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The FX Network's "A GLIMPSE OF HELL," which was seen on television by millions of Americans, Sunday night, March 18, was a public relations "Pearl Harbor" for the Navy.

Mr. and Mrs. America got a chance to see "fat cat" Navy admirals lie and engineer a cover-up while deceitful "bully-boy" NIS (Naval Investigative Service) agents tried to blame the USS IOWA explosion on a "homosexual" lovers quarrel. The truth was, unauthorized experiments with unstable gunpowder almost sunk the ship.

It's always easier to blame an "accident" on dead soldiers, sailors, airmen or Marines. The "brass" have been doing that for years. But in this case, the Navy knowingly tried to pin a charge of "mass murder" of 46 IOWA shipmates on USN Petty Officer Clayton Hartwig. It almost worked, as Hartwig wasn't alive to defend himself.

Thank God that smear came unraveled, but not before Hartwig's family suffered terribly at the hands of the Navy.

While FX TV deserves much commendation for airing the movie, there were some glaring inaccuracies that once again victimized the real HERO of the IOWA, the man who saved the ship from blowing up and dragged an unconscious officer to safety, saving the lieutenant's life.

Retired PO1 John Mullahy was the one who activated the sprinkler system . Flooding the IOWA's powder magazine before raging fires in Turret Two could touch off a massive blast.

In the TV version of A GLIMPSE OF HELL, it is James Caan, portraying the IOWA's "skipper" who gave the order. has opened an investigation into how such a gross inaccuracy came to be broadcast. In fact, if you watched the movie, you never heard Mullahy's name mentioned!

Then-PO3 Mullahy was promoted meritoriously for his heroism to Petty Officer First Class by the late-Chief of Naval Operations, Admiral Mike Boorda. All this is documented. He won the Navy and Marine Corps Medal for bravery. But to the folks who made the movie, Mullahy doesn't exist.

Is it possible Mullahy's nemesis, retired Navy Capt. Patricia Rios was a "technical advisor" on the television production? Just kidding. But WHY was Mullahy completely left out?

It was PO1 Mullahy who grabbed a wrench and beat open a jammed hatch saving the lives of three more shipmates.

Mullahy, the "fighting Irishman" from Boston, Mass., was the one who - without any breathing apparatus to protect himself - risked his life again and again for his ship and his comrades.

It's about time the Navy reopen Mullahy's service file, expunge his illegal court martial, "back promote him," for retirement purposes, to the rank of Chief Petty Officer, and APOLOGIZE in writing to this American hero for his many years of service to this country.

What a Navy it would be if the petty officers all had the courage and high degree of competence that John Mullahy exhibited throughout his long and distinguished military career!


What could the Navy public relations people have been thinking in running a 60-second RECRUITING advertisement during the showing of A GLIMPSE OF HELL? Did they think the audience was suffering from total amnesia? Only a complete idiot would run down to the Navy recruiting station to sign up after watching a classic example of WHY they should not!

That ad cost you, Mr. and Mrs. Taxpayer, big bucks and was a total waste! But don't hold your breath waiting for the Navy brass to find and discipline the moron who booked that spot. The upper ranks are full of people who "screw up," then "move up."

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