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To the relief of our thousands of readers, and the chagrin of those who wished to silence our voice, this website, the largest of it's kind in the world, resumes publication of new stories and investigative articles - effective immediately.

In respect for those who died at the Pentagon on Sept. 11, 2001, we temporarily suspended publication. In a notice, "TO OUR READERS," we explained our position and gave complete backing to the President of the United States during this critical time in our history.

We have always maintained the vast majority of our men and women in uniform are honest, dedicated Americans, serving their country as best they know how. Only a small number of officers and enlisted members commit crimes, and it is them that we put under our microscope and expose.

Waste, fraud, abuse and all types of criminal activity, be it concealing "ghosts soldiers" on National Guard rolls, or smuggling drugs into the country on military aircraft, are fair game for this team of combat veterans who proudly served our nation in war and strongly support her in the present national emergency.

We will not be dissuaded from "FIGHTING FOR THE TRUTH" and "EXPOSING THE CORRUPT." is here to stay, and we can only grow larger and stronger every day. We salute all of you out there that support us and serve as our "eyes and ears" everywhere.

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