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Things just keep getting worse these days for the United States Marine Corps.

Now an officer based at Camp Pendleton has been arrested and charged with bank fraud and attempted theft of a
$2.7 million Marine payroll.

1st Lt. Matthew J. Tenney, 24, thought he'd dreamed up the perfect crime, sources told

The crafty lieutenant faxed letters to Brinks Inc. on Marine Corps stationary requesting delivery of the nearly
$3 million to Camp Pendleton from the Federal Reserve Bank in Los Angeles.

Tenney even traveled to San Diego to the Brinks office there. He was dressed in his Marine uniform but wearing
the name tag of the real disbursing agent for the Marine base, investigators said.

Bank officials got suspicous when Tenney insisted the delivery be made to a unusual location on the Marine Corps installation.

The FBI and Naval Criminal Investigative Service were called in and nabbed 1Lt. Tenney as he tried to catch a
flight out of John Wayne Airport in Santa Ana, Calif. The Marine officer must have figured his plans had gone
amiss. He was headed to Brazil on a one-way ticket.


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