Lt. Gen. Leslie "look the other way" Smith, Inspector General of the United States Army.

Sometimes people wonder, why do we even have a Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ)? Why aren’t the federal criminal codes adequate enough to do the job? For example, if you commit murder while on active duty, or commit murder as a civilian; isn’t the same criminal act, still a violation of law? Why do we need two separate codes for the same offenses?

The answer can be found in the uniqueness of military service. If you don’t like your boss in the civilian world you just quit, or in the New York vernacular, “take this job and shove it.” In the military, if you decided to quit, they call it Absent Without Leave (AWOL). Or, if you have been gone thirty-plus days, they call it by a more hideous name, “desertion.”

There are other examples, but you get the idea that serving in the military is a different animal. Unfortunately, the military has created a system that is extremely biased in the government’s favor. Just a mere accusation will ruin you. The military found out that if they can coerce, threaten and intimidate a service member to admitting their alleged guilt, then there are really no appeals and the prosecutors receive achievement medals for a job well done.

While the military would never divulge the actually statistics, our observation is that once you are accused of anything, anything at all, there’s about a 98% chance you will be convicted, and using popular Navy jargon, “tossed overboard.”


The military judicial system is an utter joke in a variety of ways. But, let’s zero in on the office of inspector general (IG) in all branches of military that contributes greatly to the pathetic reputation the military has in its failure to properly administrate justice. The position of inspector general is a ruse that gives a false sense of security to military and civilians alike.

We use, as an example, the current Inspector General of the Army, Lieutenant General (LTG) Leslie C. Smith. Our sources close to the general say he is a kindhearted, good man that anyone would be proud to call a friend. But, those are not the traits necessary to be an excellent inspector general. A real inspector general conducts credible investigations and enforces the law.

We are told that LTG Smith always goes along to get along and has turned over most of the daily operations at the IG’s office to underlings like Colonel Kevin F. Daniels. Smith and Daniels figured out the real mission of the IG’s office in the military is to make damn sure your branch of service is not embarrassed by anyone for any reason. Ignore, conspire, conceal, delay, obfuscate, cover-up; do anything to quiet things down and make it go away.

If the IG receives information about fraud occurring in the Army, which is a daily occurrence, they have to make a decision whether or not to investigate. This is when Smith and Daniels wet their finger to figure out which way the political wind is blowing before making any decision. Frequently, the military will pretend to investigate so they can find out who had the audacity to file the fraud complaint to begin with.

Let us make this very clear, the office of inspector general is not their to prosecute the evil doers, it has been created to ensure the American people never find out just how much corruption is really going on in the military. They only time the military conducts a viable and fair investigation is when the accuser or the victim is the son or daughter of a Congressperson or Senator.


Case in point is Air Force officer Dominique Collier.

Air Force officer Dominique Collier used as a recruiting tool for the American military

Dominique Collier is very photogenic, so much so, the military decided to make her the face of the military to lure young recruits into the service.

Dominique’s image has been emblazoned on advertisements all over the world, and can be found wrapped around various vehicles including buses showing her as a returning soldier to her loving family.

Dominique’s beautiful face has been on advertisements for Coca-Cola, FedEx and even on paper cups, in an all-out effort to lure young people into an all-volunteer military.

Dominique’s picture is on virtually every military base in the world being used, not only in advertisements, but training materials and numerous other printed material as well.

TO ADDRESS POTENTIAL CONFUSION: Even though Dominique is presently a Captain in the Air Force, ads frequently show her wearing different uniforms and different ranks from different services. As sort of a still-photography actress, she gets to play different roles as the advertisers for the military desire.

Unfortunately, Dominique had to find out the hard way, just how corrupt the military was, the same military she was representing all over the globe. Dominique Collier was brutally assaulted by her ex-boyfriend Joel Maldonado-Ramos who is currently on active-duty in a special operations command in the United States Army.

Her ex-boyfriend was found guilty by a civilian court for assault and battery on Dominique in a beating so bad, that she was on crutches for weeks. The assault left her with a large hematoma (a circumscribed collection of blood, usually clotted, in a tissue or organ, caused by a break in a blood vessel). Dominique was forced to wear an ankle brace for several months requiring physical therapy and chiropractic sessions so she could walk without pain.

Dominique Collier

Because her ex-boyfriend belongs to special operations command Joint Communications Integrated Element in the United States Army. Army officers decided it was politically expedient to ignore the beating of an Air Force officer. Their attitude was that since the civilians levied their pathetic judgement on Joel Maldonado, why should the military get involved?

It’s funny the opposite was true when the ex-wife of Air Force Major Clarence Anderson was unable to convince civilian authorities of her pernicious lies, so she summoned the help of Air Force prosecutors who wasted no time convicting him at a court-martial and thrown in prison for three years. You see, the military only believes women when it is politically expedient to do so.

To this day, Joel Maldonado-Ramos is a member in good standing with the United States Army. He works as if nothing ever happened. But, something did happen forcing Dominique Collier to obtain three separate protective orders (restraining orders) against Maldonado. The Army apparently has no problem with misogynistic military members.

Maldonado was not only ordered to keep his distance from her, he was also sentenced to a “punishing” twelve months of unsupervised probation and a dinky fine. We call this a slap on the wrist, especially for beating up a woman. Dominique was granted a two-year protective order, but the Army still has done nothing to Maldonado to hold him accountable for beating the hell out of Dominique Collier.

Instead, the military has gone to great lengths to silence silence Dominique about the assault. It’s a fact the military had done absolutely nothing to hold one of their own accountable for the severe beating he gave her. The military will normally fight against domestic violence, unless they screwed up and made the situation worse.

