VADM Nancy Norton, one of the worst naval officers to ever don the uniform

And the saga continues…

The Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) continues to amaze us with extraordinary examples of failed leadership. The primary agency of the United States government where certain inner-circle employees get to “move up, when they screw up.”

We ask all DISA employees who believe in the rule-of-law, to report any instance of ethical or criminal misconduct. Vice Admiral “see no evil” Norton needs to be retired immediately.

We ask President Trump to order a security detachment to throw all her personal items in a box and escort her to the parking garage. Our readers do remember the now famous parking garage?

And while they are on their way to the parking garage, they should grab Tony “the Swampman” Monte-marinara-sauce, to send him packing as well. Remember, if you keep doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting a different result… you are the definition of stupid.

Below are some tidbits from “Rumor Control.”

Patrice Wilmot GS15 who for years screamed at and belittled subordinates was finally the subject of an investigation by the Inspector General involving suspicion of travel fraud. Rumor has it she was traveling to meet her subordinate and lover, and we the taxpayers were allegedly paying for these little love adventures.

Patrice, we are told, left DISA and supposedly was promoted to a senior executive position at the IRS. The rumor mill also states that her pet GS14 Teresa Kohler, finally had her security clearance pulled after several DWIs.

After about eighteen (18) months, Patrice Wilmot moved other GS14s out so she could rehire Teresa Kohler. Scuttlebutt has it that Kohler is now Deputy Chief of the Cyber Line of Business in the Ecosystem and still drinks like a fish.

We were corrected by a vigilant reader that referring to VADM Nancy Norton as a “Milk-Toast” kind of a leader was incorrect. The reader said, “I believe “milk toast” in your reference actually means “milquetoast,” a sheepish, no-guts person.

It goes back to the ’30s or ’40s to explain a person with no guts. We stand corrected on the spelling, but the term is right on target where Director VADM Norton is concerned. She has absolutely no guts at all, otherwise many people would have been fired from DISA a long time ago.


A reader wrote in to report, at 9 am on Friday morning, Jack Curran was summarily fired by GDIT after a lengthy investigation. We don’t know the particulars. Sometimes, people being suddenly fired from a government job receive a “golden parachute” to lessen the impact and embarrassment of the dismissal.

In other cases, people are fired in a brutal fashion. When the government fires someone with extreme prejudice, they burst into the office, give the departing employee a cardboard box and tell them to clean out their desk. Then, the individual who is carrying the box is escorted to the door and stripped of any access credentials.

We don’t know exactly how it all went down, but the email from Leigh Palmer to the Army Group was one sentence: Mr. Jack Curran has decided to pursue other opportunities. It almost sounds like that tired worn-out, frequently overused term, “he resigned for family reasons.”

Usually these types of departing announcement emails thank the individual for his/her contributions. There was none of that. At 11:30 all VP’s in the army group had a teleconference with Leigh Palmer who addressed his departure. It will be interesting to see if GDIT reaches out to all the former employees who Jack Curran destroyed their careers, to apologize.

ANOTHER READER suggests that we look into the past of Mr. Tony Purvis and his alleged affairs with a Mrs. Shelly Madden (now retired). Virtually all of of Mr Purvis’ TDYs have been totally unnecessary and a waste of taxpayer dollars.

The reader also recommends that we check out Mr Purvis’ latest IG report, where he claims no responsibility. And while you’re at it, dive into the antics of Caryl Faust (now retired). The reader believes that Faust is guilty of multiple cases of cronyism and promotions not at all deserved.

FROM YET ANOTHER READER: Your latest article on DISA is off target and is based on rumors from 5 years ago. You are completely missing all of the actions Tony Purvis has done as the Ecosystem Chief. For example:

– Creating jobs for his cronies in OKC and filling them without announcing them
– blatant disregard for DRP and efforts to place employees from sites being affected by RIF
– massive intimidation of staff
– ensuring promotions for those in the “Facebook family”

Not to mention all of the things cited in the IG report. Please keep investigating and exposing all of the current corruption that is rampant throughout the agency.

AND ANOTHER READER suggests…. “Check into the relationship between Tony Purvis and Ken Novotony, the former owner of CSI, KNWebs and DNI, surrounding the contract stand-up and sustainment of the Defense Enterprise Email service.” As we check on the “Tony and Ken” show, readers with specific information are welcomed to send us any and all information about their relationship… if inappropriate, unethical or illegal, our editorial staff will be submitting an article for publication.

AND ANOTHER READER DISCLOSES… “Here is some more info on the new GS-15 who replaced Tania Wilkes. Not to many people know she was fired not once but twice from DISA Montgomery for mistakes made when she was a contractor.

Those mistakes were on the classified network and were covered up both times, but they let her go. Then she was later rehired as a GS and has stepped on or got rid of anyone who did not agree with her or challenged her in any way.”

AND FROM YET ANOTHER… “You should look into the nepotism at the DISA field sites like Chambersburg. There are literally whole families that work in the same building and for the same organization.”

Folks… the three big things that are like a cancer on any organization is, cronyism, nepotism and fraternization. For example, just fraternization alone is so serious in the military that an officer could get a felony conviction and two years in prison for buying someone a beer and calling them by their first name. You don’t have to have wild and crazy sex to be thrown in jail… it could be as innocuous as inviting an enlisted man/woman over for a barbecue.

If you are working for DISA and have information about anyone who has violated those three categories…. please contact us. The root causes of corruption must be ferreted out of DISA.

AND ANOTHER… “Brian Hermann may not be a sign of corruption or cronyism, but is maybe merited. I have worked with him on and off since he was in uniform and while I haven’t always agreed with him, I think he’s smart and a decent guy. He does have a close relationship with the Tony the Swampman though. It’s hard to get anywhere in DISA without one.

I suggest looking into the NBIS fiasco and the number of SES PEO and GS-15 PMs who have cycled in and been run out from Martin Gross and Chris Catlin all the way through Terry Carpenter and Heidi Cotter and all of their cronies and sycophants they’ve promoted with them along the way.

I also suggest looking into what happened with Drew Jaehnig, formerly head of the “4th Estate” effort and now shown as being on “transition leave.” I believe he was one of your “guaranteed SES track” folks, and who is now leaving the agency very suddenly.”

And, if our readers go back to DISA CHRONICLES, CHAPTER 3, we predicted that Brian Hermann would be promoted to SES level. That prediction came true.

Keep those cards and letters coming in folks. With any luck, maybe someone will drop the hammer and start cleaning out some of these monumentally corrupt agencies.