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A longtime aide and close confidant of the late Gen. Omar N. Bradley is seeking a Department of Defense IG (Inspector General) investigation of the top leadership at the Army’s Carlisle Barracks in Pennsylvania.

Charles Honeycutt of Desert Hot Springs, Calif., tells in an exclusive, copyrighted interview, that he is “shocked and dismayed” that a valuable, limited-edition .45 caliber pistol, given him by the late general’s widow, is missing from the Bradley home in nearby Rancho Mirage.

“I have filed a stolen weapon report with the California Attorney General’s Office,” Honeycutt told an MCC investigator. “I have reason to believe the pistol – a priceless collector’s item – was taken, against my express instructions, by a representative of the Army Military History Institute/Army Heritage and Education Center at Carlisle Barracks.

“Transport of a stolen handgun across state lines is a very serious offense,” Honeycutt said. “If my property has been sold, disposed of, or passed on to another person, I will explore every avenue to see to it that those responsible for this crime be severely punished.”

The former aide said he was warned of the theft by the Bradley family maid, who told him the weapon – carefully preserved in a glass display case – had been removed by an Army official from the Bradley residence on or about August 5, 2004.


“I emphatically told Dr. Conrad Crane (director of MHI/AHEC and a retired Army colonel) that neither he, nor any of his people – then in California to take possession of articles in the Bradley estate left to the Army under terms of the late Kitty Bradley’s will – must not, repeat not remove my handgun from the premises.”

Honeycutt, in front of a witness and Bradley family member, told Crane: “I have full documentation to prove my ownership of the pistol.”

[A investigator interviewed the family member in California and confirmed Honeycutt’s account of the reported conversation.

In addition, we have in our files, a copy of the Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms document – ATF F-4473, dated 23 Oct. 2001 – verifying the former aide’s ownership of the handgun.

And we also have a copy of the “stolen weapon report” Honeycutt filed with the California Attorney General’s Office on November 20, 2004.]

“I never dreamed they (Carlisle Barracks officials) would so arrogantly take the gun, anyway!” Honeycutt declared. “They were obviously greedy for valuable holdings – even that to which they were not entitled under Mrs. Bradley’s will.”


To add insult to injury, the Bradley aide said he had been unsuccessful in getting Carlisle Barracks to even admit they had the weapon, much less have them return the gun to it’s rightful owner.

“All I’ve been getting is the run-around,” Honeycutt complained. “It’s been more than a month since I told them I wanted the gun back, and all I’ve gotten so far is their stalling tactics.” has legally obtained a complete file of the e-mail correspondence between Honeycutt and the Carlisle Barracks post judge advocate, MAJ Kateni T. Leakehe.

Its contents are most revealing.

(HONEYCUTT) – October 31, 2004 – “Did AHEC or MHI take my Colt .45? Conrad Crane, acting as personal representative of the chief of staff was informed not to inventory the Colt .45, as it is my personal property . . . I expect an immediate reply to this question.”

[Regular readers of this web page and the ever-popular CARLISLE BARRACKS CAPERS, will recognize the above-mentioned chief of staff as none other than COL Mike “NO COMBAT” Colpo.]

(LEAKEHE) – November 1, 2004 – “I will be in touch with Dr. Crane and discuss this issue, then I will get back to you.”

After hours went by, with no further word from Carlisle Barracks, an anxious Honeycutt e-mailed the JAG officer again.

(HONEYCUTT) – November 1, 2004 – “By now, you have had more than ample time to discuss the situation with Conrad Crane. Does AHEC or MHI have my weapon? Time is of the essence."

(LEAKEHE) – November 2, 2004 – “Dr. Crane is on TDY until Nov. 15. I will discuss this with him when he gets back. I have sent a copy of your e-mail to the director of AHEC. When I have more information, I will let you know.”

Honeycutt’s frustration grew. Sensing he was being “stonewalled,” the former Bradley aide fired back.

(HONEYCUTT) – November 3, 2004 – “I will file a report of a missing weapon . . . “

(LEAKEHE) – November 3, 2004 – “I can’t stop you. It’s your right. I do not have any new information because Dr. Crane is on TDY until Oct. 15.”

[No, that’s not a “typo,” folks. MAJ Leakehe wrote that Crane was on “TDY” until October. But he wrote this in November. We wonder why?]

After sixteen long days – from Oct. 31, when Honeycutt first contacted Carlisle Barracks about the handgun, until Nov. 15 when he was told Dr. Crane would be “back” from “TDY” – he sent an urgent e-mail message to the major.

