It all boils down to this: If Democratic Presidential candidate John Kerry lied or embellished his much-vaunted Vietnam war “heroics,” his campaign is doomed and he will go down to defeat. Deservedly so.

We don’t back Bush, and are not funded by the Republican Party, as some of Kerry’s “drink the kool-aide” crowd seem to believe. Their misspelled e-mail messages, complete with the filthiest invective possible, show their low mentality and lack of reason. They “hate” Bush with a passion, and so they place a “halo” over their hero’s head and refuse to realize John Kerry is a flawed candidate whose falsehoods are finally catching up with him.

Absolute panic has set in among the Democrats and their allies. They are “stuck” with a man running for President who may be proven to be one of the biggest frauds in American political history. If Kerry loses the veterans’ vote, and we think he will, he is finished.


At first, the self-proclaimed “warrior” – who wears his medals on his sleeve and tries to wring every advantage out of his brief time (four months) in Vietnam – tried to ignore the deadly attack ads by “Swift Boat Veterans For The Truth.”

Two weeks went by with no comment from the candidate as he stumbled around on the hustings. But as the deafening silence by the “establishment media” failed to contain the bitter controversy, Kerry’s people started to see his poll numbers among veterans fall like a lead balloon.

So the Democratic candidate went on the attack. A very risky tactic, as many of his Navy critics are highly-decorated veterans of unimpeachable character. They would have less reason to “lie” than Kerry and the small number of swift boat vets that are part of his traveling road show. That “band of brothers” can look forward to five-star hotel accommodations on the campaign trail; perhaps a “stipend” of cash from the kitty; and of course, big-paying government jobs if Kerry is elected.

What motive do the swift boat vets have? What could they possibly gain? Being attacked by Kerry campaign organs like the New York TIMES and Washington POST?

One of Kerry’s strongest critics is a former prisoner of war in Hanoi. He tells of having to listen to Kerry’s anti-war rants over loudspeakers in his cell. The POW, who appears on the second television ad from Swift Boat Veterans For The Truth, packs a very powerful message. Vietnam vets, no matter what their personal politics, won’t take kindly to Kerry’s people trying to “smear” such a heroic American. So the “war room gang” must proceed very carefully.

When Kerry launched his political career as a shaggy- haired hippie with a lantern jaw and testified before Congress that American forces in Vietnam raped women, killed children, cut off ears and “ravaged the countryside” like the “hordes of Genghis Khan,” he earned the enmity of millions of good and decent Americans who never committed war crimes the deceitful Kerry attributed to them.

Now that he is campaigning as a “war hero” and downplaying his “protester” past and meetings in Paris with the Communist North Vietnamese, Kerry must count on the public not knowing about his checkered career. It’s a delicate balancing act, and with “talk radio” and the Internet to counteract the “establishment media’s pro-Kerry propaganda,” everything rides on Kerry being able to “con” the voters with the false image he projects.


Veterans are a significant voting block in this country. Contrary to popular opinion, they are not all Republicans, and here lies the danger for the Kerry campaign. Even a doubt about the candidate’s incredible accumulation of three Purple Hearts for what appears to be extremely minor “flesh wounds” in only 120 days, and the fact that none of these alleged combat injuries required any hospitalization, much less scarring or surgery, and you begin to see why hundreds of Kerry’s former Navy swift boat colleagues are furious at him.

The Silver Star for shooting a badly-wounded, unarmed, fleeing Viet Cong in the back, after he was said to have fired a B-40 rocket at Kerry’s boat, is an insult to all those who performed real heroics to win that high combat decoration. Did Kerry “write himself up” for the valor award? He was the only officer present. Inquiring minds want to know.

At first, we thought at least the Bronze Star Kerry received for “saving” Special Forces officer Jim Rassmann was a good call. Even though Kerry partisans tried to infer the future senator dove into the water and under machine-gun fire, bravely risked his life to save the Green Beret from a watery grave.

Actually, by Kerry’s own account, he pulled Rassmann aboard his swift boat after the Special Forces officer managed to swim to the side of the craft. That’s not quite as “heroic” as the image in the minds of Kerry partisans who paint their man in “superhero” colors.

Now, we learn from Swift Boat Vets For The Truth that when Rassmann was knocked off Kerry’s boat after an explosion rocked the craft and another swift boat was blown out of the water, “brave” John Kerry hightailed it out of the area – fast!

The “official” explanation is Kerry had to “drop off” agents further down river. But why leave in such a hurry when the other swift boats were stopped, their crews pulling unconscious shipmates from the river in the wake of the other boat’s destruction?

None of those crews report “enemy fire.” Not that what they did, becoming “sitting ducks” for potential attack, as they stayed on the scene at least an hour, was any less heroic. Why is it the one boat that fled the scene, was commanded by would-be John F. Kennedy “clone” John Kerry. What kind of “profile in courage” was that?

We are disturbed by Kerry’s repeated refusal to release all his Navy medical records. Why not just sign the SF 180, John, and put the controversy to rest? What are you hiding? You shouted for all of Bush’s National Guard records to be disclosed. Why the double-standard for you?

IS KERRY’S CAMPAIGN SITE DD-214 A FORGERY? has learned there is a serious discrepancy on the DD-214 featured on [It is possible, by the time you read this, the suspicious document may have been pulled or “corrected” by the Kerry campaign.] But as of August 20, it was still up there, a glaring example of the truth in that old line: “Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive.”

The Silver Star is the third-highest medal this nation can bestow. The next highest is the Bronze Star for Valor. The “V” device on that award denotes it was won for “valor on the battlefield” vs. the other Bronze Star decoration - for “meritorious achievement” while serving in a combat zone.