Oh, but it gets worse. Air Force Captain Marissa Pena of the so-called Family Advocacy Program apparently lied. Dominique wonders if she lied to protect the ex-boyfriend, or was Capt. Pena just stupid and lazy? Dominique says the security forces under LTC Jonathon Bell also lied to protect themselves for failing to implement her protective orders.

Her ex’s command failed to abide by the new laws President Trump signed into law under National Defense Act and Lautenberg Amendment. Article 128 outlines procedures, DoDI 6400.06 and AR 600-20 in regards to protective order and the role of commanders, family advocacy, law enforcement and military police in administrative actions in regards to assault.

Dominique had to go to the installation commander Colonel Purath to get her ex-boyfriend barred from the installation, because Family Advocacy personnel lied about having her military protective order in place. She personally went to Army CID agents and discovered there was never a military protective order in place. She further discovered that if any orders came after they wouldn’t be valid as they were never entered into the systems.

Dominique says Captain Marissa Pena lied about it, saying that she didn’t know it needed to be on DOD Form 2873. Capt. Pena, with a ‘I don’t give a dame about this case’ attitude, told Dominique she could take their word for it. Adding insult to injury, Capt. Pena stated to Dominique she needed to leave because she stayed an hour longer than she had planned for, and needed to get home to give her son his allowance money, which was apparently more important than Dominique’s safety.

After Dominique was assaulted and had her first restraining order in force, her ex-boyfriend, still not getting the message, came on the base and threatened to kill her. Much to Dominique’s dismay, the military has clear written guidance and a plethora of laws, but fails to follow their own statutes potentially placing her life in danger.

Dominique feels it an example of total hypocrisy, how the military can use her image to lure others into the military, then turn around and silence her to protect her ex-boyfriend’s career in the Army? Dominique also said her ex-boyfriend’s executive officer, Major Joseph Serrie pretended to be the commander and falsified documents to shore-up the cover up.

Dominique asked for help from her Congressional Representative who reached out three times for a response to her situation. Apparently, the military now is dragging their feet with the Congressional inquiries, because Dominique says the military is even stiff-arming her elected representatives.

Dominique is now in the roll of a whistle-blower. And, we know how the military responds to whistle-blowers. Both Army and Air Force personnel have treated her with utter contempt. Dominique said, “I am an officer in the United States Air Force, and being treated like this, I can only imagine what someone of a lower rank would experience.”

We can answer that for Dominique. They are usually carted off to a military mental hospital. The military has a special way they convert victims into feeling they caused it all and need to speak with a military psychologist about their outlandish assertions.

Dominique has sought help from virtually every agency possible. This includes her chaplain, SARC, CID, OSI and Inspector General’s of the Army and Air Force. She also sought help from her Congressional Representative, even officials at the Pentagon and Army Special Operations.

Joel Maldonado is, in the opinion of Dominique Collier, receiving special treatment. Why is unknown. Is it because he is involved in black operations? Is it a turf battle where the Army could give a damn about what their soldiers do to a female Air Force officer? And where the hell are these so-called inspector generals?

Dominique Collier is a fighter and won’t give up until someone holds the man who beat her fully accountable for his criminal misconduct. The civilian action was totally inadequate and the military continues to provide the woman-beater a safe harbor.

Last week Dominique received a message on her private social media page of a man telling her he’s was a sniper then deleting his account. She took screenshots and flew her children out of the area. Again, we ask … where is the investigation from the Inspector Generals of the Army and Air Force?

Dominique had to go to Maryland Sheriff’s Department and a judge to get a separate protective order, because the base said her civilian protective orders from Virginia weren’t valid on the base. There were different jurisdictions to address in order to fully restrict her ex-boyfriend from the base where Dominique worked.

Dominique brought us up-to-date by saying,  “were due in court on August 01, 2019, but his defense attorney asked for a motion of continuance on his appeal of the assault and battery charge to prolong this case. He asked for two continuances in general district court and now is appealing in circuit court.

Dominique Collier says that she has been betrayed by one institution after another, and one inspector general after another. The laws that are on the books simply are not being followed. The message here is if you assault an officer in a different branch of service, you get a “get out of jail free” card.

LTG Leslie C. Smith and his boot-lickers are doing a wonderful job protecting the Army from embarrassing cases, but doing a piss-poor job of investigating and enforcing the law. If the IG wanted to do a great job enforcing the law, he can start first by putting himself on report for supreme dereliction of duty.

Hey Smitty, if you are interested in doing a real investigation of what happened to Dominique Collier, she has all the documents you will need to bring people to justice. Below is the list she provided us. We are certain she will be glad to give any interested inspector general copies as well. Only copies however, she already knows how you folks operate.

  • Three (3) restraining orders
  • Civilian guilty conviction with probation and a paltry fine
  • Reported assault and medical report
  • Central Registry Board determination
  • Communication from command for MPO from Pentagon and commanders
  • News articles on spec ops and military not following rules
  • Prince George’s County protective order
  • Instagram sniper communication
  • Fabricated orders not in system

And a final message to all those considering military service… if the Pentagon will throw under the bus the person they use as a recruiting tool all over the globe, then letting just about anyone from the Army to beat her up… You have to ask yourself, do I really want to enter the military? Is that really a wise move? If you don’t have the answer, we will help… FOR HEAVEN SAKE (AND YOUR SAKE), DON’T GO IN THE MILITARY.

Dominique Collier in a USO ad on a government vehicle


Air Force Captain Dominique Collier on crutches after her Army ex-boyfriend beat the hell out of her. Once again, the Army IG did nothing to a woman beater.