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CW2 Luis Rodriguez-Martinez, a veteran of 26 years Army service with an outstanding military record, was found dead early Saturday by hikers in the Franklin Mountains, about ten miles from Fort Bliss, Texas.

El Paso Police told that an early-morning hiker found the warrant officer's body at around 0700 Saturday. Dr. Niels Pedersen said at first he thought the 45 year-old soldier was "sleeping" on top of the rocks.

"He was curled up like in a fetal position as if he was trying to ward off the cold. I called out to him but there was no response. I went over and touched him to rouse him awake, but then I realized he was dead."

An earlier report that the officer had been found "hung from a tree" with his "Army belt around his neck" was erroneous. is investigating to find the origin of that misinformation which the El Paso Police accepted in good faith.

The soft-spoken warrant officer, described by friends as "generous and kind" and by his family as a "loving husband and father," fought a courageous battle against forces he said were trying to frame him on a phony drug charge.

In an interview with just before his death, the native of Puerto Rico said FBI agents and military authorities sought to "coerce" him into giving false testimony against a fellow Hispanic soldier accused of smuggling marijuana into the United States from Mexico.

"I will not commit perjury," he said. "I cannot lie and destroy another human being."

Now, Rodriguez-Martinez is dead, and the Army officers who celebrated his court-martial conviction on what the warrant officer steadfastly maintained was "trumped-up charges," can now live with their shame and dishonor for the rest of their lives!

Rodriguez-Martinez could have done what so many in the military have done in the past - say whatever you're told to say in order to save yourself. But he was a man of incredible honor and integrity. He could not do what he knew to be morally wrong.

On Thursday, Nov. 3, the day after the warrant officer disappeared, Rodriguez-Martinez was sentenced in absentia to ten years imprisonment and dismissal from the Army - an Army he had served faithfully and well for a quarter of a century.

His former boss, COL Jeffrey Gault, had rated Rodriguez-Martinez on his officer evaluation report as "the best CW2 personnel warrant officer in the Army, bar none."

The colonel praised Rodriguez-Martinez as a "gifted leader - a model soldier," calling him "tremendously talented" and said "his personal and professional credentials are impeccable."


Not your typical "criminal," huh? You bet! But once the "Green Machine" sets out to get you, destruction is virtually assured.

Statistics show the conviction rate at court-martial is 95%, on par with Communist China! And like a totalitarian regime, the military gets to appoint BOTH the prosecutors as well as defense attorneys.

The latter officers are always mindful - despite the best of intentions - that "too vigorous" a defense could "displease" the brass and adversely affect those attorneys' military careers. All captains know it's difficult to make major if you buck the system.

The art of the "set-up" and the "frame-up" is only exceeded by that old stand-by, the "cover-up," and has been honed to a fine edge over many, many years.

What a bitter irony, that officers who swear a sacred oath to defend with their lives our precious Constitution "against all enemies, foreign and domestic" are not afforded those same rights as are ordinary citizens.

CW2 Luis Rodriguez-Martinez was entitled to that protection. He did not receive it.


In what proved to be his final interview with, Rodriguez-Martinez expressed his shock and disgust at what the Army has become.

"It troubles me so that we have a military system where officers can systematically lie and misrepresent information and facts for their own purposes and ends and not be held accountable. This is the way Army officials are operating at Fort Bliss, but the law does not allow it and such conduct should not be condoned.

"They have engaged in misconduct here for so long, without fear of any meaningful discipline, that they know they can violate soldiers rights with impunity. They think they are never going to be brought to justice.

"I would like to think that I did not leave my Constitutional rights behind in Puerto Rico, twenty-six years ago, when I first answered the call to serve my country. I should be entitled to a trial process conducted in accordance with due process and the rule of law. Justice delayed is justice denied! And the SJA and my command at Fort Bliss have purposely delayed the resolution of my case for three years in hopes of breaking my will. I have been offered all kinds of 'deals' for information I do not have. They have broken me both financially and emotionally and now they are going in for the kill.

"But I will not perjure myself. I cannot lie and destroy another human being.

"I can no longer afford civilian counsel because I spent what little money I had defending myself against the Army's sham elimination proceedings.

"I know I am inviting further retaliation by talking to you (, but by going public, I hope and pray it will deter these malicious leaders from doing the same thing they did to me to some other unsuspecting soldier. No one is safe from their calculated evil.

This systematic use of terror has to stop! My wife has reached her breaking point and I am not too far from ending up in a mental ward myself. Will it take a tragedy for someone to finally say: enough is enough?"


Rest in peace, Luis. You are in a far better place now. They can't hurt you any more.


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