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In a VICTORY with far-reaching ramifications, the leadership at Carlisle Barracks, Pa. has lifted a post-wide "ban" on which went into effect August 25th.

Informed sources said Carlisle Barracks Commandant, Maj. Gen. Robert R. Ivany, told those responsible for the illegal and unwarranted attempt at censorship to allow to be viewed on the post computer system.

In an open letter to Ivany, the website's editor-in-chief, MAJ Glenn MacDonald, USAR (Ret), appealed to the newly arrived commandant to "punish" those responsible for this violation of free speech.

Sources within the Carlisle Barracks community predict Ivany, a highly respected, "no-nonsense" general, will CLEAN HOUSE of "deadwood" and "trouble-makers" in the near future.

"We are very pleased at the number of 'hits' we daily log in from Carlisle Barracks," MacDonald said. "In fact, the ham-handed blocking of our site has actually been a blessing in disguise. Our 'numbers' have doubled during the brief span the 'block' was in place."

The former United Press International correspondent and Vietnam veteran said "any infringement of our Constitutional right to free speech" could have had a "chilling effect" on the fast-growing website, launched in late July.

"If the ban had not been removed, perhaps other military bases - Army, Air Force, Navy and Marines - might have been encouraged to block our access as well," MacDonald said. "While we have a large number of readers among military veterans, their families and friends, to hamper in reaching our primary audience: active duty and reservists; enlisted members, NCO's, junior-grade officers and Department of Defense civilians, would be a clear violation of our right to conduct business and result in a massive lawsuit against any and all persons responsible.

"Certainly it was not our intention to embarrass the Army or Carlisle Barracks. Both Army War College graduate, Brig. Gen. Peter Genovese, USAR (Ret), Chairman of the Board of, and myself, have many friends at and fond memories of Carlisle Barracks," MacDonald said. "We simply wanted to right a wrong and see to it that such an illegal and unjustified action will not occur again.

"The motto of is: FIGHTING FOR THE TRUTH . . . EXPOSING THE CORRUPT. As long as the military does not attempt to impede our ability to root out the criminal element and reveal wrong-doing, we will get along just fine," MacDonald said.

"Our goal is to help restore morale, remove corrupt 'leaders,' strengthen our fighting ability and improve the public perception of our armed forces in the minds of the American people.


The public affairs officer at Carlisle Barracks, LTC James MacNeil, tried to snow a reporter from the Harrisburg PATRIOT-NEWS when asked point-blank, whether had been "blocked" from post computers.

"Absolutely not," declared MacNeil. "I'm on it right now!" (So were, undoubtedly, the JAG, CID and others who have the technical ability to access any "blocked" site.)

The PAO's protestations did not fool reporter Matt Miller, who cited in his Sept. 5 story on the top of page three in the PATRIOT-NEWS, that a "source connected" to the base said attempts to access had prompted "illegal operation" warnings on computer screens.

In addition to the PATRIOT-NEWS source, has many sources, male and female, located in a number of locations on post who told the editors they were unable to access the controversial site.

The post flack further makes himself look ridiculous with his lame excuse as to why pornography is available on Carlisle Barracks computers.

"Access to porn sites is blocked," MacNeil assured the PATRIOT-NEWS, but "obviously we can't get them all."

Really? Then the PAO must think you can only get "a little bit" pregnant.

MacNeil's absurd statement is disputed by a computer expert who has worked on post and tells a total "block" on any and all pornographic websites can be "easily accomplished" if those in charge are "serious" about ending unfettered access.

PORNO STILL SEEN ON BARRACKS COMPUTERS regrets to report that as of Sept. 10, a week AFTER we brought it to the attention of Carlisle Barracks and readers of our Internet site, pornography is STILL accessible on the post computer system. WHY?

"They may claim they've stopped it, but I saw it with my own eyes," an inside source, ready to complain to the FBI, told

Obviously, Gen. Ivany, just arrived at Carlisle Barracks, trusted his subordinate officers to stop the porno access. In a stunning combination of arrogance and stupidity, the "trash" continues be available for viewing. Those responsible have deceived their new commandant and should be fired on the spot.

If there ever was a genuine example of a "hostile work environment" and "sexual harassment" of both female military and civilian workers on Carlisle Barracks, this is it! Surely the Army doesn't want to postpone decisive action until lawsuits are filed by women we know who find such images "offensive and insulting." There is still time to head off legal action, but that time is fast running out.

We also have confirmed an incident last year in which several young boys were caught looking at a porno web site they were able to access on a computer located in the reading room of the Military History Institute! The machine was shut off and the youths told to leave. One of them, reportedly, is the son of a colonel at the War College. Thus no official action was taken. But why didn't the Director of MHI take steps right then and there to prevent such a thing ever happening again? Or was the "command climate" under Gen. Ivany's predecessor so "loose" that incidents like this went unreported? And if it was reported, why didn't Gen. "Bobby" Scales do something about it?

Knowingly allowing access to pornographic websites on Government computers is a violation of Federal law! We at would hope that after reading this article, Gen. Ivany would insist his subordinate officers shut down porno access once and for all!

The unpleasant alternative would be for us to contact the U.S. Attorney's Office in Harrisburg and request FBI agents come on post to conduct an investigation immune from Army control. Certainly they could get to the bottom of who is responsible for such a gross violation of the Barracks stated "sexual harassment" policy.

There are numerous witnesses to back up these charges. They would be much more comfortable talking to the FBI than becoming possible targets of "retaliation" if they were unwise enough to "trust" the IG or the Army to "investigate itself."

However, we are confident that our brother Vietnam veteran, Gen. Ivany, will do the right thing. Just as he has throughout his long and distinguished career. Therefore, it won't be necessary to notify the FBI. We are sure the new commandant of Carlisle Barracks will swiftly move to correct this intolerable situation.

(We are leaving up the article "BANNED AT CARLISLE BARRACKS" and "AN OPEN LETTER TO THE COMMANDANT" rather than relegate them to the archives at this time. It is our view that readers of WE WIN! Would appreciate having such reference material easily at hand. - THE EDITORS )

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