President Biden pointing to the conspirators attempting to help Captain "Rachel Dolezal" Moreno slip out the back door with an Honorable Discharge

CPT Jose Luis Moreno is one messed up individual. Among other things, it appears CPT Moreno doesn’t know his own ancestry. Moreno falsified the information in his Officer Record Brief and other Army documents declaring he was not Hispanic at all, but is in fact an African-American.

This is what scoundrels do, they switch races like they change sox.

In 1986, Senator Elizabeth Warren declared she was an American Indian, (a descendant of the Cherokee Indian Nation) on her Texas State Bar Registration Card and ended up with the nickname Pocahontas.

High cheekbones fraudster Senator Elizabeth Warren’s feeble attempt to gain an advantage by claiming false ancestry.

Around our office we call Moreno… Captain “Rachel Dolezal” Moreno, named after the activist who presented herself as a Black woman despite being White as a sheet.

Like Rachel Dolezal, Army Captain Jose Luis Moreno now claims to be of Black ancestry. Advice: never trust anyone who denies their own ancestors.

Furthermore, Moreno allegedly graduated with a degree in psychology.

Anyone who assaults a one-year-old baby definitely has psychological problems. Moreno should have paid attention in his college psychology classes.

Our diagnosis is that Captain Moreno is “loco en la cabeza.” In other words, he’s crazy in the head and desperately needs counseling.

Moreno exhibits traits of being a psychopath and should not be in possession of any kind of weapon. A physician properly trained to discover severe mental disorders is needed to zero in on Moreno’s mental problems.

Having lived with the man, Jane Doe knows all about Moreno’s dubious habits and traits. It takes a blindman not to realize there is something deeply troubling and mentally not right about “Rachel Dolezal” Moreno.


Before we get into the meat of this article, we recommend our readers also read an article that was published in the Army Times Magazine on April 10, 2023. This is an excellent article entitled “How the Army quietly discharges soldiers charged with violent crimes,” authored by reporters Vianna Davila, Lexi Churchill and Ren Larson and Davis Winkie.

Unfortunately, the title is misleading because the Army does everything possible to avoid “charging” perpetrators of sexual assault and domestic violence. The authors probably meant to use the word “accused” instead “charged.” Normally one is first accused, then when the accusations are proven to be valid, formal “charges” are filed.

Filing charges is the first step towards a court martial, and this is exactly what the Army is trying to avoid. The truth sometimes leaks out in a court martial. The truth could mean losing control. Keeping “control” is paramount for the brass hats. In the military, it’s not about fairness or justice, it’s about keeping control.

The Army Times article lends proof to the suspicion the military has a secret policy on dealing with violent offenders. They quietly slip them out of the military back into the civilian world so they can commit murder and all sorts of mayhem.

We apologize to all our readers for the length of these articles (theirs and ours), but for those interested in the real inner workings of the military, both articles gives you a peak behind the curtain.

Basically, American admirals and generals have been derelict in their duty by secretly releasing all sorts of pestilence upon the civilian population. “For the good of the service,” military leaders are happy to let the guilty go free. Sometimes they give them the gift of an Honorable Discharge before sneaking them out the back door.

This Army Times article establishes a prima facie case that military authorities have set up a secret system to deal with both the victims and perpetrators of domestic violence and sexual assaults in order to “protect the force,” as Major General Baldwin says.

Their lack lustered response to heinous crimes is proof that general officers are more concerned about their “image” than they are about protecting the victims or punishing the perpetrators. They just want it all to go away quietly.

Because of a supreme dereliction-of-duty by flag-ranking officers of the United State military, people have been raped and murdered.


The Jane Doe case is basically a conspiracy by numerous flag-ranking officers of the United States Army and a Member of Congress that involves a denial of her rights as a victim of domestic violence. REF: 18 U.S.C. 3771 (U.S. Code for crimes involving victim’s rights).

Many flag-ranking officers and a Member of Congress were aware of Jane Doe’s plight, but failed to step up to the plate to hold perpetrator(s) accountable. Every mother’s son should be charge with dereliction-of-duty and Congressman Connelly should be driven out of office.

