did the lt. col. obstruct justice and will he be held accountable?

UPDATE: Our sources are now telling us that Chief Master Sergeant (CMSgt.) Michael Jovanovich was having an affair with just one enlisted female on base and not multiple females as we were initially led to believe.

That same female apparently went into the Office of Special Investigations ostensibly to seek out employment or affiliation. During the course of her employment interview, she was asked if she had ever had an “unprofessional” relationship and because she was an honest person and much to her credit, she said yes.

Her response opened an investigation concerning the relationship CMSgt. Jovanovich had with the enlisted women who reported it. Jovanovich used to be in the 5th Munitions Squadron as a production flight chief.

Jovanovich graduated from the Advanced Maintenance Superintendent Course (AMSC) some years ago. Last year he was promoted to E-9 which is Chief Master Sergeant (CMSgt.) We first reported that it appeared the Air Force was covering up his alleged misconduct. The Air Force apparently did what they should have done, opened up an investigation into a violation of the UCMJ. We do not know if the Air Force is covering up other matters connected with the Jovanovich affair. We pray they are not covering up anything but rather diligently investigating all aspects of the case.

Lieutenant Colonel Ken Howell got wind of the investigation and suggested that Jovanovich destroy and digital communication from his cell phone. Why is Howell allegedly helping to cover up and protect Jovanovich? According to sources on the base, Howell allegedly has a track record of perpetrating coverups. As the leader of an investigation into the base youth center, Howell went out to drinks with those he was investigating. Howell was investigating complaints that people who were caring for the children were drinking. As you can imagine, Howell could find nothing wrong.

We have been told that Jovanavich has a no-contact order with the woman with whom he is alleged to have been fraternizing with. But we are told that even after the no-contact order had been issued, Jovanovich encouraged her to use the same lawyer like him, and also to move off base so he can visit her at her new home to take care of things. Again, Jovanovich apparently did all this AFTER receiving a no-contact order.

We are told that the women Jovanovich was having a torrid love affair with went to the Air Force Office of Special Investigations (OSI) initially to obtain employment and during the course of employment interviews she reported that she had a relationship with CMSgt. Mike Jovanovich. Most people didn’t know it but Jovanovich had a guardian angel in the form of a certain Lieutenant Colonel Ken Howell. Howell apparently took overt steps to protect CMSgt. Jovanovich by telling him to clean everthing off his phone that could be used against him.

HOLD THE PRESSES RIGHT THERE! If indeed Lieutenant Colonel Howell told Jovanovich to remove evidence of a crime from his cell phone, that is a crime in and of itself because Howell is conspiring with Jovanovich to destroy evidence. IT’S CALLED OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE, and it’s against the law in and out of the military. But, maybe this is now acceptable in America. Remember Hillary Clinton had 33,000 emails destroyed after receiving a subpoena and nothing happened to her or any of her henchmen.

And before OSI could get their pencils sharpened to fully investigate Jovanovich, evidence allegedly started to disappear. If indeed this happened, this Lieutenant Colonel Howell needs to be placing his ribbons on an orange prison jumper. We feel that intentionally conspiring to destroy evidence of a crime is far worse than fraternizing with an enlisted woman.

We use the word crime because fraternization is a crime in the military. President Ronald Reagan boosted fraternization from a misdemeanor to a felony offense. President Reagan increased the maximum sentence for fraternization to two years in prison and a dishonorable discharge. Officers receive what they call a “dismissal” but for all intents and purposes, a dismissal is, in fact, a dishonorable discharge.

While we believe a felony conviction is a bit extreme for fraternization, we fully understand the importance of keeping the chain of command free of morale denigrating relationships. If allowed to continue, friendly relationships amongst different ranks in the chain of command tend to undermine the good order and discipline of any unit in the military.

Fraternization is one thing, but taking overt steps to interfere with an investigation or even a potential investigation should send that individual to prison for a good long while. Unfortunately, the military has a two-tiered justice system where senior ranking officers are given a pass from criminal misconduct. If the misconduct is severe, officers are quickly ushered out the “retirement” back door with their pensions. The whole system is rigged and has no integrity.

We ask all members of the military stationed at Minot Air Force Base to send us any updates on this particular case. We want a good, high-resolution picture of all the players involved. We are particularly interested in a certain Lt. Col. and CMSgt. Mike Jovanovich. If both of these clowns escape the law, then we need to expose those who are allegedly enforcing the law.

We thank the people who have called in and emailed us to help us fully understand what’s going on at Minot. The OSI office on the base may be indeed investigating Lt. Col. Howell and we pray they are checking into this alleged instruction to Jovanovich to destroy evidence. We are watching Minot very closely to make sure we are getting our story straight and also to find out if the Air Force is going to apply the UCMJ fairly to all members of the base.

Keep us informed MINOT!