Why is it that the Kerry campaign site, and supposedly a genuine DD-214, lists a Silver Star with combat “V” (for valor)? Anyone who knows anything about awards and decorations can tell you that just the fact that a Silver Star has been awarded, indicates bravery and valor. Thus, in no circumstances, is a “V” device attached to the Silver Star. It would be redundant to do so. And anyway, it’s against regulations. But there it is, the Silver Star with “V” on the Kerry DD-214.

We are indebted to Henry and Erika Holzer of for the research they did in exposing this glaring example of possible deception by the Kerry campaign.

They report that the presence of the combat “V” with Kerry’s Silver Star “raises two extremely disquieting questions. How did the unauthorized “V” get there, and why has Kerry allowed it to remain?

“The first question should not be taken lightly because we are talking about possible federal crimes. We are talking about the possibility of a forged official document. We are talking about, as well, Title 18, United States Code, Section 1001, which states:

Whoever in any manner within the jurisdiction of the executive, legislative, or judicial branch of the United States, knowingly and willfully . . . makes or uses any false writing or document, knowing the same to contain any materially false, fictitious, or fraudulent statement or entry, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than 5 years or both.

The Holzers ask if the combat “V” was added by a sloppy clerk or a yeoman’s typo thirty years ago? “Or was someone pressured or persuaded to add it? If Kerry had nothing to do with the gratuitously added combat “V,” why didn’t he have his DD 214 corrected when he was separated from the Navy?

“Which gives rise to the second disturbing question: If Kerry was not a party to the unauthorized “V,” why, for all these years, has he allowed his DD 214 to remain uncorrected and to repose on his web site?

“In light of the recent Swift Boat revelations and the cloud they have cast over Kerry’s awards, one plausible answer is that this is yet another example of Kerry’s multiple, and increasingly transparent lies about his alleged heroics in Vietnam.”


Has John Kerry been caught in yet another blatant lie about his military service? From the frantic gyrations of his spin-doctors and their specious explanations of “what really happened,” it would seem the senator’s “Christmas in Cambodia” story is in reality a fable, dreamed up to embellish the already fraudulent candidate’s resumé.

We read in the Congressional Record of March 27, 1986 (S3594) the following from the Massachusetts senator:

“Mr. President, I remember Christmas of 1968, sitting on a gunboat in [our italics] Cambodia. I remember what it was like to be shot at by the Vietnamese, Khmer Rouge and Cambodians, and I heard the President of the United States [Richard Nixon] telling the American people I was not there, that our troops were not in Cambodia.

I have that memory which is seared into my brain, that says to me, before we send another generation into harm’s way, we have a responsibility in the United States Senate to go the last step, to make the best effort possible in order to avoid that kind of conflict.”

First of all, on December 25, 1968, Lyndon Johnson was still President of the United States and would continue to be chief executive until Nixon was sworn into office on January 20, 1969.

Next, Kerry could not have been “in” Cambodia at that stage of the war. Even his two adoring crewmates – Michael Medeiros and James Wassel have disputed that claim. And being on Kerry’s boat, they should know.

In December 1968, no U.S. Navy patrol craft would be ordered or authorized to penetrate Cambodian waters. It just did not happen.

And the line about being fired at by the “Khmer Rouge,” that was the Cambodian Communists, led by Khieu Samphan. Unfortunately for Kerry, that fighting force wasn’t even formed yet when “war hero” Kerry had his pipe dream. The Khmer Rouge came about after the American CIA engineered the overthrow of Prince Sihanouk in 1970.

Kerry’s tales of “derring-do” extend to impressing gullible or willingly worshipful reporters with tales of his “secret” exploits in Cambodia. “Secret” because the Kerry campaign admits there is no paperwork anywhere to verify their man’s “missions” into the Heart of Darkness. How convenient!

The myth persists that Kerry, in his noisy, 50-foot swift boat (the last type of sea craft you’d use doing an agent insertion) slipped into Cambodian territory undetected and then back out again. Despite the fact the only thing quieter than the swift boat Kerry had, is a CH-53 helicopter at treetop level!

A sycophantic story in the Kerry-friendly Washington POST tells about a Kerry staffer hinting to the visiting reporter about a “secret compartment” in Kerry’s briefcase.

“He carries the black attaché everywhere,” the staffer whispered, several times. “Asked about it on several occasions, Kerry brushed it aside. Finally, trapped in an interview, he exhaled and clicked open the case.”

Who told you?” he demanded as he reached inside. “My friends don’t know about this.”

Kerry pulls out a hat, a little mildewy. The green camouflage was fading and the seams fraying.

My good luck hat,” Kerry said, happy to see it. “Given to me by a CIA guy as we went in for a special mission in Cambodia.”

“Kerry put on the hat, pulling the brim over his forehead. His blue, button-down shirt and tie clashed with the camouflage. He pointed his finger and raised his thumb, creating an imaginary gun. He looked silly, yet suddenly his campaign message was clear: citizen-soldier, linking patriotism to public service. It wasn’t complex after all; it was Kerry.

“He smiled and aimed his finger: ‘Pow.’”

One can only conclude after reading the above, that Kerry lives in a “fantasy word” all his own. Too many viewings of Clint Eastwood in “Dirty Harry” as the movie star levels his Magnum at the bad guys and snarls; “Make my day.” Or it is Col. Kurtz, as portrayed by the late Marlon Brando, sailing up the Mekong into Cambodia and a rendezvous with destiny?

If they made a movie about John Kerry’s supposed exploits in the Khmer Republic, it wouldn’t be “Apocalypse Now.” Oh no!

“A Pack of Lies Now” would be more like it.

[EDITOR’S NOTE: We continue to urge our many readers to “click on” the link on our home page and order “UNFIT TO COMMAND” – the book that rips the cover off the Kerry “war hero” myth. Be sure to get your copy and tell your friends.]