USAF Lt. Col. Bryan J. Bodner Charged with Rape and Sodomy


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What now-retired general is sweating bullets – no pun intended – since word leaked back to him he is under investigation in the suspicious shooting death of his estranged wife?

Seems the so-called “suicide” took place off post, in suburban Virginia. Yet this “brass hat” called his CID “buddies” to his home first, and NOT the local police.

Deep cover sources tell us a bitter fight over an impending divorce precipitated the fatal shot. The question is – WHO really pulled the trigger? And WHY did this thoroughly-obnoxious and much-despised military cop, (his nickname, behind his back, was “Heinrich Himmler), insist that the “suicide” weapon – the general’s own 9mm – be demolished at the U.S. Army Crime Lab (USACIL), with a photographic record made of each phase of the destruction?

Now in private business, this jackbooted general employs, at generous salaries, several of the now-retired senior CID warrant officers who were so “helpful” to him in the “suicide” investigation. Insiders are asking, “does money buy total silence, or has someone finally talked?

OUT THE WINDOW: A Navy petty officer has been charged with manslaughter in New York City after he admitted shoving a female sailor to her death from a sixth-floor window of a Times Square hotel.

Brian Cooley, 29, told cops he got into a “heated argument” with Lisa Tedstone that led to her falling to her death. Cooley contended he “punched and shoved” the female sailor and made no effort to grab her when she allegedly “fell backwards” through the window.

Hard-boiled Manhattan detectives are, shall we say, “a bit skeptical” of Colley’s version of events.

SEX CHARGES: The Marine Corps brig at Quantico, Va. got a new customer recently. A field-grade officer who was stationed with the 89th Support Group at Andrews Air Force Base, Md.

According to an unclassified message sent to us by one of our an Air Force CI’s, Lt. Col. Byran J. Bodner “was confined as the result of a general court martial for violation of UCMJ Article 125 (SODOMY), Article 133 (CONDUCT UNBECOMING AN OFFICER) and Article 134 (ADULTERY).” He was sentenced to forfeiture of $2900 pay per month for five months and confinement for the same amount of time.

Now, if all the other Air Force “brass hats” were prosecuted who have done and gotten away with the same thing Bodner was punished for, a new jail would have to be built to house them all.

Officers below the rank of colonel would get a regular cell, but the generals would have private suites. After all, they are used to living in the lap of luxury, and more “Spartan quarters” would be too much of a shock to their sensibilities.

BLOWS THE WHISTLE: Three cheers and a heartfelt SALUTE to retired Lt. Gen. Paul Van Riper, USMC.
This man of integrity, who headed up the Marine Corps Combat Development Command when he retired in 1997, refused to “go along with the program” and “look the other way” while heading up Opposition Force during the recent Millennium Challenge 2002 “war games.”

The Pentagon went into DAMAGE CONTROL mode and tried to play down the general’s honest observations. But it’s pretty hard to successfully denigrate a great fighting Marine like Van Riper. If only this country had more men like him still in uniform!

THEY GOT HER: It took a while, a long while, but police finally nailed the fugitive wife of slain U.S. Air Force pilot, Capt. Marty Theer.

Michelle Theer was taken into custody outside a Florida apartment house where she’d been recovering from plastic surgery on her face. From what we saw of the mug photos, it looks like she lost a battle with a buzz saw. At least those “mean” slit-like eyes didn’t change.

Our readers will remember news reports of Capt. Theer’s murder near Pope Air Force Base, in Fayetteville, N.C. in December 2000.

One soldier, sure not to forget, is former Army paratrooper SSG John M. Diamond. The noncom is serving a life-sentence in Leavenworth. He allegedly fell in love with the 31 year-old married woman, and was either duped or willingly took part in the slaying. The much-decorated member of the 325th Airborne Brigade, maintains his innocence to this day.

The “widow Theer,” because she’s a civilian, will be prosecuted by the Feds. There’s not much doubt in what she was up to. In her apartment, investigators found literature on “how to hide out, go underground and secure a new identity.”