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“There is absolute panic at Carlisle Barracks,” reported a deep-cover CI (confidential informant) to us over the weekend.

“When your OPEN LETTER hit on Friday morning [August 22], it might as well have been a megaton bomb!

“Even though there is a [ILLEGAL] ban on the site, and people have been warned to not even attempt to access it – told if they are ‘caught’ they will be ‘punished’ – clever military and civilian workers still found ways to distribute the article anyway.

“By the end of the day, the whole post was buzzing about the contents. Workers were actually taking bets on when the PAO and the “particularly loathed” chief of staff would be fired by Gen. Huntoon.


“Colpo can’t get out of this,” said a female worker in Collins Hall. “MAJ MacDonald nailed him right to the wall.

The colonel comes off as the jerk he really is. He can’t ‘spin’ what was said. It’s all on the tape.”

LTC Merideth Bucher came in for her share of criticism, as well. “How could she be so stupid?” said a retired officer who lives in Carlisle. “She totally blew that major off. The sheer arrogance of her words sends a chill down my spine.”

We love it! Both these bullies were “caught on tape.” We hope that Gen. David Huntoon, new commandant at Carlisle Barracks will invite Colpo and his pal Bucher into his office to “listen” to the tape and then “explain themselves.”

As for the DA-IG investigation, it’s a slam-dunk.


We never thought we’d ever say this to the likes of Mike (NO COMBAT) Colpo and his obnoxious PAO sidekick, but here it is anyway: THANK YOU!

Friday, August 22, we [] broke all our records for daily total number of “unique page views” (that’s HITS for you non-computer geeks), as we topped our old high total by more than 10,000 visitors!

The “numbers” started out normally for a weekday, but quickly mounted from all over CONUS and even overseas, as the hours went on. By noon, here in Phoenix, three hours later back at Carlisle Barracks, we saw an unmistakable trend. In one hour alone, more than a thousand .mil and civilian viewers had logged on.

It continued at this pace, snowballing over the weekend. By the end of Monday, we predict another record will be surpassed. We did one national radio interview program Thursday night [on the Col. Shue murder case] and another Saturday on the battle for FREEDOM OF SPEECH and the PRESS at Carlisle Barracks.

Ironically, thanks to the HILLARY CLINTON CLONE and Mike (NO COMBAT) Colpo, thousands more service-members and aroused citizens have discovered We’re sure that was NOT those two’s intention, but “thanks anyway, guys.”


“I graduated from West Point, Class of 1984, and I thank you sir, for your service in Vietnam,” said Jim [last name deleted by MCC] “Also, for pointing out the vast majority of West Pointers do not evade or avoid combat. The colonel you wrote about is, in my opinion, a disgrace to the Infantry and the U.S. Army.”

“Haven’t laughed so much in a long time,” wrote Ralph, a retired Air Force officer from California. “Is this guy [Mike (NO COMBAT) Colpo] for real? How dumb can you get? You told him he was ‘on tape!’ Guess it just didn’t register. He was too busy ‘having a cow,’ while you stood up to his bullying.”

“WHERE DO THEY [Carlisle Barracks leadership] GET OFF WIPING THEIR FEET ON THE FIRST AMENDMENT?” complained Phil, a disabled veteran from Little Rock, Ark. “I HOPE YOU SUE THE ARMY AND GET MILLIONS!”

“The sad thing is, this isn’t ‘satire’ or ‘fiction.’ It’s real. There are two officers in the Army I know who need to ‘hit the bricks’ right now and find a real job at the low level of their abilities,” said a Marine vet from Beaufort S.C.

“If the commandant at Carlisle Barracks keeps this guy [Mike (NO COMBAT) Colpo] around after all this, maybe Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld will be picking up the phone from the Pentagon to give some urgent ‘advice,’” said Mike from Phoenix, AZ.

Yvonne, a former Air Force officer from California told us: “ . . . if Bucher graduated from DINFOS, they need to revoke her diploma. Women like her give the rest of us a bad name!”

“How the hell does a West Pointer, Infantry no less, stay stateside for 25 years?” wondered Bill, a NCO at Camp Pendleton. “Maybe he [Mike (NO COMBAT) Colpo] has a set of well-worn kneepads deep in his closet.”

“At first, I laughed at your clever writing style, but soon my good humor turned to absolute disgust that such a man, who graduated from The Point, could rise to the rank of colonel in the U.S. Army without him being found out. This guy [Mike (NO COMBAT) Colpo] needs to get some anger counseling, right away!” said Fred, a Vietnam vet from Illinois.

We could go on and on, but you get a picture of the incredible reaction we [] got and are still receiving. A heartfelt THANK YOU to all those whom we didn’t have time to acknowledge.


The trouble at Carlisle Barracks is just beginning. Evidence is being gathered, quietly and effectively. We know – but are not telling – what’s in the offing. Let’s just say it will easily equal or surpass the headlines of March 2002 [Bartlett murder case – LTC hubby kills wife when she catches him ogling child porn on a computer in his quarters] and make “lead story” on all the newspapers and TV newscasts. Yes, we mean you WHP-TV and WGAL.

“A lawsuit over this blatant First Amendment violation (banning of MCC) is the least of their problems,” a worker in Root Hall said. “Lots of things have been covered up and now it’s going to break wide open!”

At first, we at could only hope that a few officers might get a reprimand or relieved of duty, “for cause.” But from the shocking reports we have received over the weekend – our open appeal for help was VERY effective – at least one officer, before this is over, could find his next address the Leavenworth DB.


By all reports, Gen. David Huntoon is a good and decent man. And he doesn’t deserve such “bad luck” as to walk right into a massive cow-flap. But he has!

Maybe he should look on the bright side. He’s finding out “early-on” who the “trouble-makers” are, so he can start planning their replacements.

Did you know, sir, that we were told by someone very deep cover (CI on post) that the two e-mail messages we sent you were intercepted before you could see them? By none other than your hair-trigger tempered chief of staff!

We hope that is incorrect, because if that’s true, Mike (NO COMBAT) Colpo may have to “pack his bags” sooner than anyone expected. And we DO want him to stay around for a little while longer. He’s just great for circulation!

[EDITOR’S NOTE TO OUR READERS: We apologize, but the regular CARLISLE BARRACKS CAPERS, meant to run today, has been held up because of fast-breaking events. Those who love to read about BIG MAMA and DICKIE WIGGLEBOTTOM will have to be patient. Thank you.]

TO ALL CI’S ON CARLISLE BARRACKS, THE PENTAGON AND THROUGHOUT THE ARMY: Thank you so much, for your excellent input in the past 72 hours. It will take a while to ‘sift through” all the INTEL reports, but we urge you to continue to send us anything you know about the abrasive PAO and her embattled enabler that you think we would find interesting. Identities are kept confidential, on request, and all messages will be answered as soon as humanly possible.

An open letter to readers of Carlisle Barracks Capers



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