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The U.S. Navy leadership in Japan either doesn’t care or doesn’t dare to properly discipline a doctor (lieutenant commander) stationed at Iwakuni MCAS who dumped her husband and five children to carry on a lesbian affair with a Marine corporal in the military police.

It’s yet another case of “DIFFERENT SPANKS FOR DIFFERENT RANKS.” The Navy charged the female doctor with just one count at “Captain’s Mast” – Article 92 UCMJ – violating a direct order not to “co-habitate” with her lesbian lover. She was transferred last May from Iwakuni MCAS to the U.S. Navy Hospital at Yokosuka, Japan.

[Documents obtained by MilitaryCorruption.com show the Command brushed off complaints by the aggrieved husband about the lesbian affair until such time that the arrogant and daring LCDR set up housekeeping with the corporal in her military quarters.

By then, the ex-Marine hubby feared for his children’s welfare and took them back to the States after pleas with his wife to salvage their marriage fell on deaf ears.]


In a June 19 proceeding, held at the U.S. Naval Hospital in Yokosuka, Japan, the LCDR avoided having charges of ADULTERY, FRATERNIZATION, SODOMY, and CONDUCT UNBECOMING AN OFFICER filed against her. It was as if the doctor’s commanding officer wore “blinders” – no mention was made of any lesbian activities.

The LCDR, asked how she pled to the Article 92 charge, “invoked her right to remain silent,” according to a memorandum of the mast.

Then her chain-of-command was asked to “provide remarks concerning [the LCDR’s] skills and personal disposition.” Like a chorus of trained seals, they all sang a duet of praise for the female doctor as she smugly sat in her seat, knowing her wrist was about to be ever so lightly slapped.

The ludicrous proceeding – which took only 40 minutes – concluded with the LCDR “being awarded” a letter of reprimand. Once again, a ranking officer had gotten off easy, while an enlisted sailor in the same situation [full charges] would have faced time in the brig and a BCD – bad conduct discharge.


From informed sources, MilitaryCorruption.com has learned the lesbian LCDR submitted a letter of resignation to Capt. Adam M. Robinson June 20th, the following day. [As of November 2003 – some five months later – we are told the female doctor is still serving as a naval officer at Yokosuka, Japan. Why?]

In a letter to the Secretary of the Navy, Capt. Robinson wrote: “It is my perception [the LCDR] is no longer happy in the Navy.” Then, the easy-going, soft-hearted – or is it soft-headed? – hospital commander recommended the doctor be granted a general discharge under, get this – “HONORABLE conditions.”


Since when is it “honorable” to commit adultery and break your marriage vows? Is it “honorable” for a senior officer to fraternize and commit sodomy with a female enlisted Marine? Isn’t that what is called “conduct unbecoming an officer?”

What’s “honorable” about climbing through a window of the corporal’s barracks at Iwakuni to spend the night in the arms of your lesbian lover, or inviting the low-ranking E-4 to move into your government (field-grade) quarters and share the bed you once slept in with your husband?

What about five innocent children – ages two to ten – who were forgotten and forsaken in the LCDR’s selfish desire for lesbian lust? Don’t they matter? What about the LCDR’s loving husband, a former Marine NCO, who pleaded with his wife to save their marriage and to respect her duty as the mother of these little children. Doesn’t he count for anything?

Not only should the female doctor be punished for her actions, so should the weak-kneed, “politically correct” Navy brass who did back-flips to cover-up the scandal and accommodate a LCDR who – for her various crimes – deserves to be kicked out of the Navy and do a stretch at Miramar prison.


And what happened to the Marine corporal, a military police interrogator at Iwakuni, who, while not having “gold-braid” to hide behind, was able nonetheless to avoid serious UCMJ punishment for her actions?

Charged only with Article 92 (disobeying a direct order not to “co-habitate” with her LCDR lover), the corporal benefited greatly from being the “girlfriend” of such a high-ranking and well-connected Navy doctor.

In a “sweetheart deal” at summary court-martial, August 7, 2003, the corporal was able to swing an agreement whereby she avoided any brig time, monetary fine or reduction in rank.

In “Box 9” of DD Form 2329, “The following sentence was adjudged: Restriction for 30 days to place of residence, work, worship and mess.”

Once again, the real and very serious offenses weren’t even mentioned. The word “lesbian” was, of course, missing. The Marine E-4 ended up with a general discharge under – gag alert – “HONORABLE conditions.”