(HONEYCUTT) – November 15, 2004 – “Have you been in contact with Dr. Crane to find out the status of my weapon?”

But the cryptic JAG officer “had a new dodge,” according to the angered former Bradley aide. “All I got back was a one-line question!”

(LEAKEHE) – November 16, 2004 – “Do you have the serial number of the weapon?”

(HONEYCUTT) – November 16, 2004 – “Yes! I have the serial number. You can verify all information with Mr. L --- (the Bradley will co-executor’s name is deleted by MCC at our discretion). He has all the information relating to the weapon and has informed me he would discuss it with you.”

If Honeycutt thought that at last the Carlisle Barracks post judge advocate was going to provide him with any answers, he was quickly disappointed.

(LEAKEHE) – November 16, 2004 – “Have him forward the serial number to Dr. Crane.”

Honeycutt tells the November 16 e-mail from MAJ Leakehe, that you see above, was the last communication he has received from any official at Carlisle Barracks!

“The silence has been deafening,” Honeycutt told our investigator.


Why the failure to even acknowledge possession of the handgun, when the Bradley family maid definitively identified “Carlisle Barracks officials” as removing the weapon – against Honeycutt’s specific orders – from the home in California?

Honeycutt has his own theory.

“I don’t know where the pistol is, but it’s clear to me that Carlisle Barracks has not been forthcoming with information regarding my weapon. And I want to know why!”

When asked to elaborate on his suspicions, the longtime Gen. Bradley confidant said he feared the valuable gun – especially attractive to wealthy “collectors,” who might not ask too many questions about who or how it was being offered them – may have bought the pistol to “privately” show it off to fellow well-heeled cronies.


“I can’t begin to describe the pain this ordeal has put me through,” Honeycutt said. “I treasured that handgun. It was issued in Gen. Bradley’s name and presented me by his widow. I would never part with it for any amount of money, and now it’s gone!”

Honeycutt, a man in his late 60’s, with a history of serious health problems, said his treatment by Carlisle Barracks officials had caused him great emotional grief.

“Gen. Bradley would be spinning in his grave to know what has happened here. This is an utter disgrace!”
Former Army major and physician, Dr. Barry Buhler, the late Gen. Bradley’s nephew, said if it turned out Carlisle Barracks was involved with the gun’s disappearance, it would be one of the most “dishonorable” things he has ever heard of.

“I hope whoever is responsible for this is brought to justice,” Buhler said.


“I should have known something was amiss when (Dr.) Crane arrived in California shortly after Mrs. Bradley passed away,” Honeycutt recalled. “He identified himself as a ‘co-executor’ of Kitty’s will. I thought that was strange on the face of it, as I was not sure he could legally function in that role because of his Army connection. So I asked him for his papers.”

“I don’t have them right now,” Crane reportedly replied. “I’m waiting for them to be sent out here.”

Honeycutt told a investigator the documents never arrived. Meanwhile, Crane was in charge of taking inventory of Bradley’s possessions, scattered throughout the late general’s home in Rancho Mirage.

“On March 22 – six weeks after Crane arrived – I was at the Riverside County Probate Court to look over some of Mrs. Bradley’s papers. And what did I find, but a declination form signed (on Feb. 19, 2004) by Conrad Crane!

“Why didn’t he tell me he’d done that? He had plenty of opportunity to do so. Crane never mentioned it to me at all,” Honeycutt said.

“Was something going on behind my back?”


“I received reports that (several individuals) caused a disturbance at Mrs. Bradley’s bedside at the Eisenhower Medical Center not long before her death,” Honeycutt said.

[ chooses not to identify the several individuals at this time, for legal reasons.]

“I was told they got Kitty to ‘sign’ certain codicils to her will, even though she was very ill and probably not in full possession of her faculties.”

When MCC interviewed Dr. Gloria Engel, who attended Mrs. Bradley in her final illness, we were told it was that physician’s professional opinion that Kitty Bradley “was not lucid enough to realize what she was signing.”

In the course of our interview with the doctor, we learned that none other than Gen. David Huntoon, commandant of Carlisle Barracks and a key player in obtaining estate holdings for the Omar Bradley foundation, had telephoned the attending physician, ostensibly to talk about “funeral arrangements.”

