may help you gather the news.”

Even people we’ve written about “favorably” are targets of the inquisitors, the “evil-doers” who love to cover up their abuses. Every part of the Barracks has been affected. The guards on the gate are especially under pressure.

Personal computers are being searched for any trace of e-mail messages to People are being urged to “rat out” one another, in order to “survive” the dragnet. But you can’t make “deals” with the Devil.

One poor soul, a veteran handicapped worker, was led out of garrison headquarters in handcuffs by a smirk-faced MAJ Suskie. You’d think he might be envious of some of the MP’s who operated at will in Abu Ghraib Prison in Baghdad.

Speaking of “prisons,” what’s this we hear that Suskie knows all about jails, and several of his Carlisle Barracks cronies as well? Could be a future story.

Isn’t it a shame that Gen. Huntoon doesn’t concern himself with restoring morale and correcting deficiencies on post? Instead he tries to settle scores with a journalist who has regularly embarrassed him in front of the military community.

We get lots of HITS from the Pentagon, and some important people, we hear, are not amused at all the “ink” Huntoon receives on a certain military web site.

RESPECT FOR THE DEAD – Since the “gendarmes” are harassing our friends on post, we can’t write any more laudatory items for a while. If we do, the person praised is liable to be given “the third degree.” Does the MP station still have that hidden wall compartment where once-upon-a-time, a psycho MPI stepped out and physically threatened a field-grade officer?

Well, there’s nothing the “dogs” can do now to COL. Thomas W. Flatley. The longtime resident of Boiling Springs, and a former Carlisle Barracks faculty member back in the 70’s, passed away May 10. He was 81.

COL. Flatley served for 34 years and was a paratrooper in the 82nd Airborne Division.

Unlike fellow West Point graduate, COL Mike “NO COMBAT” Colpo, Flatley saw plenty of action in the North Africa, Sicily and Normandy campaigns. He was awarded the Silver Star, Bronze Star for Valor, and two Purple Hearts. That’s four ribbons Colpo will never wear!

BEING FAIR TO “MIKEY” – We didn’t anticipate having to defend Colpo to anyone. After all, we know first-hand what he can really be like. But we got a message last week that was so unfair, it even made us blanch!

Remember our recent item about the paltry number of ribbons Colpo is authorized to wear on his chest? An amazingly low number, for one who’s been an officer for nearly 30 years!

But of course, Colpo hasn’t been just ANY officer. We wrote about how he managed to stay Stateside for his entire career, not only missing out on combat in such places as Grenada, Panama, Somalia, Kosovo, Bosnia, Gulf War I, Afghanistan and the present conflict in Iraq, but somehow didn’t go overseas – anywhere – not to Germany, Korea, Columbia or any other foreign locale. What a lucky guy! Never heard a shot fired in anger. Too bad he wasn’t with us in Vietnam during the worst years of the war. The Tet Offensive was no garden picnic!

Anyway, we wrote that maybe Colpo should get a new “ribbon” to help cover up some of that empty space above his pocket. We suggested a “Stateside Duty” decoration for the West Pointer with the longest record for staying safely “at home.”

Well, we heard from a genuine combat veteran who suggested another “ribbon” for our favorite chief of staff. He described it as having red borders on the edges (“to denote the blood of those who fought and died for our country”) and a big “yellow streak” right in the middle to represent, well . . . we all know what THAT represents.

No one knows what “Mikey” might have done if he used his Infantry training, paratroop wings and Ranger tab in a combat zone. But we think it’s unfair and even cruel to speculate on his courage. We’re sure Colpo would have performed admirably. So, for once, we take his side on an issue. That red and yellow ribbon idea was just too “over-the-top.”

DECEITFUL LETTER – It’s rather timely that we choose this month of May to publish a letter Gen. David Huntoon sent – never suspecting we would ever see it – to U.S. Sen. George Allen of Virginia.

Its contents are most interesting. It shows the mindset of one who would misrepresent this column to a lawmaker that Huntoon undoubtedly hoped wouldn’t know how popular CARLISLE BARRACKS CAPERS has become on post and in the surrounding communities.

Here’s some of the “boilerplate” that went out under Huntoon’s signature on October 1, 2003.

“This command takes serious (should be “seriously”) any allegations that someone’s Constitutional rights were (wrong tense – should be: “have been”) violated. The website (should be “web site”) is not currently blocked; however, it was blocked for a period of time on one of our servers. The action was both legitimate and legal. (A flat-out LIE!)

“The U.S. Government restricts the use of government communication resources to authorized purposes. That policy is noted in the Joint Ethics Regulation, Army Regulation 380-19 and Carlisle Barracks Regulation 25-70. Legal counsel at several levels of command (erroneously) concurred that it is legally permissible to suspend access to the named website (should be: “web site”) at government workstations. The website (should be: “web site”) was fully accessible at the library (false), in residences at Carlisle Barracks, and at any non-workplace location.

