July 15, 2004

TO OUR READERS: The editor-in-chief of and writer of this monthly column, has just returned from his home state after spending several weeks at the bedside of his terminally ill father. That news will be “music to the ears” of some of the “haters” we occasionally hear from, but not to the many friends and supporters we have back at Carlisle Barracks and central Pennsylvania. Because of sheer exhaustion and obvious other reasons, we offer CAPERS this month in a new and different format.


Leadership is essential to the successful operation of any military unit, much less a premiere Army installation such as Carlisle Barracks.
Yet, with the exception of now-retired Maj. Gen. Robert Ivany – who was sent to Carlisle to clean up the mess left behind by the supercilious Richard Chilcoat – three of the four recent commandants at the Barracks have been miserable failures.

The newest occupant of “Quarters One” wasted no time in squandering any “good will” he may have had, when he replaced Gen. Ivany. This “prima-donna,” who enables “NO COMBAT” Colpo and his pal, “Bumbling Bucher” to operate with impunity, has lost the respect of many in the Command.

In fact, stung by our legitimate editorial criticism of his lack of leadership and embarrassed that his miscues have become widely known at the Pentagon, this “political” general has countenanced a vicious “witch-hunt” and “crackdown” on our military and civilian CI’s (confidential informants), on Carlisle Barracks that has sent a chill of fear and repression across the famed Army post.


“We learned right away where he was coming from,” said one brave Barracks worker - who risked his computer hard-drive being confiscated and him hauled into the MP station for “threats and interrogation” – in order to contact us.

“Huntoon only cares about himself and his career,” said the veteran employee. “The welfare of this Command is secondary to his own ambitions. He’s not to be trusted. An absolute phony.”

The general’s total inaction when his chief-of-staff got caught on audio tape shrieking “That’s none of your business!” when we legitimately asked via phone WHY pornography was still coming in on post computers, is so typical of Huntoon.

“That alone, showed us everything was going to be business as usual,” said an officer who’s been a reliable “deep-cover source” for us the past three years.

While fear and intimidation now rule on post, Huntoon has a long ways to go to make up for the fumbles of his first year at Carlisle Barracks. In fact, many observers have told us they feel the two-star won’t be able to escape the “curse of the commandants.” Namely, that no one in that job has been promoted or even remained in the Army since slimy Chilcoat managed to get a third star, despite a sex scandal cover-up on his watch over seven years ago.


We documented Chilcoat’s “offer” to post worker, Mrs. Barbara Vanner, to accept $50,000 to “go away” after she legitimately accused his top civilian official at Carlisle Barracks of (genuine) “sexual harassment.” also disclosed in earlier stories, the names of other women allegedly victimized by the protected individual. Eventually that person had to “retire.” But not before the hypocrites and enablers at the top tried their best to save his sorry behind.

Chilcoat knew he had turned a “blind eye” to the cruel “frame-up” of a field-grade officer on similar charges, but that didn’t stop him from allowing one of the most shameful chapters in Carlisle Barrack’s history to occur.

Never mind the officer mentioned above was totally cleared after a lengthy DSS investigation, and his rank and pension salvaged. The deceitful JAG enlisted “sting artist” employed in this “railroad job,” was allowed to go on and “accuse” several other officers, one of whom committed suicide when he realized the charge against him was as good as a “conviction” and the end of his military career.

He put a bullet through his head. We think he shot the wrong person!

At any rate, the congenital liar didn’t realize her lofty ambitions in the end, and was “put out of the military” in November 2002. But not before lives were damaged, and, in some cases, destroyed. There’s a “hot spot” in Hell waiting for her and all other false accusers who try and profit from their lies and deceit.


Then there was the case of a well-known, two-star general brought back to the States from Bosnia after he had an affair with his female public affairs officer (not the BUMBLER).

One major told us the general even “impregnated” the married Army “flack” – he was married too – but apparently an abortion took care of that untidy detail (the unwanted child).

Anyway, this fat cat and brass hat was “hidden out” at Carlisle Barracks in the first half of 1997 and treated with great respect by his host, fellow two-star, Richard Chilcoat.

It must have made for a good laugh at Quarters One parties, as they clicked wine glasses, to know that a terrible injustice was at that moment being inflicted on an innocent man (and former FBI undercover intelligence asset, investigating military corruption.)

We were quoted in U. S. News & World Report (Dec. 16, 2002) as coining the phrase: “Different spanks for different ranks.” That certainly was, and is, the way things are done at Carlisle Barracks.

The protected general – we have a copy of a letter from an Army doctor alerting the Pentagon this “playboy” was a mental case and a danger to his troops – was allowed to quietly retire with his rank and pension intact.

