, is the parent organization of We are not a non-profit organization, so you cannot use your donations to us as a tax deduction on your annual tax return.

We have considered applying for tax exempt status, but tax exemptions are dolled out by the government, and the government takes a dim view of government-watchdog entities like

People in government do what they can to marginalize our message and and paint us with the “anarchy” brush. We are not interested in tearing down the military that is protecting us, but rather to rid the military of the cancer from within.

Your donations, even though not tax exempt, help us to promote and maintain the activities like this website, that help us to educate and inform people throughout the world about military corruption.

Why the world? Believe it or not, many other countries of the world rely on America to protect them. America protects world commerce by making sure the sea lanes in the oceans of the world are free for commerce and trade to all nations.

The United States Navy protects world commerce, so nations of the world can grow and prosper. All nations have a vested interest in making sure the American military, especially the United States Navy is maintained at the highest state of readiness and guided by the basic principle of “Peace Through Strength.”

Unfortunately, our military doesn’t always know that we get and maintain our strength from our “Integrity.” Individuals, like nations, derive real strength from personal and national integrity.

When the military of the United States surrenders their integrity for political expediency, we are all in danger. And, the people on active duty in our military are in danger because the military has its own little judicial system and prison system to deal with whistle-blowers and people deemed as malcontents.

Your donations help us to apply some checks and balances into a military system that has enjoyed little or no scrutiny since its founding during the days of George Washington.


Your donation(s) shall not be squandered or wasted. Donate with confidence knowing that funds shall be used honestly and efficiently. Specifically, we use funds we receive for various products and services to build, maintain and protect

Excess funds are saved until they reach an aggregate amount sufficient enough that we can purchase conventional advertising to let people know who we are and what we do.

National and international exposure will hopefully encourage people to come forward to provide information about any misconduct or malfeasance associated with the military or their support organizations like the Veterans Administration and others.


We are truly an INDEPENDENT source of information, beholding to no one. The old adage, “Without Fear or Favor” certainly applies to us. So, bottom line; your donations are needed for us to remain as a fully INDEPENDENT source of information.

Your donations will help us fight for the truth and expose the corrupt and do the housecleaning that all governments and their military, needs from time to time.

SUMMARY: Whether you are pauper or a king, or anything in-between — whether your donation is $5.00, or $5 million, we will not betray your trust in us. Simply stated; we use donated funds to fight for the truth and expose the corrupt. No one receives any compensation. We due this out of a sense of duty and moral obligation.

Please help us to honor the men and women of the American military by ferreting out those who are evil, corrupt, wasteful, etc.

We thank you in advance and most sincerely, for your donation(s) to the cause.