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WASHINGTON, D.C. - First we had the Red Chinese Army funneling contributions to the Democratic National Committee for the 1996 Clinton campaign. Then, the next thing we knew, our potential enemies had "obtained" our most sophisticated missile technology.

Now the Clinton-controlled Pentagon fires another torpedo into our national security by hosting a group of Chinese "Strategic Military Planners" headed by Gen. Wang Zuxon.

Bill Gertz, the top-notch military writer of the Washington TIMES, in today's edition, discloses the Chinese delegation will get to visit the Joint Forces Command in Norfolk, Va.

"The Command is where the U.S. military is developing the most advanced war-fighting techniques and doctrine - information known to be a target of Chinese military spying.

According to U.S. Sen. Robert Smith of New Hampshire, allowing the Communist military officials to visit the top-secret Command at Norfolk, "appears to violate" recent Congressional legislation he co-sponsored that prohibits
the Pentagon from helping China develop war-fighting capabilities.


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