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When we first heard of Army Chief of Staff, Gen. Erik Shinseki's bone-headed plan to put all GI's in black berets regardless of accomplishment or the damage it does to troop morale, we figured even he couldn't be so stupid as to pull a stunt like that without "word from above."

Now we know, as Paul Harvey likes to say, "the rest of the story."

Guess where the company is located that gets the exclusive $8 million contract to produce 1.3 million berets next year? That's right - Arkansas!

The Bancroft Cap Company of Cabot, Ark. (quick, check and see how much money in "campaign contributions" they've kicked in to William Jefferson Clinton), will increase its current production from 100,000 berets a year to 100,000 a month!

The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette reports the company will be so flush with cash they can buy new equipment and
add 50 workers to its 80-person work force.

Back in October, Shinseki, the oh-so "politically correct" general who stunned the Army recently with his bizarre
and dangerous plan to switch from tracked to wheeled fighting vehicles - tough luck for our troops in the future if
they get pounded by enemy tanks while our superior battle tanks gather dust in a storage depot - decreed all troops, cooks and clerks, would have to wear the black beret by June 14, 2001, the Army's 226th birthday.

Some present! It's more like a "sick joke."

Why is it that when our Armed Forces suffer, Bill Clinton and his cronies profit?

Don't forget the outrageous scam when Clinton stooge, retired Admiral William Crowe, once Bubba's ambassador to Great Britain, got a multi-million dollar "sweetheart" contract for his company, Bioport of Lansing, Mich., to
produce the questionable Anthrax "vaccine."

And it's no accident that Clinton flunkie William Cohen ordered all military personnel to "take the shots" on pain of court martial and/or dismissal from the service. Nothing like making it "mandatory" that our men and women in uniform must comply or else! That's akin to owning the only Budweiser franchise in town and forcing everyone to drink your brand.

Is there anyone is Congress with the courage and integrity to hold hearings on these specious "deals?"

One good thing. If Gore doesn't make it to the White House, Clinton can kiss his "pardon" good-bye and Gen Shinseki will be "packing his bags." So will the rest of the pencil-pushing, boot-licking, sycophantic desk jockeys in the Pentagon who have genuflected in the direction of the Draft Dodger these long eight years.

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