In the 1939 classic, Wizard of Oz, Dorothy said, "Lions, Tigers and Bears, Oh My! The Tin Man, Dorothy and the Scarecrow were fearful of what lurked in the Forest of Burzee. Anyone entering the military needs to lock arms with other recruits and say, "Liars, Scoundrels and Thieves, Oh My!" Then repeat it over and over again while taking careful steps on the Yellow Brick Road towards the Emerald City.

Jane Doe continues her never-ending quest to obtain even a sliver of justice from the military. She’s understandably angry because her one-year old son was slapped down and she was choked to unconsciousness then dragged into another room by Army Captain Jose Moreno.

She wants people held accountable and she wants the military to conduct themselves in a way that proves they really do care about victims of domestic violence. It isn’t too much to ask of the United States military to enforce and abide by their own rules and regulations. Or is it?

Fearing the father of her baby boy was abusing him when she was not there, Jane Doe set up a hidden Ring camera and got him on video assaulting their 1-year-old child with a big slap to his face knocking him off his feet. Because of the chronic abuse the child sustained, he’s been diagnosed with developmental delays that could affect him for the rest of his life.


Jane Doe did everything she could to get help from a military that has programs, pamphlets, posters, commercials and fawning generals lying to Congress about how they deeply care about victims of domestic violence. Jane Doe found out first hand it was all ONE BIG LIE. Is she angry? You’re damn right she’s angry, and ought to be.

Jane Doe found the core of the problem. It’s the flag-ranking officers of the Army and National Guard Bureau (NGB). She also discovered the depth of corruption in the  Justice Advocate General (JAG) Corps as well. Prosecutors, for example, intentionally sabotage cases to silence victims and to remove paperwork off their desks.

Brigadier General David Mendelson commands the Army JAG Corps. Like Colonel David Bowling, Mendelson is a “fix-it man” who allegedly will use any underhanded method to shield the Army from accountability. Mendelson was allegedly stationed at Ft. Cavazos (then Ft. Hood) during the Army’s attempt to coverup circumstances surrounding the Vanessa Guillen case.

The military’s attitude about domestic violence victims ranges somewhere between complete ambivalence up to criminal neglect. Evidence of this can be found in their own words with a long string of emails and text messages.

After the military had failed Jane Doe at every turn, she finally received a small victory in a civilian court. The judge took the time to view the video of Captain Jose Moreno slapping down his own one-year-old son. The judge said to CPT Moreno, ‘and then you laughed about it?’

Without batting an eye, the judge issued a permanent protective order. This was the first time in this entire ordeal that Jane Doe received even a sliver of justice. Unfortunately, the military didn’t do a damn thing to hold Captain Moreno accountable for child and domestic partner abuse. His behavior was OK in their eyes.


Apparently, CPT Moreno submitted his resignation in the hope of sneaking out the back door with an Honorable Discharge, but Human Resources Command (HRC) was allegedly ordered to reject his resignation request and unbeknownst to Jane Doe, a Board of Inquiry (BOI) was scheduled a while ago.

Contrary to their own regulations and procedures, the victim (Jane Doe) was conveniently never notified about the scheduled BOI. The military intentionally did not want her at the BOI, because officers probably were planning enter falsehoods into the record that Jane Doe would loudly object to.

The BOI was scheduled to convene July 27, 2023, but hours prior to the hearing it was suddenly delayed because Jane Doe found out about it. The decision to keep Jane Doe in the dark was done intentionally. MilitaryCorruption.com believes these sneaky tactics are all being orchestrated probably by Brigadier David Mendelson.

BG Mendelson is most likely the ringleader behind all these deceitful and insidious maneuvers. Is Mendelson quietly manipulating and obstructing justice to both jettison CPT Moreno, and marginalize Jane Doe’s complaints about the Army’s pathetic response to domestic-violence assaults?

