We pride ourselves on keeping secret the names and identity of our whistle blowers. We issue our solemn pledge to do everything possible to keep our sources who wish to remain anonymous strictly confidential. If you call or email us, you can be sure that we are doing all we can to safeguard your identity.

Back in the early 1980s, President Reagan instituted the “1-800 Fraud, Waste and Abuse Hotline” system for agencies of the American federal government? Placards were hung on walls at virtually every American military station and ship in the world.

The system was allegedly designed to fight against the rampant fraud, waste and abuse in our government and military. Unfortunately, it was really designed to ferret out the whistle blowers, to find out who and where they where and “deal with them” accordingly.

Even with thousands of phone calls made to the hotline every year for decades, no one has ever been even charged with a crime. If the purpose was to find and hold accountable people who were perpetrating fraud, waste and abuse, it was and is, a complete and unmitigated failure. If the purpose was to find and destroy the whistle blowers, it was a reasonably successful.

Again, we know from personal experiences just how nasty things can get when an individual decides to blow the whistle on criminal or ethical misconduct. There is no organisation more committed to keeping your identity confidential if you desire it so.


We can assure you that forces in our government will continue their attempts to silence us. They will attempt to drive a wedge between us and our readers by any means possible. Never let that happen.

Our only loyalty is to those who believe as we believe that our admirals and generals should be held to the same standard as all others in their command. The Uniform Code of Military Justice should apply to all and not exempt any particular group or person.

No matter what lies they tell, don’t you believe it. And if our site goes down for a day or a month… please know that we will fix the problem and be back on line with more determination than ever. We ask that you not break your faith in us. We will continue to strive for complete and total integrity within all branches of the armed forces.

We want the American military to be as strong as possible, while subscribing to those principles upon which America was founded. Until real reforms are made in the military to achieve these ideals, we shall not rest and we will not give up. We are independent and shall remain so.


Every once in a great while, we receive calls or emails from people who go off the rails on us because we posted something about one of their friends or relatives they did not agree with. Most of the time we just let them vent. But, sometimes their communications are so outrageous, we will share it with our readers.