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July 11, 2001

"Chuckie Cheese," Carlisle Barrack's resident "expert" on WAR CRIMES in the Gulf, recently got a "print" from his equally-disliked colleague, a certain "ring-knocker" who never made it past LTC during almost three decades of military "service."

Seems attendance at the "ceremony" was very small indeed.

"No one was surprised," says one of our top CI's. "We knew it was just two LOSERS scratching each other's backs. We treated it as the FARCE is really was."

At the "official" retirement ceremony, the fact that a certain two-star was NOT there, wasn't lost on the on-lookers. A general from off-post was brought in to do the "honors."

Speaking of POOR ATTENDANCE, a retirement dinner at the Market Garden Pub for another failed "field-grade," an undistinguished LOSER with a West Point ring, had to be SCRUBBED when there were NO TAKERS'' for the $14 tickets.

The event was re-scheduled for a lunch and one of the few people planning to attend told us she was thinking of going "just to make sure that creep is really leaving."

Officers with leadership capabilities know that any idiot can instill FEAR in his troops or civilian workers. Respect must be EARNED, and so when these ciphers "retire," they find out how hated they really are.

The news isn't good for "the Chameleon." You remember him, the retired full bull with the Hitler mustache and the oh-so "distingushed" combat record in Vietnam?

Even those who hold him in contempt are concerned about his poor health, which is obvious to anyone who hasn't seen him in a while. We hope he gets better soon and is around a long time to recall all the "honorable" things he did while wearing the uniform.

Maybe Carlisle Barrack's own PEE-WEE HERMAN can visit and "commiserate" with him. They do have a lot in common. Like conspiring to destroy an honest officer's career.

URGENT WARNING to all Griffin contract employees on Post. Beware of all the UNION "organizing" talk you hear from a certain former federal worker driving around post in a big white government truck.

This unsupervised pear-shaped "politician" MAY be a well-rewarded management snitch. AFGE conducted an organizing campaign on post last year among office and clerical workers in the Garrison and War College.

Sources tell us an AFGE official "betrayed" leaders of the organizing committee to the "big boss." These GULLIBLE government workers experienced RETALIATION in the form of hefty suspensions, bad ratings, written reprimands and position elimination.

NEWS FROM THE FIRE HOUSE - Seems the garrison commander has decided to eliminate the recently approved "over-hire" position among the firemen. It was HOPED that this additional slot would eliminate overtime in the department, but it did not! Looks like the unsuccessful fireman will now bounce towards the imperiled Computer Information Office in the War College. Let's hope he knows how to "spell and type."

On an UPBEAT note - (CB's excellent fire department) - Chief Wolfe and his hardy band enjoy the services of (GT), a 35 year-old volunteer fireman from off-post. Besides building morale among the company, this beloved fellow checks the lockers to account for equipment and looks after the fire trucks. When called upon, he can even fill in for the chief! His uniform and appearance present a standard of EXCELLENCE for other members of the company.

Our CI's report disquieting news from Dunham Clinic. Short staffing, long shifts, and manic military management have begun to take its toll among the dedicated nursing staff. These fine ladies deserve REWARDS and ACCOLADES for their great diligence and life-saving skills. More than one officer owes his life and good health to the fact that a nurse made a referral to Walter Reed when a "shadow" appeared on a routine X-ray. Would you believe that the best and brightest of these nurses have "NEEDS IMPROVEMENT" ratings in their personnel files, allegedly because of an "out-of-control" VINDICTIVE military supervisor who was once their BOSS?

"A former clinic commander may have reassigned the nurses out of this RAT's reach," a CI told us, "but GS and the brass have yet to pull their career-damaging ratings out of the these womens' files."

GOOD QUESTION: Where are the people from New Cumberland (when you need them) who promised HELP in return for the $10 per payday the nurses ante up in dues?

This year the Command finally got it right for the Appreciation Day Picnic. Federal workers were not marched back to the work site with beer on their breath by "clock-watching" supervisors. The food was great and the pool was inviting.

Kim Gardner and the Sports Staff did a magnificent job with the food and drinks. MG Ivany and wife displayed "real class" and a GENUINE recognition and appreciation of the work force. Some different from those phonies, "the Hero of Grenada" and "Pathetic Bobby."

LTC Tom Smith, the best garrison commander in years - (past commanders have been either off-their-nut "screamers" or skirt-chasing egomaniacs) - welcomed the Griffin Service Workers for the first time in Post history.

Even Gregg Thompson, the popular former "town kid" who spent his entire youth and adolescence successfully pretending to be a "Post Toastie" was there. This guy is so talented they should have snared him for the role in the movie THE GREAT IMPOSTER and not "pretty-boy" Tony Curtis. Anyway, Gregg likes to hang out with the military brats at the Barracks and takes part in the Youth Services program. Quite a guy!

MYSTERY QUESTION OF THE MONTH: What well-liked former MHI Director is now happily married to a GORGEOUS German fraulein? This blonde, blue-eyed venus is a big improvement over the previous "missus," who we hear, took a sledge-hammer to the colonel's house in a fit of rage. It cost thousands of dollars to repair the damage and get the house sold.

Anyway, the colonel is content these days, and deservedly so. Our only regret is that this highly-decorated "full-bull" didn't "CAN" a certain punk LTC who worked for him while he had the chance.

This deceitful light colonel, who, we are told, when DRUNK at the club used to boast of "nuking people," had a very undistinguished "career." Not any surprise to those in the know, since paper-pushing desk jockeys and boot-licking sycophants rarely win combat decorations.

Should we spoil the fun and "let the cat out of the bag" that this retired officer has a VERY unpleasant SURPRISE coming in the form of certain legal documents? What did old Satchel Paige say? "You can run, but you can't hide." Watch out, you may get the RUG pulled out from under you.

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