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GENERAL BARRY McCAFFREY PACKS IT IN's "favorite" general is packing it in. Clinton "Drug Czar," the imperious Gen. Barry McCaffrey, has announced his resignation. Apparently he knows enough to realize that if trends continue, Gov. George W. Bush of Texas will defeat Vice-President Al Gore for President in the Nov. 7 general election.

McCaffrey, the real-life clone of COL "Killgore" of "Apocalypse Now" infamy, hardly made a dent in the drug trade here in the United States. In fact, according to Denver's Rocky Mountain NEWS, statistics released by McCaffrey's own office show that overall drug abuse in America has grown from 6.4% in 1997 to 7.0% in 1999. Not exactly a record of accomplishment!

We first wrote of the supremely self-confident McCaffrey in our first cover story: WAR CRIMINAL OR HERO GENERAL? detailing McCaffrey's role in the controversial massacre at Rumalia in Iraq two days AFTER the Gulf War ended. From the reaction that got, we realized McCaffrey was one of the least-liked Army generals in modern times. Some of the comments we received - even from senior officers who knew him - are unprintable.

Next, in COURT-MARTIAL COLONEL HIETT NOW! we showed the "kid-glove treatment" afforded COL James Hiett, McCaffrey's choice to head up the "war on drugs" in Colombia.

Despite's Hiett's admission in Brooklyn Federal Court that he "dissipated" his wife Laurie's cash "proceeds" from drug smuggling - money-laundering to you and I - he got a five month "slap-on-the-wrist" incarceration from the federal judge and NO punishment from the U.S. Army! In fact, the Pentagon sought to get their "fair-haired boy" PROBATION at his sentencing!

If THAT wasn't enough to show that "different ranks get different spanks," it looks like Hiett will slip out the back door with his full retirement pension next month. The Army could court-martial him, but they won't. After all, he's a full colonel. And connected. A senior NCO would already be pacing his jail cell at Leavenworth.

While we can't take credit for showing McCaffrey the exit, a little-known GAO (General Accounting Office) investigation of McCaffrey's office might have provided some incentive to go now. The government watchdogs at GAO are investigating allegations of over-billing, contract fraud and financial mismanagement involving a $175 million advertising contract with the New York ad firm Ogilvy & Mather.


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