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The Bradley estate scandal is just the latest in a long line of embarrassing events to plague the Pennsylvania military installation.

Regular readers of are well aware of a whole series of incidents that have brought once-respected Carlisle Barracks bad publicity and damaged its reputation throughout the U.S. Army.

Sooner or later, the top brass at the Pentagon are going to have to stop being self-indulgent. Just because a commandant may wear a West Point ring, is not sufficient reason to “look the other way” while criminality is condoned. Or even “incompetence.”

In the case of the missing handgun and the horrible treatment of a sick, elderly man, fighting to recover his most cherished possession, the obvious stalling tactics and lack of respect for Charles Honeycutt, the late Gen. Omar Bradley’s longtime aide, is especially reprehensible.

But observers on the ground at Carlisle Barracks tell us they are not surprised at what has happened. And neither are we.

For readers who aren’t familiar with what’s been going on at the Barracks in recent years, perhaps we should list just a few of the scandals and incidents which have occurred there.

LTC MURDERS WIFE – A light colonel on the War College staff brutally kills his wife after she catches him ogling child porn on a computer in his quarters on post. He hides her battered and bloody body and only admits later to the vicious slaying.

Last year, when we confronted COL Mike “NO COMBAT” Colpo, Carlisle Barracks chief of staff, with the fact that pornography was still available on post computers in the wake of the woman’s tragic death, the obnoxious officer screamed: “THAT’S NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS!” during a legally tape- recorded phone call.

COLONEL ARRESTED – The married director of the Army Heritage and Education Center at Carlisle Barracks is arrested and charged with assault on his “girlfriend” after she tells off-post police that the colonel has thrown her to the ground, grabbed her by the throat, and threatened to “kill” her and her dog!

We publish an exclusive interview with another of the officer’s alleged “girlfriends” in which she describes his “bizarre” sexual practices and reveals he has violated security by “advertising” himself in “swinger magazines” looking for “sex partners,” billing himself – incredibly – as a “high-ranking officer.”

To the chagrin of female workers on post, the Carlisle Barracks “leadership” allows the favored colonel, upon his release from civilian police custody, to come back to work as if nothing had happened! An alleged attempt by the Command to “protect” the colonel is derailed after MCC makes the move public.

DRUNKEN LTC ESCAPES PUNISHMENT – A West Point graduate and key officer on post, is caught in town by Carlisle Police “driving under the influence” with his pickup truck’s headlights off after dark. Turned over to the military police, the belligerent “brass hat” is “protected” by the then-commandant, (no stranger to the grape, himself), who not only fails to discipline the light colonel, but gives the “ring-knocker” a “job promotion,” destroying morale among underlings in the light colonel’s workplace.

CONDUCT UNBECOMING – The above-mentioned “then-commandant” throws a violent temper tantrum, kicking doors and shouting filthy obscenities in front of female personnel. A courageous male civilian worker files a “violence in the workplace” complaint on the general, and for his trouble, is transferred to Europe.

ABUSE OF FEMALE WORKERS – A longtime, highly-respected female civilian worker on post feels ill in her office and goes to her supervisor to ask permission to go home. “What’s the matter? Do you have AIDS?” snaps the insolent and insensitive boss. The worker is outraged and complains to the colonel in charge. The incident is “shoved under the rug” and no corrective action taken.

COVER-UP AND RETALIATION – A middle-aged female worker inadvertently opens a door to an office and “walks in on” a retired colonel in a sexual act with a civilian worker. The female, even though she quickly closes the door and – terribly frightened – rushes back to her office, is soon forced out of her job and leaves Carlisle Barracks in disgust.

GESTAPO TACTICS – A suspected CI (confidential informant) for is hauled into garrison headquarters for a Nazi-like interrogation. “If you just confess and give us the names of other CI’s on post, we’ll let you keep your job here, you’re only one year from retirement,” the bully boys promise. The handicapped worker caves in, then is shocked when he’s led off-post in handcuffs and kicked out the back gate.

DOUBLE-STANDARDS – The Carlisle Barracks Command indulgently “looks the other way” as a flat-chested, man-hating, lesbian officer (who is the mirror-image of Don Knotts) brings her “live-in” female lover along with her to official functions. Would a “gay” male officer get away with the same thing?

FAVORITISM IN THE OFFICE – A colonel in Root Hall at Carlisle Barracks manages to get his civilian secretary “girlfriend” promoted well beyond her ability level. This, in gratitude for her skill at “imitating” Monica Lewinsky’s best-known sexual performance. He’s even spotted on one occasion receiving his secretary’s “favors” while trying to steer his automobile!

