VADM Nancy Norton, one of the worst naval officers to ever don the uniform

We have done a series of articles on the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA). Articles centered on the horrible conduct and high levels of corruption by senior DISA personnel like Lisa Belt, Dave Bennett and Tony Montemarano.

Our articles also exposed the social climate that may have given the perception of racism as one of the reasons behind some promotions. This may or may not be the case, but it does demand closer examination.

For example, old Charlie Osborn (who is married to an Asian American woman) was selected to replace Jesse Showers. One of our readers said that we failed to dig deep enough.

The dismissal of Jessie Showers was, according to this particular source, that Jesse Showers was asked to retire (fired), due to him funneling work to his wife’s 8a company. In addition he was having affairs with at least one woman in his office while his family lived near Scott Air Force Base.

We have no desire to publish any deceptive or false statements and wrongfully injure anyone. Our task to expose corruption is difficult. People are frightened to come forward. In agencies like DISA that is very secretive, it’s sometimes very hard to get accurate and factual information. Remember, they specialize, to some extent, on disinformation.

Regardless of how difficult it may be, we will continue to do our very best to ferret out all the malfeasance connected with the military or any military organization like DISA. Billions of dollars are being wasted and misappropriated. The lack of real leadership is the cause of the problem.

Usually, when we make an assertion which is wrong, we will get a hundred emails to tell us so, and we immediately take steps to correct the error. We do our very best to get it right the first time and rely on sources we deem are trustworthy. It’s a risk we take, because to do nothing is far worse then getting it wrong every now and then.


Our sources are telling us there is a small company that was recently purchased by General Dynamics Information Technology (GDIT) call NES Associates LLC, formally owned by Andy Gomer and John “Jack” Curran. Andy Gomer has apparently used this company to influence contracts and keep money flowing to his company through a series of work-for-jobs scams that carries on into the GDIT work under Jack Curran.

Andy Gomer has been working the DoD for twenty plus years and has effectively used his wealth to influence contracts to his company and maintain an unhealthy, maybe illegal, relationship with many of the senior execs at DISA, DLA and the Army PEO EIS.

His power and influence is go great that when his company was sold he was given a position as a Highly Qualified Expert (HQE), which is a technical equivalent to a Senior Executive Service (SES) grade. He really didn’t need the money, but wanted the access.

There was no competition for the job. As they say within the agency, “This position was not competed.” You have heard about the importance of draining the swamp, well, this is an example of how the swamp fills up. Andy Gomer now has at least eight (8) of his old staff working for him directly as GDIT employees.

Some of those people Andy brought aboard have highly questionable ability, and are being paid ridiculous salaries for not being qualified for the work they are doing. Stupid is, as stupid does. This, my friends is a classic example of the good old boy club in full operation.


For the questionable ability issue, Deborah Gerlisky and her husband Fred are both on GDIT’s payroll. Fred is a former car mechanic. Deborah was Andy’s assistant. Both are being paid for high-end technical consulting positions, for which they have little knowledge, skills or ability.

And who gets screwed; the taxpayers do, of course. The taxpayers get screwed in a much different fashion than old Dave Bennett in the DISA parking garage.

We are betting that Andy’s DISA position is only the tip of the iceberg. If someone who actually gave a damn in our government would launch an investigation, they might find that Andy and his right-hand man John Curran have been doing this in other places as well.

Andy hired Tim Murray and Lori Severson after they funneled money for years to his companies supporting the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA). The NES relationship with Defense Contracting Management Agency (DCMA) was so corrupt that it triggered investigations resulting in the firing of several GS employees in the CIO office and a halting of information technology acquisitions.

The Army PEO is even worse. That corruption starts in the CIO Office under Hari Bezwada, and extends to many of the program offices. Andy and Jack used their contract (HHSN316201200159W) to support a wonderful quid-pro-quo scheme across the entire PEO.

NES even went so far as to support Hari’s wife’s company with a $20,000/mo. consulting contract for her company JCS. Jack Curran took it all to a whole new level by promising jobs to leaders who funneled work to his contract. Since the contract was “flexible” as he put it, there was all manner of work that could be done legally with no form of selection process.

And let’s not forget those who aid and abet corruption


Jack has meetings all the time where he has bragged about the people he has brought on, and their ability to influence the work he has been provided. It should be a deeply concerning issue for any inspector general.

It does not take a rocket scientist to realize the  contracts and some of the unskilled people presents a deeply flawed management of the people’s money. It’s further worrisome when Jacky boy openly brags about some of the dubious people he plans to hire in the future.

You could start with the Home Station Mission Command project inside I3MP that was put on the contract, then Jacky boy hired the contracting consultant out of the Army CIO office, who was funding the work. Our sources say that man was Nathaniel Henry.