This high-ranking cabal is attempting to allow CPT Moreno to slip out of the military with an Honorable Discharge and no accountability for his criminal and truly abominable behavior.

A monkey wrench was thrown in the machinery of their plans, however, when President Biden issued an Executive Order which became effective the moment he signed the Order.

But even though the President issued an order, the generals feel they don’t have to comply with it because they have already set the wheels in motion to administratively separate CPT Moreno out of the service. So, legally speaking, they may have just gotten under the wire and don’t have to follow the President’s orders. But, they sure pissed on the spirit and intent of the Presidential Executive Order.

Jane Doe was lied to by military lawyers about when the President’s Executive Executive Order became effective. This Executive Order meant that all convening authorities in the military had to immediately adhere to new guidelines addressing whether or not to court martial individuals accused of sexual assault and domestic violence.

We think the President should make a call to the Pentagon saying, ‘not so fast assholes, I am giving you a direct order to investigate and court martial CPT Jose Luis Moreno for his abuse of a one-year-old child. But sadly, that’s not going to happen.

The admirals and generals can do whatever they hell they want without repercussions. The most punishment the admirals and generals ever receive is retiring a little earlier than planned.

For decades, there was a reluctance by flag-ranking officers to convene court martials for those who commit sexual or domestic assault. For far too long, military commanders were downplaying and ignoring accusations of sexual and domestic assaults.

That’s how Vanessa Guillen ended up bludgeoned to death with a hammer in the armory of the Killeen, Texas, military base, on April 22, 2020. The Army effectively covered up the fact that many in the chain of command knew all about the problems she was having and ignored her completely.

With the Vanessa Guillen case and many others, the President and a few Members of Congress started to catch on a little bit. This resulted in an Executive Order signed in August 2023.

Unfortunately, Congressman Gerry Connolly embraced the old habit of just ignoring pleas for help from Jane Doe and is happy to allow the military to do whatever the hell they want. Connolly lack of response to Jane Doe’s plea for help is just another example of a failed system.

The military’s secret policy and imbecilic ignorance of domestic violence can be summed up in a simple statement, “darlin, you wouldn’t have been raped if you didn’t wear those short skirts.”

President Biden is pointing to the conspirators who are attempting to protect Captain “Rachel Dolezal” Moreno by slipping him out the back door administratively with an Honorable Discharge.



Risch may be the man behind the curtain who is pulling the strings to make the Jane Doe case go away. Jane Doe responded to an EMAIL from an Inspector General’s Office. LTG Risch received a copy, so he can’t say he knows nothing about the Jane Doe case.

LTG Risch currently is the 41st Judge Advocate General of the United States Army. He was previously the Deputy Judge Advocate General of the United States Army and before that the commanding general of the United States Army Legal Services Agency.

LTG Risch knows that Moreno should have been court martialed years ago. For example: Moreno was charged with DUI (FEB 09, 2014) at Ft. Benning, GA during Best Ranger competition. LTG Herbert R. McMaster issued a GOMOR (General Officer Memorandum of Reprimand). Moreno has a history of bad behavior the National Guard Bureau has been covering up.

Army generals and their minions are working diligently to either keep Moreno in the service, or quietly usher him out of the military with an Honorable Discharge. LTG Risch could very well be at the core of the problem in the Jane Doe case.

It’s hard to tell without a thorough investigation as to who exactly is orchestrating this clusterfuck. There will never be an investigation because the generals have ordered there will be no investigation into the Jane Doe Case.

CID is the Criminal Investigative Division of the Army. The key word in CID is “Division.” CID is merely a “division” of the Army. Consequently, they take orders from the Army.

We know for a fact that one or more of the generals ordered CID to stand down in the Jane Doe Case. The question was which general was it? Was it LTG Stuart W. Risch, or was it another general who was directed by Risch to tell CID to stand down?

MilitaryCorruption.com doesn’t know yet which general issued that order, but we are hot on the trail and we will find out.

Being good soldiers they are, CID did as they were told and never investigated any aspect of the Jane Doe Case. This included: the assaults against Jane Doe and her son, weapons believed stolen from the Army, the pervasive instances of racism and the myriad of other violations of the UCMJ.

