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June 12, 2001

We begin this latest edition of the CAPERS on a sad note. COL Joe Bowen, USA (Ret), one of the most decent and honorable officers to serve at the Barracks in recent years, has lost his beloved wife Donna to cancer.

Please keep Joe and his two daughters in your thoughts and prayers. A Vietnam vet and „Mustangš officer, Joe made many friends over the years. His example of leadership and integrity was greatly appreciated by his fellow officers at Carlisle Barracks who experienced some of the dark days of the mid-1990‚s.

May Day used to be a big event in the last century. It was the start of Communism, and from Moscow to Beijing, the Red „bully boysš rattled their sabers and showed off the latest in military hardware.

In the 21st Century, May 1st marked the start of „Capitalismš in a big way at Carlisle Barracks. The old Department of Public Works crew is either gone or re-employed. COL „Bobš and Griffin Associates now man and groom the Post.

Boy what a difference good management makes!

No more civilian employees lounging around the Post Chapel „scarfing upš the „Christian‚sš coffee. No more pigging out on tasty left overs from the weekly Prayer Breakfast or Protestant Women‚s meetings. Now days the workers are out cutting grass, clipping hedges, and trimming sidewalks.

A big and welcome change from the reign of „The Hero of Grenadaš and „Pathetic Bobby.š

One of the most popular of the grounds workers is a certain buxom blonde whose been energetically doing her job „spiffingš up the lawns and clearing trash. Seems this „Barbara Edenš look-alike has not escaped the attention of some Carlisle Barracks wives, and they are NOT happy. Could it be the males on Post are all „looking out the windowš these days instead of at them?

„Chuckie Cheeseš is at it again. Just when he thought our CI‚s were „off the job,š they spot Carlisle Barracks own „war crimesš expert, doing a BIG „no-no.š

On May 30, who do we see but the controversial colonel drive up to a dumpster behind Anne Ely Hall in his brown Ford Ranger pick-up. The soon-to-be-departed disciple of ex-Drug Czar Barry McCaffrey, got out and was seen to toss a couple black garbage bags into the dumpster. Isn‚t that supposed to be illegal? An officer living off post would be cited and fined. „Chuckieš could have just as easily put the stuff in a can in front of his house. But then maybe he didn‚t want the contents traced back to him? Inquiring minds want to know.

Here‚s an interesting item from the Root Hall coffee shop. Prices are up and food portions are down. When you order a sandwich, you get chips and a pickle. Not every customer takes the pickle as they are „an acquired taste.š Some of the customers like them, and ask for two.

Recently a sheepish and embarrassed counter person told one of our many friends on post he could not get a second pickle. Seems someone had RATTED on her to the club office the last time she passed out a second pickle and her job was on the line.

What‚s the definition of a LOSER? Could it be a West Point grad with nearly 28 years of commissioned service who is STILL a lieutenant colonel?

Our sources tell us a certain foul-mouthed, alcoholic bully who fits that description is seeking an „extensionš on his tour of active duty. We hear he has hardly impressed the commandant with his „expertiseš and we would be VERY surprised if this field-grade succeeded where others (in recent times) have failed.

Every „electionš is important, whether it is for President of the United States or just a local battle, like the up-coming re-run of the AFGE contest.

Potential voters who value honesty and integrity would be well-advised to look hard at a certain pear-shaped „politicianš running for union office. They should ask themselves: „Can I trust this guy not to sell out the membership to his management buddies?š

We are confident that the AFGE members will make the right choice. What goes around, comes around.

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