Let’s begin with some email exchanges. The emails tell a story of the subterfuge and underhanded tactics the military frequently uses to evade responsibility…

Sent: Thursday, December 15, 2022 1:17:51 PM
Subject: RE: Notice of Command Action re: CPT Moreno

On 14 December 2022, the Commanding General for CPT Jose Moreno took an administrative action against CPT Moreno for a dependent-abuse offense that may entitle your client, [Jane Doe] (on behalf of her minor child), to transitional compensation under the provisions of Army Regulation 608-1, Appendix H.

Mr. Chris Meza (cc’d) is the Special Victim Witness Liaison. He can assist with providing the required documents that will need to be filled out and/or provided to obtain the transitional compensation. He can be reached telephonically at (202) 902-0198.

Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks.

CPT Moreno was initially allowed to resign his commission. Major General (MG) Baldwin confirmed this March 2023. Again, no BOI was mentioned. At some point after this, HRC rejected Moreno’s resignation. A Board of Inquiry (BOI) was ordered. But, someone directed the victim (Jane Doe) not be notified about the BOI.

Can’t you hear the general giggling like a school girl as he set in motion a secret Board of Inquiry with hand-selected officers that will do his bidding. In a sly voice he probably would say, ‘We’ll get fuckin Moreno out the back door with an Honorable Discharge. He’ll be sipping a Drambuie on the beach in Florida long before that bitch even knows about it.’

There’s no mistake. The military was quietly attempting to release CPT Jose Moreno off active duty with either an Honorable or a General Discharge. To avoid too much truth from officially being recorded, the Army and NGB hoped they could stealthily slide CPT Moreno into the civilian world without Jane Doe even knowing about it.

Military District Washington Legal Division (MDW) stated to civilian prosecutors they were going to pursue more charges and court martial CPT Moreno, but it was only  a deceitful ploy, nothing but smoke and mirrors. MDW had no intention of doing any such thing, or one of the generals gave them different marching orders.

From: BG David Mendelson
Sent: March 1, 2023

I am directing my response to you on behalf of the Secretary of the Army and The Judge Advocate General, with regard to your client, [Jane Doe’s], email of February 10, 2023, where she expressed her concerns regarding the investigation of her IG complaint and voiced apprehension about her and her son’s safety.

My office has coordinated with the Department of the Army IG’s (DAIG) Office regarding [Jane Doe’s] concerns about the NGB, and a representative from their office should be reaching out to [Jane Doe] soon.

I urge [Jane Doe] to report immediate safety concerns to civilian law enforcement and the Criminal Investigation Division at Joint Base Myer Henderson Hall (JBM-HH).

Finally, the Office the Judge Advocate General at JBM-HH is available to ensure that [Jane Doe] has been appropriately informed of possible transitional compensation benefits for her son. I am happy to provide a point of contact, if one is needed.

The Army takes domestic violence very seriously, and I am glad that [Jane Doe] raised these issues through law enforcement and IG channels, where they can appropriately be addressed.

David Mendelson
Brigadier General

Prosecutors in Arlington intentionally withheld a page from the protective order in effort to help CPT Moreno’s defense team and not convict him in circuit court of his previous conviction in JDR of violating another protective order. Military never did anything when CPT Moreno was convicted in January 2023.

On July 12,2023 Jane Doe sent a letter to BG David Mendelson and Department of Army Inspector General action officers questioning the status of the supposed investigation that was “allegedly” taking place. Jane Doe asked, why an investigator had not reached out to her.

FROM: [Jane Doe]
TO: BG David Mendelson and Department of the Army IG’s Office

Good Afternoon All,

No one has reached out as far as an investigator regarding this case.

Is there any investigation even taking place? This was reported in 07/2022 and to the IG in 10/2022 and still no investigator.

I am hearing numerous people of the over 40 people listed as subjects and offenders are being able to retire, PCS or leave.

A new PERMANANT protective order (out of the four I have had) was issued in civilian courts 7/12/2023 and the command has failed to update the MPO or even keep family advocacy apprised in this case which goes against army regulations and DOD regulations concerning domestic violence and MPO’s.

This is concerning as BG Mendelson’s email from earlier this year in response to an email to the Secretary of the Army, has not transpired or what he stipulated has not come to fruition as it is almost August 2023. To be of note, the legal team is implicated as subjects and have reportedly left from JBM-HH. Also, CID failed to investigate other allegations of child abuse that were raised.