Congress has provided the military many methods to keep their secrets about criminal misconduct. And, that’s the way the generals like it, thank you vey much.


Bredenkamp became the commanding general taking over from MG Allan M. Pepin who screwed up the Jane Doe case from the beginning.

Bredenkamp is suspected of attempting to circumvent the President’s Executive Order (EO) and avoiding a mandatory court martial for CPT Moreno by holding a secret Board of Inquiry the day before the EO became effective. The ploy didn’t work.

Before becoming the commanding general, Bredenkamp was the liaison for the Army to Congress. His job was to protect the Army and fellow flag-ranking officers from the prying eyes of Congress.

If a Member of Congress heard of misconduct from a constituent, then Bredenkamp was to schmooze the Member of Congress and make the whole thing go away. Thus far, Bredenkamp has been successful in convincing Members of Congress to just look the other way.

MG Bredenkamp could be working with Congressman Connolly office to undermine Jane Doe’s rights as a victim of domestic violence. Was Jane Doe “stabbed in the back” by a Member of Congress? It sure looks like it. Sadly, it happens all the time.

Was it MG Bredenkamp who ordered CID to stand down in the Jane Doe Case? As we say, we don’t know which general placed the call and issued the order, but we will find out.


Last, but not least, is Gerry Connolly who is allegedly serving the 11th District of Virginia. Connolly’s office initially may have wanted to find the truth in the Jane Doe case, but suddenly turned his back on her.

Congressman Connolly apparently sided with disinterested generals who are doing everything possible to make the Jane Doe case disappear.

In April of 2023, Connolly attended a reception hosted at the National Museum of the Army. The following day MG Bredenkamp visited with Gerald Connolly who was serving as President of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly.

During that meeting, Bredenkamp as the Army Chief of Legislative Liaison, explained his tasks and responsibilities in coordinating the Army’s messages with Congress. Could this coordination of messages have also involved the deprivation of rights to Jane Doe?


CPT Moreno now claims to be Black and not Hispanic. Moreno is appropriately depicted in the photo above hiding behind star-laden epaulets of Army generals who have inexplicably circled-the-wagons to protect the mentally-challenged nut-job captain.

Moreno’s father was from Columbia and his mother was from Puerto Rico, so how in the world did Moreno think he an African-American?

On the one hand, Moreno and his fellow officers mock the Black race in their racist text messages, on the other hand, Moreno desperately wants to be a Black man declaring so on various military forms. We can’t figure this guy out!

It gets confusing because on Army forms, Moreno is a Black man, but in the civilian world on his driver’s license for example, he clams to be a White man. It’s getting so we can’t tell the players without a score card.

Moreno hopes to evade accountability for his physical assaults on Jane Doe and her son, along with all his other dubious behavior.

If Army and NGB generals actually follow orders, Moreno may still receive his desired Honorable Discharge. Remember, the admirals and generals can rig any court martial or Board of Inquiry to produce the results they desire.

Moreno begged Jane Doe to have an abortion. Moreno shared a text with Jane Doe that he received from Jill Grandfield (Roberts) Oh what tangled webs Moreno weaved, when he first practiced to deceive.


Part of Moreno’s philandering ways involves a family dog named RAMBO.

Before Jane Doe was in his life, CPT Moreno was assigned to National Guard Attack (Alpha) Company 1-182 in Rhode Island where he hooked up with a married woman by the name of Jill Roberts.

Jill was married to SSG Jason Viall Roberts, who was widely known and respected by the people on base and the locals in town. While her husband was away, Jill Roberts and Jose Moreno would jump in the hay. With the help of Billy Paul, we feel a song coming on…

Me and Mrs. Roberts
We got a thing going on
We both know that it’s wrong
But it’s much too strong
To let it go now

We meet every day at the same café, 6:30
I know, I know she’ll be there
Holding hands, making all kinds of plans
While the jukebox plays our favorite song

Mee-eee-annn-and Mrs, Mrs. Roberts
Mrs. Roberts, Mrs. Roberts, Mrs. Roberts
We got a thing going on
We both know that it’s wrong
But it’s much too strong
To let it go now…

Over the course of several months, Jill Roberts and Jose Moreno were involved in a passionate love affair. While her husband Jason was crawling on his stomach with a knife in his teeth defending America in some far away land, Jill and Jose were doing curly cues under the sheets.