“That set off a warning bell in my head,” Honeycutt said. “Why would a major general have any reason to contact Mrs. Bradley’s physician about “funeral arrangements” when he knew that I was Gen. Bradley’s aide, had served Mrs. Bradley in that capacity for years, and was well able to handle those details?

[EDITOR’S NOTE: Honeycutt was the person that indeed handled all the funeral arrangements of Kitty Bradley, has confirmed.]


An odd incident at Mrs. Bradley’s funeral caused Honeycutt to have some more concern.

“The general shocked me when he approached me there and said, out of the blue: “You and I need to talk – one on one!” Then he turned and quickly walked away.

“I waited for him to follow through, both at the reception after the graveside service at Arlington National Cemetery and later on, but he must’ve had second thoughts, because he didn’t say anything more. In fact, he hasn’t contacted me since! I wonder why he felt it was necessary to talk to me in such a manner?”


Honeycutt also related a strange incident when he was a visitor at Carlisle Barracks during the summer of 2004.

“There’s a room in Upton Hall on Carlisle Barracks that houses a display and exhibit of Gen. Bradley’s memorabilia under the auspices of the Omar Bradley Foundation.

“When I arrived and walked into the room, I was stunned at what I saw! The walls were practically bare! I couldn’t understand where all the valuable artifacts, documents, medals, etc. had gone.

“Thinking that maybe they might be in the course of transit to the new Army Heritage and Education Center nearby, I asked a flustered major in the building what happened. He blurted out the material was ‘gone” because the Secret Service needed the room to set up their headquarters for the visit of President George Bush.

“I accepted his explanation at the time, but later wondered why would the Secret Service need to have a ‘headquarters’ in a building away from where the President was to speak? Bush’s appearance was at the Jim Thorpe Gym, where there was plenty of office space for the Secret Service there.

“Surely the Secret Service would want to operate at closer quarters than those available at Upton Hall! And what’s more, the room where the Bradley memorabilia had been displayed didn’t even face in the right direction for a direct line of sight with the gym! That would be essential to any security-type headquarters.

I still wonder to this day, what happened to the Bradley displays that had been in that exhibit room?


What lies in store for the embattled “leadership” at Carlisle Barracks? [See our sidebar story for a list of the many scandals and “cover-ups” at that installation in recent years.]

“Nothing but trouble,” said a deep cover source at the Pennsylvania Army post.

“We are developing information regarding the possible looting of valuable books, donated to MHI by widows of Army generals and colonels. This may have been taking place as far back as 1996.”

The source, plus another individual “in the know,” are primary candidates to be interviewed by appropriate civilian police investigators. Every effort to avoid a “cover-up” by the military will be taken so that the truth will be known.

According to the intelligence report, top-condition and very valuable “collector’s item” books may have been “skimmed off the top” from these donations and sold for personal profit at an off-post Carlisle, Pa. “outlet.”

The individual alleged to have done it will not be identified on these pages for obvious reasons, but we hear his name is going to be provided to the proper authorities.


The stakes are very high. If it can be proven that Honeycutt’s weapon was illegally taken, transported across state lines (a federal offense), and disposed of for cash or other considerations by personnel associated with Carlisle Barracks, the military prison at Leavenworth, Kan. will be getting some new “inmates.”

And this time, rank will not make any difference as to who gets “sent away.”

Certainly we at hope there is some sort of plausible “explanation” as to what happened to Honeycutt’s prized handgun, and who is responsible.

We do not wish to cast aspersions as to the possible guilt of any prominent figures mentioned in our article here. In fact, in the spirit of fairness, we wish to inform the troubled GEN. David Huntoon; his right-hand man, chief-of-staff COL Mike “NO COMBAT” Colpo; Dr. Conrad Crane; the post judge advocate, MAJ Kateni Leakehe; and any other principals in the case, full opportunity to present their side of this controversy on the pages of this web site.

MCC promises the above individuals – even “fast-track, former Pentagon flack,” public information officer, LTC Merideth “Bumbling” Bucher – that we will not “edit” or “censor” any of their remarks – unlike the ill-fated attempt by Carlisle Barracks “brass” to shut off access to on post computers back in 2003.

That bare-knuckled assault on the First Amendment to the Constitution and the right to freedom of the press, “backfired” on the perpetrators when MCC prevailed and won national publicity and thousands of new readers in the process.


Among the Army “top brass” from Carlisle Barracks, who was initially involved in coordinating acquisition of the Bradley holdings, was former AHEC Director, COL Alan Cate.