LET HER GO! A protected female enlisted “sting-artist” at Carlisle Barracks, who falsely accuses several (targeted) field-grade officers of “sexual harassment,” is caught speeding on post in an area where small children play. The arrogant liar announces her special relationship with the PMO shop, so the military police let her go without a ticket. She later falsely accuses a USAR officer of “sexual harassment” and he commits suicide with a bullet to the brain.

PROTECTING A TOP CIVILIAN – The highest-ranking civilian on post is “protected” by his hypocritical commandant boss, despite a series of legitimate complaints over several years by genuinely “sexually harassed” female workers on post. One commandant offers $50,000 in hush money to one of the aggrieved females if she will withdraw her charges and “go away.” She refuses, and wins a lawsuit in federal court, Harrisburg, Pa.

“THESE ARE FOR YOU, BOBBY!” – Another past commandant with an alleged propensity to drink large amounts of wine and other booze, is embarrassed by the drunken antics of his chief-of-staff’s wife. She dances lewdly at the officer’s club, peeling off her panties at one point, and “inscribing them” to the foul-mouthed, “pumpkin-headed” general.

RACIST REMARKS TOLERATED – A “fair-haired boy” major with many connections on post screams at an African-American security guard: “I’ll break off your finger and shove it up your ass sideways!” No disciplinary action is taken by the Command.

This is the same favored officer who gets away with allegedly harassing the top-ranking female on post, forcing her to complain to chief-of-staff, COL Mike “NO COMBAT” Colpo. The distraught female says “no help was forthcoming,” so she quits her job in disgust.

CORRUPT PROVOST MARSHALS – PMO’s that act more like “mob enforcers” than officers of the law. It’s so easy to “curry favor” with the commandant by framing officers “out of favor,” or “looking the other way” when “connected cronies” of the Command do something wrong.

TOP OFFICER A “SEXUAL PREDATOR” – A former garrison commander who repeatedly “comes on” to Caucasian women in the Carlisle Barracks commissary. This married officer is later promoted to full colonel. He lasciviously asks one of his female victims: “Have you ever been with a black man?” He doesn’t mean in church!

DIRTY PICTURES – A male enlisted soldier on Carlisle Barracks sends e-mail photos of his genitals to underage girls in Carlisle, Pa. An angry mom confronts a top officer on the Army post who “promises” action, then fails to deliver. The incriminating pix get “buried” in an office desk drawer.

TWO AT A TIME – A female military policewoman “services” two of her colleagues, one on each end, in the barracks in the middle of the day. Warned not to have sex with her fellow officers, she does anyway. The “punishment?” The loss of one stripe and a slap-on-the-wrist transfer to another work section on Carlisle Barracks.

WEARING HUBBY’S RANK – Wives of high-ranking officers on Carlisle Barracks, maybe even the commandant’s frau herself, know they have nothing to fear if stopped while driving on post. From traffic infractions to driving under the influence, not to worry. The military police enlisted members know who to ticket, and who not to!

TOLERATING THEFT OF GOVT. PROPERTY – A certain retired officer makes many trips back and forth to the trunk of his car, backed up close to the freight elevator of Building 22. Are those boxes of donated books (and thus, government property) being smuggled out the gate? Could it be the valuable volumes are “for sale,” and personal profit, and if so, is the “income” being reported to the IRS? If other workers know about it, why doesn’t the Command? Maybe they do. But if that’s the case, why do they tolerate it?

“BETWEEN A ROCK AND HARD PLACE” – The treasured, and very valuable hand gun of Gen. Omar Bradley’s former aide is alleged to have been illegally taken out of California by a representative of Carlisle Barracks.

When the rightful owner complains to the post JAG, he gets “double-talk” and a “run-around.” No one wants to admit anything! What the heck, the complainant is elderly and sick. Maybe he’ll die, and the “problem” will go away.

Ah, but what if he doesn’t croak soon? What if the mainstream media gets hold of this? What if the gun has already been fenced? What a mess! If that’s the case, and we can’t be sure at this point, some very powerful people could be going to prison. Too bad!


Probably the best way the “clear the air” and put a stop to the type of situations we listed above – and that is just a sample of what goes on at Carlisle Barracks – is for the Pentagon to conduct a top-to-bottom probe of the management there.

We are sure our old friend, the troubled commandant, Maj. Gen. David Huntoon, can stand the scrutiny – that is, if everything is on the up and up. Perish the thought that it might not be! We are looking forward to “dancing in the streets” when Huntoon is cleared in any possible probe.

Of course the investigation will need to be a genuine one. We are sure the good general would not want a “cover-up” engineered any more than we would.

So how about it, Donald Rumsfeld? Are you going to get out the shovel and send your investigators up to Carlisle? While we know that “the buck stops here” and there’s such a thing as “command responsibility,” please don’t fire Gen. Huntoon. We’d really miss him if you did. He’s great for circulation!

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