Eventually, Jill and Jason got a divorce. Not long after the divorce, Jason suddenly died on August 29, 2015, at 42 years of age. This coming Tuesday marks the eight (8) year anniversary of the Jason’s death.

His death was ruled a suicide, but some we have spoken with doubt Jason killed himself by suicide. Jason just didn’t seem like the type to take his own life. He had too much of a zest for life.

After Jason Roberts died, Jill changed her family name back to her maiden name of Grandfield. She bought a new house and moved in her new home with CPT Jose Moreno. The two conniving love birds finally had a nest of their own.

Moreno said he always wanted to have a dog that was part wolf, so Jill ran out to (illegally) buy him one.

Crossbreeding dogs with wolves is a violation of Rhode Island state law that could put both the breeder and owner in jail, especially if the crossbred dog injured a human being.

Except for his wife, SSG Jason Roberts was a much loved individual on and off the base. He was a member of the NE Iron Works Union and joined the National Guard in 2003, serving in Iraq and Afghanistan where he was awarded a Bronze Star and two Purple Hearts.

Every year a competition is held in his honor called the Jason Roberts Squad Competition and is forever memorialized in the local Garden of Heroes.

There are those who believe SSG Jason Roberts did not die by suicide but was possibly murdered. Unless there is a thorough investigation the true circumstances regarding the death of SSG Jason Roberts, the truth may never be known.



After Moreno slapped down his baby boy and nearly choked to death Jane Doe, he vacated the premises leaving RAMBO behind. Moreno simply doesn’t have the maturity to properly care for an animal.

Moreno didn’t care about his own son, but he sure has been trying to reclaim Rambo as his own. RAMBO was a conversation piece for CPT Moreno, and not a “comfort” animal as he suspiciously claims.

Due to the abuse he sustained from his own father, Jane Doe’s son now has developmental delays that are hindering his ability to develop as other children in his own age group. Thanks dad!

RAMBO has become very important in the child’s life so Jane Doe is fighting to keep RAMBO. Her son isn’t loved by his own father, but RAMBO certainly loves the boy.

For CPT Moreno, RAMBO is a symbol of his machismo. Rambo is a representation of Moreno’s perceived virility, courage and strength.

Most importantly, RAMBO provides “old blood and guts” Moreno with the type of image he wants to portray.

For Jane Doe and her son, RAMBO is part of the family. To surrender him would be like losing a family member.

The King Solomon approach of ordering his swordsmen to cut the dog in half in order to find out who loves the dog more, just won’t work. And, with a dog named RAMBO, we would not be surprised if Sylvester Stallone got involved in the dispute as well.

RAMBO is very much part of the Jane Doe story. Where the dog ends up living will be decided early next year.


If you have not read our other eight (8) articles on the saga of Jane Doe and her quest from basic victim’s rights from the Army, you may be confused. Here’s a quick review…

Prior to the slap-down of his own son, Jane Doe was viciously assaulted by Army Captain Jose Luis Moreno. She discovered Moreno was screwing other women, even when she was pregnant with his son.

Prior to knocking his one-year-old child off his feet with a left hook and laughing about it, during an argument about his philandering, Moreno grabbed Jane Doe by the neck and choked her to unconsciousness, then drug her body onto the bathroom floor until she became conscious again.

Since Jane Doe suspected CPT Moreno of hurting their son when she was not there, so she set up a concealed video camera to record any abusive behavior that may be occurring while she was not present. Here is the video evidence she discovered…


Jane Doe sought help from Army officer LTC Tim McCormick for his intervention. LTC McCormick allegedly spoke to CPT Moreno about his behavior, but Moreno denied any abuse.

Captain Moreno’s secret stash.

CPT Moreno felt his best defense was to turn the tables on Jane Doe, so he conjured up an incredible lie saying that it was HE who was being physically abused by Jane Doe.

LTC McCormick had a duty to report the domestic violence, but failed to do so.