All this, despite the fact that on May 15, 2003 a Military Police Investigator and an officer from the Provost Marshal’s Office went to the LCDR’s residence at Iwakuni and caught the officer and the corporal - as the official report so delicately put it - “inside the home.” In the same bed, would be more accurate!


In “cover-up cases” like this, where the Command seeks to ignore UCMJ regulations and “dispose of them quietly,” the brass are usually confident that - controlling the investigation apparatus and thus the outcome of any “look-see” into various crimes – no one will be able to prove otherwise.

As the devastated husband found out, when he sought help from the Navy and Marines, the Command could care less about his personal agony or the emotional suffering of his small children.

Therefore, in a first for military investigative journalism, MilitaryCorruption.com is breaking new ground by revealing a sample of the “sexually-explicit” e-mail traffic between the LCDR and her lesbian Marine girlfriend.

We do this because authenticated copies of the mail was given us by the husband, who downloaded it from his civilian (personal computer), not a government PC, that he shared with his wife. One day, still in Iwakuni, Japan, routinely using the machine to which he was part-owner, he discovered a cache of secret messages between his wife and her E-4 lover.

While the contents, reproduced below, are edited and most of the foul language cleaned up – “f-words” removed, etc. – we must warn the reader at this point to skip the next section if you are offended by graphic descriptions of lesbian activity.


It’s a wonder the Navy doctor got any work done during duty hours! MilitaryCorruption.com has seen literally hundreds of e-mail messages – dozens in a single day – between the love-struck or lust-crazed, lieut. commander and her lesbian Marine corporal girlfriend.

Here below, is just a brief sample – over a ten-day period – between October 15th and the 25th, 2002.

October 15, 2002:

(CPL to LCDR) - - “Whenever you’re feeling down . . . just take out that picture I gave you of me sticking my tongue out and imagine it . . . in your mouth! MMM!”

The two female lovers played on the Iwakuni MCAS softball team, thus the reference to a “game.”

(LCDR to CPL) – “How about right after the game – or midnight – or 0200? I was thinking about you all day – holding. and touching you. I can’t wait!”

The weather can get very cold in Japan at certain times of the year, so the Navy officer messaged her corporal lover with the following suggestion:

(LCDR to CPL) – Why don’t you come over later . . . and I will defrost your nipples with my mouth . . . OOH!”

“It is the best feeling in the world . . . I want to suck you . . .I want to hold you, I need you, and I will someday have you, 24/7.”

Apparently the above “24/7” reference indicates the LCDR was already planning – by October 15, 2002 – to someday leave her husband and five children to make a new life with her lesbian lover.

The LCDR is very slender, flat-chested, a fitness fanatic and jogger with a short “pixie-like” hairdo and super-achiever attitudes. Self-absorbed and very adept at “office politics,” she quickly rose in rank after graduation from medical school, financed by the U.S. Navy.

Her girlfriend outweighs the lanky doctor by a good 40 pounds and stands several inches taller. Cornrows in her hair and a sporting a “pug” nose, the Marine military policewoman bragged in her e-mails about being rough on the male prisoners in her care, whom she labeled as “dorks” and far worse “expletives” that we can’t use here.

October 17, 2002:

(CPL to LCDR) – “If I had my choice, I’d be right there, lying next to you, 24 hours a day. . . kissing you every chance I get . . . rubbing your body against mine . . . I loved everything about last night . . . from just holding you in my arms, to talking to you, to tasting you. You’re awesome!”

The following e-mail indicates the LCDR knew she was in violation of UCMJ prohibitions against homosexual activity (let alone adultery and fraternization between an E-4 and 0-4) but was absolutely confident that her high rank and female gender would inoculate her against any real punishment if she ever got caught.

(LCDR to CPL) – “I would never want anyone – [NCIS] – to say anything to you about us – I WOULD GET AWAY WITH IT – but YOU would get in trouble!

“I just want you with me now, my hands in your hair, my mouth touching yours . . . I want to moisten all of your skin with my wet tongue.

“Oh, you are so sweet, sexy and tasty. You’re hot and desirable. You’re body is so soft. You smell so good! I’d like to be anywhere right now where I could be putting my hands in any number of places . . .”

Apparently the doctor and female corporal had another “love-making” session the night of Oct. 20, 2002 as the e-mail traffic below indicates.