Maybe he didn’t get a big “ceremony” at the end – the Army wanted him “out the door” before the media caught on where he was – but we’re sure the general was grateful to then-Army Chief of Staff, Gen. Dennis Reimer, for being so helpful to his friend.

A lesser-ranking officer or enlisted man would have been sent to Leavenworth and lost everything. But not this general. When you get to a certain rank in the U.S. Army, you’re “above the law.” If you doubt what we say, check the “stats” on how many generals have been court-martialed for anything, much less sex crimes – in the past half century! That tells it all right there.


Scales is the only Carlisle Barracks commandant to have a “violence in the workplace” complaint lodged against him. By kicking at a locked door and cursing a “blue-streak” in front of female workers, “Pathetic Bobby” had to deal with a brave male civilian worker who dared to speak out against the general’s brutish and boorish behavior.

The employee ended up transferred to Europe, and of course no disciplinary action was taken against the “tantrum-prone” two-star. Word quickly spread that Scales was “no one to tangle with.”

Why, even when one of his “favorites,” a light colonel and fellow West Point “ring-knocker” we know as THE BULLY got picked up by Carlisle cops for driving drunk in town with the lights out on his pickup truck after dark, “Pathetic Bobby” made sure his pal didn’t see his career come to a sudden end.

In fact, the equally “foul-mouthed” lieut. colonel got a job promotion and was kept on the payroll for a long time after his DUI offense. Do you think a lower-ranking officer or NCO without “connections” in the “head-shed” would have gotten off so easily? Of course not!

Still, Scales’ reputation eventually caught up with him. At 56, he retired early from the Army, after failing to get the “third star” he so badly wanted. Now “Pumpkin Head” pops up on cable TV from time-to-time, offering his “expert opinion” on military matters. But the real “star” on FOX NEWS CHANNEL is Col. Hunt, whose honest and accurate views are a refreshing contrast to the self-important blatherings of others. interviewed civilian worker, Ms. Rae White, who told us of the shameful treatment she received at Carlisle Barracks after filing (legitimate) “sex harassment” charges against a Command “pet.”

She told of “indifference” on the part of Scales and his troubled chief-of-staff, the man we called CHUCKIE CHEESE, whom ABC-TV NEWS interviewed about “war crimes” during the first Gulf War. It seems CHUCKIE had more than a passing knowledge of such actions. At least, according to a Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative journalist we know.


We felt bad when former commandant, Gen. Robert Ivany, had the misfortune to be in office when the Bartlett murder case broke wide open at Carlisle Barracks.

As “NO COMBAT” Colpo, garrison commander under Chilcoat, no doubt recalls, the root cause of that killing was PORN coming in on LTC David Bartlett’s computer in base housing.

When the colonel’s wife caught him ogling nude pictures of young children, a fight broke out, and she threatened to expose him. So the former Army War College staffer beat her to death and tried to hide the body.

He got a short prison term at Leavenworth, a virtual “slap on the wrist,” but Ivany’s tenure was fatally damaged. He too, failed to get his third star, and put in his retirement papers.


Huntoon – if he lasts his three-year assignment – may be the third general in a row to serve as Commandant but fail to gain promotion after a tour of duty at Carlisle Barracks. This would be a bitter pill for such a young, ambitious general, as well as a major embarrassment for all concerned.

You’d think by now, whoever lands the dubious distinction of coming to what is proving to be a “career-ending assignment,” would learn not to trample on the first Amendment (a much-publicized failure to illegally censor on post computers) and have the good sense to avoid “going to war” with this web site. Anyone who does, has lost.

As we have proven time and again on these pages, ‘arrogance and stupidity” by the top brass go hand-in-hand. The pompous asses who think free speech and truth-telling can be suppressed, will find themselves exposed for that they are, in front of 150,000 readers a day and on every U.S. military installation around the world.

[We just won our fight against censorship by the U.S. Marine Corps who “blocked” access to our web site for a few weeks in June. And we published an abject apology from a full colonel at the Pentagon, admitting one of his minions – an idiotic PAO – had committed a “grievous offense” by sending us profanity-laced and threatening e-mails from his work computer.]

To Chilcoat, Scales and Huntoon we say: “The pen is indeed mightier than the sword.”

The late Gen. Peter E. Genovese, honor graduate of the U.S. Army War College and co-founder of, used to tell us how ashamed he was that certain men “unfit to lead a platoon, much less an Army” wore general’s stars.

We are certain he would share our view of some of the below-average “leaders” that Carlisle Barracks has been inflicted with over the past decade.

EDITOR’S NOTE: If any of the persons mentioned above feel we have been unfair or inaccurate in our reporting on their performance of duty, feel free to contact us with a documented rebuttal and we will be glad to publish your side on these pages.

While we are sure you would never extend us that same courtesy, we want to shame you (if possible) by treating you as you should have treated others.



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