Realizing that LTC McCormic wasn’t doing a damn thing to help resolve the matter, Jane Doe consulted with the office of Family Advocacy Programs (FAP) who have people specifically trained to address claims of domestic-violence.

FAP wasted no time and swung into action, but the Army ignored them completely. The Army has away of simply going around any person or agency who attempts to defend people they don’t wanted defended.

The situation became more serious when Jane Doe discovered military weapons in the basement of her home that Moreno left behind. It’s believed these weapons may have been stolen from the Army.

Instead of prudently seizing the weapons and investigating, the Army instructed Jane Doe to throw them in the trash bin. The Army just didn’t want to know the truth, they preferred the truth be tossed out in the trash.


It’s important to know that Jane Doe is African-American. CPT Moreno is Hispanic who apparently is confused about his heritage and therefore claims to be African-American when it’s expedient to do so.

Racism exists because when it’s discovered, people who should take action to stamp it out, end up looking the other way. Racism also flourishes when false claims of racism are levied and people are not proactive to stamp that out as well. Instead, they just remain silent.

This is partly the reason America is being torn apart by claims of racism. Real racism is being ignored and false claims of racism are being used to further hidden agendas. At fault is a corrupt new media and the lack of real leadership throughout the country including our military.

Some claims of racism are bogus and some are valid, but each need to be examined closely. If actual racism is discovered, action must immediately be taken. For some reason the United States military is OK with certain levels of “manageable” racism within their ranks.

The text messages between two Army officers LTC Tim McCormic and LTC Ryan Nelson. Army brass know all about these guys, and yet, neither have been investigated, flagged or even reprimanded. Racism? You be the judge!

MC.com obtained text messages that strongly suggest the military has a serious problem with racism and misogyny in their officer corps, especially in the United States Army.

When the admirals and generals look the other way, they are guilty of fostering an environment of racism. When they don’t stamp it out, they promote it.

There is an inordinate amount of ingrained and institutionalized prejudice against women along with a cancerous form of racism within the body of the military.

All through this Jane Doe saga, we kept asking ourselves, where in the hell is the leadership in the military that should be taking aggressive action to ferret out the racists from their ranks?

The way Jane Doe (and her son) have been treated and mistreated by military commanders if proof positive racism and misogyny exists in todays military.

Failure to address the problem gives a green light to both racists and misogynists. Instead of being tossed out, they are promoted and held out to be outstanding officers.

We wouldn’t be surprised if several of these military officers involved in the Jane Doe case are card-carrying members of the Ku Klux Klan.

The military will never get control of and adequately address the issue of racism and misogyny in the armed forces unless the generals become pro-active.

Having an African-American as Secretary of Defense simply isn’t good enough. For months Secretary Lloyd Austin knew what his generals were doing to quash the Jane Doe case, and he looked the other way.

We at MillitaryCorruption.com try not to fall victim to frivolous and false claims of racism, so we tread lightly until we discover hard evidence.

In our view, these text messages are not a funny little joke to be ignored, but evidence there is a problem of racism that supersedes the Jane Doe case. The military promotes racism when they don’t attack it. Like a cancer it grows unless removed from the body.


Being on guard for false racist claims does not prevent us from exposing real racism.

There was the Tawana Brawley caper on November 28, 1987, and who can forget the hate crime hoax of Jussie Smollett who falsely reported a hate crime that he had staged earlier that morning.

When people falsely claim racism, they are hurting all of the people who are actually injured by real racism. When women falsely claim rape, they are injuring all the women who are actual victims of rape. The damage these false claims do to real victims is incalculable.

Our investigation has determined that Jane Doe is a victim of racism. Military officers have done nothing to investigate and ferret out the racism, thereby condoning racism in their officer corps. Unfortunately, the Army doesn’t want to go there.

Not one single military officer has stood up to expose the racism, nor take aggressive action to remove the racists from the officer corps in the United States Army and National Guard Bureau. Evil flourishes when “good men” do nothing.

The cliché that clearly describes the problem with senior leaders in the Pentagon is still applicable… “IF YOU DON’T HELP SOLVE THE PROBLEM, THEN YOU ARE THE PROBLEM.”


