Fourteen years ago, GEN Peter E. Genovese Jr. and his onetime aide, MAJ Glenn MacDonald, both retired from the U.S. Army Reserve, launched the truth-telling web site now known around the world as

The good general passed on some years ago, and MAJ "Mac," as he is affectionately known to thousands, has been in failing health since 2012. He is rated 100% disabled (combat-related) by VA, and lives with pain every day and night of his life.

We tell you this, because when the major is gone, which may be soon, we who carry on the fight for justice in his stead, have to face some hard facts about continuing on this fearless and widely-read site in his absence. now gets up to six million hits a month and is read on every U.S. military base worldwide, with the exception of Marine Corps installations. Perhaps our hard-hitting reporting on "crazed" Marine Corps Commandant, Gen James "Anus" had something to do with that violation of the First Amendment to the United States Constitution.

Anyway, over the years, MAJ Mac has often reached deep into his pocket and made up the difference when advertising revenues failed to provide the money to pay staff and keep MCC operating.

Blessed with loyal colleagues who believe as he does - fairness and justice are elusive commodities in today's military - kept going, even in the face of DDOS attacks by the government and other forms of harassment.

One object of the major's editorial ire even tried to "trigger" a psychotic man to come to his home and kill the highly-respected, multi-tour Vietnam veteran, former NCO, and "Mustang" officer.

Starting today, we are initiating a SUPPORT MCC tab on our home page atop the links list. We have never solicited funds on this site before. Now we are forced to do so. Time is of the essence. Don't put this off. Do it now, while MAJ MacDonald is still alive to know that you care and appreciate what he and his staff have done for you for FREE for the past 14 years.

Every cent will go into an operating account. As he has done since becoming editor in 2000, MAJ MacDonald does not accept any salary or expenses. All his hard labor and sacrifice have been freely given. What is that worth to you?

So, if you want this beacon of truth to continue, contribute. Now.

Thank you.