“We are committed to maintaining Carlisle Barracks as a community in which students, faculty, staff and members of the civilian and military communities work and live together free of all forms of harassment and intimidation. (They ought to know all about “harassment” and “intimidation.” They’re experts at it!) During the website (should be: “web site”) suspension at workstations, we considered the comments of employees (The ones exposed for wrongdoing?) who registered concern about viewing by fellow employees in the workplace. They asserted that the website (should be: “web site”) content lowered the morale of civilian and military workers. (Sure! It “lowered the morale” so much, we tripled our readership in one month after the ban was lifted.) The website (should be: “web site”) makes defamatory attacks on the workforce, including their personal lives. (No mention here of all the “kudos” we’ve handed out to post workers and military members over the past three years, but then Huntoon didn’t intend to be fair or factual here anyway.) This is counter to good order and discipline (where “bad news” is suppressed) and was the legal and legitimate (wrong) basis for the block.”

SECRET STUFF – The sexual shenanigans of a certain surly “bird colonel” who allegedly advertised himself on Internet sex swinger sites as a “high ranking officer,” is “kid stuff” compared to another ranking officer on post who has a deep, and very dark secret. Seems he likes to dress up as a woman!

We can only hope he looks better in drag than J. Edgar Hoover, with the “feather boa” and a “red dress.”

The Commandant can’t stand ANOTHER “sex scandal” so close to the most recent one. So he’s holding his breath on this one, we're told. Too much “bad publicity” at a military post can be devastating to a general’s ambitions for another “star.” Maybe that’s why Huntoon is so eager to shut CARLISLE BARRACKS CAPERS down. He will – when Hell freezes over!

BLAST FROM THE PAST – Once upon a time, Year 2000, last quarter, there was an optometrist at Dunham Clinic by the name of “Dr. Roly-Poly.” He’s alleged to have had “erectile dysfunction” and a bad ticker.

It seems he brought the chief pharmacist a prescription for Viagra. The chief rightfully refused to fill the prescription because the drug is “contraindicated” in patients with cardio problems, because of severe “side effects.”

The prescription, in addition to being signed by a physician in the clinic, was countersigned by the occupational health nurse chief, according to clinic SOP for civilian prescriptions. The optometrist was a contract civilian.

The optometrist got another prescription for Caverject, an injectable, this time from a P.A., signed and countersigned per SOP. The chief of pharmacy then ordered the item from his supplier, and when it was delivered, a staff pharmacist and a technician in the pharmacy proceeded to go to the clinic commander and chief nurse to “build a case against” the chief for filling an RX for a “civilian,” even though the technician and pharmacist did not know the SOP indicating that a legitimate prescription, with all prerequisite signatures was present.

The commander, the chief nurse, and a nurse supervisor, all slapped the P.A. and occupational nurse with “letters of admonishment” which were placed in their personnel files, effectively limiting them for service awards. Eventually, thoroughly disgusted and demoralized, the targeted individuals, some of the best workers Dunham Clinic has ever had, tendered their resignations, rather than tolerate an unjust system.

It’s an interesting fact that the optometrist who allegedly started all the problems for everybody is still employed, while the clinic (so far) has lost three chiefs, two doctors and one PA.

“The chief nurse was a sexual harasser of female nurses,” a longtime Dunham worker said. “The harassed women went to the union to obtain representation but were unsuccessful in their endeavor. Meanwhile, the chief pharmacist went to the CPO (Civilian Personnel Officer) seeking intercession with the clinic commander. But the CPO allegedly wasn’t willing to stand up for a civilian against military harassment as well as for other civilians in the clinic.”

THE GANG OF THREE -- Workers on post tell us they are aware of “certain information” which could be very “illuminating” about a certain individual, newly-arrived from Indiantown Gap.

He’s known as one of the members of the “Gang of Three,” a mutual admiration society, which includes “Suskie the PMO.”

“When they brought him in, they really scraped the bottom of the barrel,” said one veteran employee who’s seen a whole string of sub-par PMO’s over the past 10 years. “We hated Peterson. Well, we despise Suskie. He’s arrogant, obnoxious and never will admit to being wrong about anything!”

When asked how the PMO can operate with such impunity, the source said. “The runt (Kosvisto) lets him get away with it. They’re two of a kind.”

“Suskie is very nasty and in-your-face. We need a ‘sit-down’ with Colpo to find out just how deep this abuse goes,” said the source.

Since CAPERS is always fair and accurate in telling the “real news” on Carlisle Barracks, we want to offer Suskie a chance to utilize this space if he wishes to “respond” to his many critics. He may be a jerk, but he’s still entitled to have his say.

BUMBLING BUCHER’S IN A SNIT OVER “INVITE” – What column would be complete without reporting the latest fumbles of “Bumbling Bucher,” the fast-track, former Pentagon flack, who still needs to earn a DINFOS diploma?

The latest “news” from her office is, the imperious officer “got into a snit” recently because the post safety officer invited a local radio station DJ to come on post and broadcast on “Safety Day” without informing the PAO first.

Imagine that! The “colonel” was allegedly “out-of-the-loop.” We thought we taught her a lesson or two after we successfully overcame the Barrack’s illegal attempt to cut off access to our web site last fall.

Apparently humility wasn’t one of them.

So, until next month, dear readers – keep the faith. And for all you embattled CI’s out there, know that the harder the brass try to suppress the truth, the more it will become known. Thank you for all you have done for us from the bottom of our hearts!

In May, we SALUTE all our friends and readers in Dillsburg, Pa.




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