There are a litany of flag-ranking officers involved in the Jane Doe case. No one can convince us that GEN Hokanson, LTG Jensen, MG Pepin, MG Baldwin and BG Mendelson had no knowledge of what was going on.

They knew all about it, or should have know all about it. Instead, these blameworthy generals did nothing. They discovered long ago that limited action and silence is the best way to climb the ladder and get the coveted next star to wear.

Worse yet, these disgraceful generals were attempting to sneak CPT Moreno out of the service a day before President Biden signed his Executive Order. They did their best to deprive Jane Doe of the right to attend the BOI hearing.

These sneaky and slimy generals need to be reduced in rank and sent packing out of the military; the whole lot of them.

LTG Risch and/or Major General Bredenkamp conjured up the plan to save CPT “Rachel Dolezal” Moreno and deny Jane Doe and her son those basic rights that are supposed to be available to all victims of domestic violence from service members.

LTG Risch had knowledge of the Jane Doe case from her EMAIL sent on February 10, 2023. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin and Secretary Christine Wormuth were also CC’d on Jane Doe’s response. They all had knowledge of all of this and did nothing.

Since MG Bredenkamp was the Army’s congressional liaison, it’s a good bet he got wind of the Jane Doe case from Gerry Connolly. Jane Doe had been communicating with members of Connolly’s staff August 2022. She requested a personal meeting with her elected representative, but never received it.

When COL Dick Pic Six (David Bowling) failed to solve the Jane Doe problem, and MG Bredenkamp became commanding general replacing MG Allan Pepin, he became the Army’s new fix-it-man on the Jane Doe case. The plan was to hold a secret BOI to save Moreno and just ignore Jane Doe.

Military lawyers, multiple OIG offices, Congressman Connolly, numerous flag-ranking officers and a plethora of others didn’t care about the smackdown Jane Doe’s child received from Army Captain Moreno.

In fact, these people didn’t care about…

  • unsecured and possibly stolen military weapons
  • blatant, in-your-face racism in the Army’s officer corps
  • the lies and deceptions from MDW legal
  • the lies and deceptions by OIG offices
  • the incredible amount of fraternizing at the NGB
  • information removal from their Victim’s Rights pamphlets
  • failure to flag everyone involved in the coverup of assaults
  • multiple false official statements by their Army officers
  • Captain Moreno’s lies concerning where he actually was living
  • Moreno’s multiple trips to Colorado to service another girlfriend
  • the whereabouts of Moreno in violation of their own procedures
  • the failure to initially assign a Special Victims Counsel (SVC) for Jane Doe
  • the spirit and intent of President Biden’s Executive Order of July 2023
  • issuing a military restraining order against CPT Moreno
  • the incredible amount of illegal steroid usage occurring in the Army
  • the beatings of a one-year-old child by Army Captain Moreno
  • learning disabilities for a one-year-old child due to physical assaults
  • watching the beatdown video; they were either too busy or needed deniability
  • notifying Jane Doe about the secret Board of Inquiry (BOI)
  • CPT Moreno’s failure to complete his mandatory AA meetings
  • LTC McCormic’s failure to report domestic violence & child abuse

Jane Doe has done everything humanly possible to get the United States Army and National Guard Bureau to comply with their own rules and regulations. All she ever wanted was to be treated fairly. All she has ever received were denials, lies and stonewalling.

When various inspector general offices attempted to avoid doing their jobs, Jane Doe filed a complaint. Many Inspector General Offices have received a formal written complaint from Jane Doe addressing how they have violated their own regulations.

To this date, no investigating officer has interviewed Jane Doe. There has been no investigation.

Then, when she caught lawyers violating ethical norms or blatantly violating the law, she filed a bar complaint against that lawyer’s license.


When the military does not want to know the truth, then they won’t look for the truth. In fact, they will take overt steps to obscure and coverup the truth.

The simple fact is; the United States Army and National Guard Bureau simply do not care about victims of sexual assaults or domestic violence, regardless of what they spew out during Congressional hearings. There is no doubt the military is doing all they can to keep Moreno on active duty.

BN, LTC Marylane Garcia Rosado

Moreno’s battalion commander LTC Marylane Garcia Rosado is lobbying hard to keep Moreno on active duty and to convince her chain of command that it was Jane Doe who was the abuser.