October 21, 2002:

(CPL to LCDR) – “I just loved it last night when I was rubbing your body . . . you’re so smooth and delicious. I loved holding you from behind and when you put my hand under your shirt. I love it when you put my hands wherever you want to be touched . . . it gives me the butterflies! Oh, my!

“I’ve never been much of a screamer, but . . . you do things to me that I’ve never felt before!”

October 22, 2002:

(LCDR to CPL) – “I came over [to the PMO Office] to see you and got saluted three times – how horrifying! But the time we spent together was definitely worth it – on the desk, the floor – I was going absolutely crazy! I wanted to rip your clothes right off!”

October 23, 2002:

(LCDR to CPL) – “My tongue seems to stay out whenever I am with you. That’s what they call the ‘drooling’ position.”

October 24, 2002:

(CPL to LCDR) – “Bring that body over here at 1200. I want some. Smootch me!”

(LCDR to CPL) – “My body is yours anytime – and I am yours – forEVA!”

October 25, 2002:

(LCDR to CPL) – I cherish being your best friend, your lover, your companion, your freak, your ______. You fill in the blank, anything you want or need me to be, I am yours!”

We could go on and on, but we think the above selection, from a ten-day span, covering an affair that lasted – and may still continue – for more than a year, gives the reader a good idea of what was going on.

Now if the NCIS, Chief of Naval Operations and the Secretary of the Navy would just get serious for a change about holding their subordinate officers to enforcing the laws on the books, some of the human wreckage – the destruction of a ten-year marriage and permanent scarring of five small children who don’t understand why their “mommy” prefers another woman to them – might be avoided.


The LCDR’s husband, now legally separated from his lesbian wife, was reluctant at first to be interviewed for this story. But we assured him our only interest was in telling the truth and respecting the privacy of all involved as much as possible. That is why MilitaryCorruption.com has decided not to identify or use “proper names” for the LCDR and Marine CPL. We could – the official documents confirm all we have reported and more. But we felt the children might be harmed down the road, so – in view of the huge readership of MCC across the county and around the world – we will not reveal the identities of the parties involved


The pain in the husband’s voice is apparent as he tells us of the ordeal he had been through.

“I lost nearly 40 pounds from my normal weight,” he said. “It’s been horrible going through this, getting no help from the military. I was always proud to be a Marine, so it hurts all the more to realize the Marine Command on Iwakuni actually protected the woman who destroyed my marriage.

“My children and I are the victims of this lesbian affair, and the military just seems to throw salt in our wounds by not telling us what’s going on back there. Is it a cover-up? I tried a FOIA and got nothing from them. They laugh and mock me. All I’ve done is try to go through proper channels.”


The husband fears losing his kids in a “custody” battle.

“My wife has already threatened to come back here (to the U.S.) and take my children away to go live with her and her lover. I know they’ve already purchased “engagement rings” for each other. I’m told they are wearing them on base. This is so sick! Please, dear God! I wish this was only a nightmare and I could wake up from it, but I can’t. Please help me!”


MilitaryCorruption.com will indeed help this former Marine sergeant and his beloved children. We will expose the shameful conduct of the Navy and Marine Corps in this matter and demand the proper authorities take steps to make sure appropriate punishment is meted out to those “guilty” of ignoring crimes and being “derelict in their duty” by covering up this entire sordid affair.


This case is but another example of a problem that worsens with every passing year. A vast majority of senior-ranking lesbians, especially in the medical corps of the various military services, seem to practice their sexual proclivities with impunity. They know the Command will ignore their gross violations of the UCMJ while court-martialing and imprisoning lower-ranking personnel who are hunted down and prosecuted for the same behavior.

Such a “double-standard of justice” is destructive to morale and unit cohesion. Either it’s time to enforce the “regs” on homosexuality for all the military, no matter what the rank or gender. Either that, or junk the prohibitions altogether and see if that helps alleviate the problem.

Whatever happens, it will come too late to aid the husband we have described in our story. But if we can make progress in working to avoid similar tragedies in the future, the effort will have been well worth it.

A SPECIAL “THANK-YOU” to the courageous Navy and Marine personnel who risked their careers to tell us the truth and help us expose what went on at Iwakuni. We also salute the Marines on Okinawa and other service members all over Japan who contributed to this report. New friends and CI’s are urged to contact us at once by e-mail. Keep us posted on the reaction to this article wherever you may be stationed, CONUS or around the world.


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