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Dear Mr. Secretary,

Welcome back as secretary of defense. A lot has happened to our nation's military since you served so well under President Gerald Ford.

I don't have to tell you about low morale, troops on food stamps, or idiotic dictates that "dishonor" those who EARNED the Rangers' Black Beret in the "guise" of "improving morale." You know about that.

Those of us in uniform who suffered under the previous regime have confidence you will restore honesty, integrity, and most of all respect to the high office you now hold.

One of the first items of business that needs to be attended to is to END the cruel and unnecessary forced Anthrax shot program. This massive waste of money has wrecked havoc on the ranks, sown suspicion and distrust, eroded morale and cost us the services of many pilots and key personnel who put conscience before career.

A courageous young military doctor, Air Force Capt. John Buck of Mississippi, is facing a court-martial right now for refusing to be "guinea-pigged" with the Anthrax "vaccine." The brass hats that want to destroy this man's life and perhaps send him to prison as an "example" to the troops, are the same bootlickers and flunkies that made up Clinton's "knee-pad brigade" at the Pentagon. They are unfit to shine this brave captain's shoes.

Why should they be allowed to crush this outstanding officer just because they made their move to "get him" before the new president took office?

I don't have to remind you, that "political chameleon," retired Admiral Richard Crowe, was a key player in this unwise policy. And you know how he undercut President George W. Bush's father, President George Bush, in the 1992 campaign. While others suffered - service members and their families - Crowe profited from his cozy relationship with the first draft-dodger to hold the office of President of the United States.

There is no reason to throw more money down the BioPort "rat hole." You can stop the hemorrhage of experienced aviators and other skilled officers and noncoms by canceling the Anthrax program NOW and declaring "amnesty" for those whose lives and careers have been sacrificed already as "a matter of conscience."

President Jimmy Carter declared "amnesty" for those who fled to Canada rather than serve during the Vietnam War. Don't the men and women who refused to risk their health and that of unborn children deserve as much?

Cancel the court-martial orders for Capt. Buck so we can keep this excellent physician in uniform serving our country. Don't sacrifice him over a craven and corrupt policy instituted by men of a former failed administration that did more to undermine our nation's military than any foreign "enemy."

As a "Mustang" officer, up from the ranks, who enlisted in 1966 and retired 33 years later; who served in Vietnam from 1966-to-1969 and was willing to die for his flag and country; please honor those of us combat veterans still among the living, and - in the name of decency - do the right thing.

Thank you and God bless you.

MAJ Glenn MacDonald, USAR (Ret)
Phoenix, Arizona

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