We did not include COL Cate in our investigative article here because, several month ago – as regular readers of and CARLISLE BARRACKS CAPERS already know – the unfortunate colonel was arrested by local civilian police who charged him with making a physical assault on one of his “girlfriends.”

It seems the married field-grade officer and prominent figure among the Carlisle Barracks “inner circle,” allegedly threw the terrified woman to the ground during an off-post quarrel, and – with his hands around her throat – threatened to “kill” the lady friend and her dog.

The victim was able to break away and run to a pay phone where she called the police. The final result of the embarrassing scandal was the colonel put in his “retirement papers” and quietly left the Army, his pension intact.

However, he didn’t depart before scored a journalistic exclusive, running an interview with one of Cate’s alleged “girlfriends,” in which she described the colonel’s bizarre “love-making desires” and said he’d “advertised” for “sex partners” in “swinger publications,” incredibly – and in a gross violation of his military security clearance – billing himself as a “high-ranking officer.”

The ex-gal pal described the colonel’s “less than adequate” anatomical attributes and said Cate was so randy and “ready for “action,” he was already nude and “jumped her” as she entered the front door of his house.

When the embattled colonel was inexplicably allowed to return to work after his arrest (why was that, Gen. Huntoon?) – and female workers at Carlisle Barracks contacted us with their deep concerns about Cate’s continued presence on post – we were told by our confidential informants at the once-respected Army installation that an alleged attempt by his pals in the Command to “protect” the colonel was reluctantly abandoned as “unfeasible.” It was just too big a “pile” for them to clean up!


To aid in locating the Colt .45, we are publishing its serial number and asking any of our readers who have knowledge of its whereabouts, or what might have happened to it, to contact us at once at Your identity will be kept strictly confidential and we will immediately notify the proper law enforcement authorities with any information.

Here is the serial number of the weapon:

Serial # 2797794 Colt Model # 1911A1

We ask our many readers in central Pennsylvania, especially licensed gun dealers in the Harrisburg-Carlisle area, to be “on the lookout” for the above-mentioned Colt .45.

Post its serial number in a prominent location in your place of business, so your customers can easily see it.

Please check with your friends as well as gun collectors in the area. is offering a CA$H REWARD to any person who provides us with information that leads to the arrest, conviction and incarceration (in a military prison) of those responsible for the weapon’s apparent theft.


At press time, we received further information that causes us great concern about the safety and security of some of the national treasures entrusted to MHI/AHEC by various donors, most notably the late widow of Gen. Omar N. Bradley.

Another deep-cover source – a Command-sanctioned “witch hunt” earlier this year impacted our ranks – reveals to one of our MCC investigators that, facing an unexpected demand for an “accounting” of the Bradley donations already at Carlisle Barracks, was “a very serious concern.”

“They were absolutely terrified the old gal might get on the phone and demand a full accounting of all the stuff that had been sent out here,” the source said.” She was plenty tough, and if any improprieties had been discovered, Mrs. Bradley would have shifted beneficiary of her will from Carlisle Barracks to UCLA in a heartbeat. The Command knew that.”

“Well, were there any improprieties?” the investigator asked.

“Let’s just say some stuff may have already have gone out the back door. At any rate, if she’d gotten mad, it would have been devastating to the Command. They’d be in a panic!”

“Do you know of any stuff that might have been sold off or stolen?” our investigator wondered.

The source only smiled, then said: “If Mrs. Bradley demanded they account for everything, it’s my opinion there’s no way they could have complied with that.”

Well, whatever the case may be, we at – with all deference to Charles Honeycutt, the Bradley family members, and any law enforcement agency or Congressional committee that may wish to look into this matter – hereby put Gen. David Huntoon and his minions on notice that he is to make public a full accounting of every item from the Bradley estate as well as the materials sent to Carlisle Barracks over the years by Mrs. Kitty Bradley. Without undue delay.

Also we demand he direct his post judge advocate to apologize to Mr. Charles Honeycutt and order MAJ Leakehe to provide the former Gen. Bradley aide with direct answers to his questions about disposition of Honeycutt’s Colt .45. The days of “stonewalling” and disrespect exhibited towards this fine gentleman are over!

[EDITOR’S NOTE: Any individual or former military personnel and/or DOD civilians who were stationed or worked on Carlisle Barracks in the past ten years, who have information pertaining to waste, fraud, abuse, stealing government property – to include donations to the Military History Institute – or any such other criminal acts, please contact this web site at once. Thank you.]

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