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Dear Gen. Ivany,

Welcome to Carlisle Barracks. Your arrival has been eagerly awaited by both military and civilians on post.

I wish you nothing but success as you assume your duties as commandant and endeavor to clean up the mess left behind by your predecessor's troubled tenure.

As a fellow Vietnam veteran, one who loves our Constitution and like you, fought to preserve our precious rights - including the First Amendment, the right to freedom of speech - I appeal to you to immediately correct an unwise and illegal action taken by some of your subordinates.

I am sure this action was initiated without your knowledge or approval.

Our web site:, officially launched on July 20 and by all estimates, has been a resounding success. The goals of our site are laid out in our MISSION STATEMENT. We are pro-military and only seek to clean up corruption, not just to criticize our fellow military members.

The chairman of our Board of Directors, Brig. Gen. Peter Genovese, USAR (Ret) is a graduate of the Army War College at Carlisle Barracks, and I myself served six short Active Duty tours there over a period of years. I am proud of the many letters of appreciation I received from the Military History Institute for my generous contributions of numerous items, including books, documents, old newspapers, and tapes regarding World War II and the Vietnam War. Those items could have brought me many thousands of dollars on the open market. But I chose to share them with researchers and my fellow soldiers.

We are more saddened than angry to learn that, which is not anti-government, not libelous, not in violation of "national security," and certainly not pornographic, has been arbitrarily blocked from access on Carlisle Barracks computers.

Not only is this unwarrented action a violation of Freedom of Speech, but we are further upset to learn from our sources on the ground there that pornography remains accessible on the Carlisle Barracks computer system; that several women on post - we will not identify them here because of the possibility of retaliation against them - have been offended by it, and we are checking out a report as you read this letter, that one of the individuals responsible for barring our site, himself looks at pornography on his work computer!

We do not wish to embarrass people by revealing their names, but we do feel the following action is absolutely essential:

(1) - Please immediately lift the illegal "block" on from Carlisle Barracks computers.

(2) - Order a "block" on all post computers to prevent access to salacious or "pornographic" web sites.

(3) - Order the CID to check the hard-drives from computers used on post, especially those in Building 22, to ascertain who has accessed pornography and how often.

We would hope those responsible for violating our rights and embarrassing you and your command will be punished for their actions.

Thank you ahead of time for your courtesy and consideration in this matter.

MAJ Glenn MacDonald, USAR (Ret)

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