By the way, they lost the work when the contract went “full and open” for competition. Jack also hired their technical manager Mike Hunter after he help get work pushed to NES. The swamp is starting to stink to high Heaven.

The Army Data Center Consolidation Program was run by Mr. Archie Mackey. When he ran into contract problems for his NES team instead of competing for the work, he parked it on Jacks contract. Jacky boy then hired Archie who is rumored to be making a stupid salary while doing not much of anything somewhere in the Southern part of the USA. NES also lost that work when it went out for competition.

Inside of PM DCATs under COL Charlie Stein and Jeanie Winchester Jack moved millions of dollars worth of work to support Korea to his contract. Work that was supposed to be competed. When Charlie and Jeanie left that office, that work got moved to another contract very quickly. Jacky boy hired Charlie sometime this year.


US Army Pacific G6 office also moved tons of work to Jacky boy’s contracts. All manner of work for phones and video conferencing. Wanna guess what happened? Jacky boy hired the former deputy G6 Steve Tatum. Are we seeing a pattern here?

This sleazy behavior has not stopped. Jacky boy has been overheard in the PEO halls talking about COL Mark Orwat out of the Army CIO G6 office and how he will join them soon. Jacky boy has been a Santa Clause for so many people. He defines the swamp.

COL Orwat used to control all the money that the Army pushed to JRSS and router replacements for DISA. That money probably totals in the 100’s of millions. COL Orwat pushed it all to NES, and guess what, Jacky boy is now going to hire him also.

We pause here to remember a young naval officer in the naval reserves who was court-martialed over a $75.51 travel claim and fraternizing with a female air-traffic controller. It’s an interesting comparison between what happened to him and the billions of dollars that are involved in massive fraud, waste and abuse scams — what an absolute joke.

Many prior military have been invited on Jacky-boy’s team. Again, if there were an inspector general worth his/her salt, he/she might want to examine every member of Jacky-boy’s team and how they got there. Fernando Perez, Ron Nixon, Randy Ratliff, Linda Hickey and others may also have been in positions to help Jack and Andy make a financial killing at the expense of the American taxpayer.

At the Program Office for Defensive Cyber Operations, Jack Curran is frequently seen meeting with LTC Helmore, COL Harris and others. Many in the office know that the teams “Assistant Program Manager” Kristy Alatorre is nothing more than Jack’s place card for access to Helmore and his team.

She used to do graphics and keep Jack and Andy’s calendar in the PEO CIO Office. Now she is a highly-paid program lead, and our sources say she knows little or nothing about how that program works. Jack is seen all the time with Ms. Alatorre and the GDIT team has been given more and more work while other capable companies are displaced.

It could be that the recent protest of the DCO BPA was because it was seen that Kristy’s relationship with LTC Helmore may be too close and very unprofessional. Remember, DISA wrote the book on unprofessional behavior.


We realize, of course, that much of the above may be esoteric, meaning understood by or meant for only the select few who have special knowledge or interest. It’s hard to understand for those not working within the Washington military establishments like DISA.

We regret not being able to write this in laymen’s terms for you to thoroughly understand what is really going on at DISA and other defense-related organizations. But, we think you get the drift of what is going on; it’s corruption and lots of it.

No one needs to tell our readers how corrupt and dysfunctional many of these organizations in Washington have become. While corruption in Washington is no surprise; is that a reason to just accept the corruption and turn a blind eye?  Sorry, it’s not in our DNA.

VADM Nancy Norton presides over this den of corruption and her brand of leadership is pathetic at best. Her oath was to protect and defend against all enemies, foreign and domestic. Don’t worry about the Russians and Chinese, worry about the domestic enemies that are raiding the U.S. Treasury.

While ethically-challenged people are stuffing money in their pockets, Nancy “milk-toast” Norton is going to all the dinner parties in Washington, never letting the hors d’oeuvre tray pass her by. She could give a shit about how her agency is being run. She’s glad to count the days to retirement, than to do the job she was appointed to do.

VADM Nancy Norton is indeed one of the worst naval officers we have encountered in our 19 years of exposing corruption.

And who can forget Lisa Lynn Elias Belt (Offender ID Number 1992774)

UPDATE: We have received word that Lisa “did I hit that car” Belt had her security clearance suspended. Tell us Christmas only comes once a year. Did it solve anything? Well no, not as long as VADM Norton is still in charge, and relying on Tony “where are the babes” Montemarano to manage things at DISA. Sadly, the agency is still deeply mired in a sea of corruption.

Jessie Showers got fired for funneling money to his wife’s company and for affairs with subordinates. We wonder if any action will be taken to curtail what appears to be rampant corruption with others who are funneling money and jobs left and right.  Mr. President, cut loose the dogs of war and clean out this pathetically run agency.