What the hell does she know? LTC Garcia wasn’t even around when all of this occurred. By all that is right and just, she should have recused herself because her and her husband are friends of Moreno.

Major Jordan conjured up a letter of lies to support Moreno. The good old boys decided to rally around their old drinking buddy by saying that it was Moreno who was the victim.

They harmoniously say, that it was Moreno who was being abused physically and mentally by Jane Doe. Major Jordan issued his statement after he recused himself from the case.

This is what happens when no investigation has been conducted. These officers start lying through their teeth and committing overt acts to change the narrative and subvert the system. These so-called letters of support are nothing but a subordination of pergery.

Statistics may bear out the fact that rights for victims of domestic violence in the military is only available to White women. These stats reveal a real significant problem in the Army’s officer corps concerning an equal application of services for victims of domestic violence.

MG Bredenkamp got wind of the fact the President Biden was about ready to sign an Executive Order to address the problem of hesitancy by  convening authorities to court martial members accused of sexual and domestic assault.

That’s when the United States Army with their corrupt legal advisors decided to convene a secret Board of Inquiry (BOI) to quietly usher CPT Rachel Moreno out of the service administratively with an Honorable Discharge.

Major Dan Giruoard and Captain Moreno exchange text messages. Here’s an example of how they view women. CPT Moreno fantasizes about performing fellatio on her boyfriend.

Everything was going to plan until Jane Doe received a call only three days before the secret BOI was to convene asking for her permission to release her medical records to the BOI. This is when she said, “What BOI?”

Bredenkamp and the boys were only three days away from a BOI that was to convene the DAY BEFORE President Biden’s Executive Order was to go into effect.

The jig was up when MilitaryCorruption.com heard of their sneaky methods and published VOL VIII exposing their secret BOI plan.

The Army had no alternative but to delay the BOI, but their sneaky ways were not over. We wonder if it was article #8 that spoiled their little party, or was it because of another reason.

Apparently, NGB submitted a packet to the secret Board of Inquiry. Within that packet is the letter from Major Jordan and others claiming their buddy Moreno was the victim, not Jane Doe.

Rumor has it the BOI and Human Resources Command (HRC) felt the packet was pathetic at best and kicked it back to the NGB for them to provide more supporting documentation

The NGB has yet to respond with a complete packet and as long as they don’t respond, Moreno stays on active duty as if nothing has ever happened. The hand-picked SVC was apparently concealing information from her also.

According to President Biden’s Executive Order, it appears the military has no alternative now but to convene a general court martial for UCMJ violations committed by CPT Moreno.

While they’re at it, the military should court martial several others who have overtly attempted to coverup through a veil of lies and misinformation.

Flag-ranking officers blatantly break the law and no one is ever held accountable. People complain about our two-tiered justice system without realizing the American military has had a two-tiered justice system going all the way back to George Washington.

A two-tiered judicial system is not news to military personnel. There needs to be a major housecleaning and a major overhaul of the military judicial system which is now bleeding into the newly stood up Special Victims Counsels.

MilitaryCorruption.com will continue to monitor the Jane Doe case and will report any and all corruption we discover in the delusive hope that someone in the system will initiate change to prevent this crap from happening over and over again.

We can only hope the military will address this major screw up and begin holding people accountable. Unfortunately, they seldom have the profound sense of honor to hold themselves accountable.

Hopefully, we don’t have to write a tenth article on the military’s pathetic leadership as graphically displayed in the Jane Doe case.


We do our best to discover and report the truth. If you feel we have failed in that regard, please contact us at once. If anyone feels they have been wrongfully maligned, contact us and tell us who, what, when, where and why. We are glad to correct the record if we have crossed the line.

We have no interest in reporting falsehoods or misinforming people, so help us to make sure the information we are publishing is correct and true. We have done our very best to ensure we provide factual information.

As you can see, we will occasionally rely on our own intuition and military experience to help ferret out the truth. Many times, the truth is hard to find in the closed society of the United States military.

If you feel we have missed the mark or there is information you feel our readers should also know, contact us immediately. Thank you.