BG Mendelson stated the Army takes domestic violence seriously and it is advertised in the media the Army allegedly takes it seriously … but sadly that has not been my experience.

What are the next steps moving forward since I’ve gone through all the proper channels?

Captain Shawn Delancey reached out to a medical professional familiar with the case the day after Jane Doe sent the above letter requesting medical reports which is highly suspect as an attorney is aware that such a request is a HIPAA violation and unethical.

He should’ve reached out to Criminal Investigative Division (CID), but he was aware CID didn’t conduct an investigation. It is apparent the Department of Army IG and BG Mendelson received Jane Doe’s email and attempted to get ahead of the situation.

Why wouldn’t CPT Delancey reach out to Jane Doe to get the medical reports himself since he is prosecuting the case? That’s right, Jane Doe wasn’t supposed to be apart of the BOI or aware of it until after Thursday Jul 27, 2023.

It was then and only then when the Army/NGB would fess up to tell her it’s all over. CPT Moreno is gone. The translation is, “please don’t bother us anymore with your personal problems.” In typical IG fashion, they were dismissive of the questions Jane Doe addressed saying, “We are working to move things forward with your case.”


During the course of this pathetic military response from a victim of domestic violence, we have been tracking many of the individuals that could have been questioned if CID was allowed to do their job properly. Some on our list are suspected of violations of many statutes in the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ).

The Army’s Inspector General’s Office was made fully aware of the Army’s deceptive strategy to quietly usher CPT Moreno out the back door with a secret BOI without the victim knowing anything about it. The BOI is proof positive the Army/NGB had no intention to properly investigate the assault on Jane Doe and her son.

When Jane Doe finally discovered the secret BOI meeting was to convene on July 27, 2023, the military regretfully said she could attend but intentionally didn’t tell her where and when. This way, the cabal can say, “We told her she could attend, what else can we do?”

It was easier to let Jane Doe suffer all the crap she has endured, than to interview as many as 40+ individuals, many of whom are guilty of numerous violations of the UCMJ. Here’s the list of people that a proper investigation would have interviewed but never did. In order to find the truth, you first have to WANT to find the truth.

GEN Hokanson – Four star who knew about this case, or should have know about this case and failed to do a darn thing.
LTG Jon Jenson – A pathetic pip-squeak still hiding under his bed.
MG Allan Pepin – Another flag officer who was fully aware of the situation and was derelict in his duty to protect the abused.
MG Joseph Rich Baldwin – Made an overt attempt to extinguish the fire and get rid of the problem meaning Jane Doe.
BG David Mendelson – Top JAG officer who Jane Doe believes probably gave the order to make sure she did not know about the scheduled BOI
Col Andrew Ballenger –
Col David Bowling – The fix it man commonly known as Dick Pic Six
Col Njeri Hanes –
Col Thomas Schiffer – Army’s Chief of Professional Responsibility at the Pentagon. Where in the hell has he been in all of this?
LTC Ryan Nelson – One of CPT Moreno’s friends who loves racist text messages
LTC Tim McCormic – The first person Jane Doe asked for help concerning domestic violence episodes from CPT Moreno
LTC Collen Shepherd – Battalion Commander who was quickly ushered out the back door after only ten months on the jobs.
LTC Marylane Garcia Rosado – Battalion Commander who is very much in Moreno’s camp saying ‘nobody cares about him.’
LTC Donna Ridgel –
LTC Ginger Weitholder –
Major Matt Jordan –
Major Chase Cleveland –
Major Alpa ladani –
Major Anthony Stumbo –
Civ David Deluzyn –
Major Dustin Berry –
Major Tania Sang –
Major Jennifer Peebles –
Captain Justin Long –
Captain Kristi Berri Ann-Morice –
Major Graham Collins –
Captain Alexis Markeson – Oh my God, don’t get me started!
Captain Dionne Henley- Fraternization, sexual relationship with Captain Moreno while serving in same BN and knowing he was in relationship-
Jason Roth –
Sergeant Zaynab Barrix –
Sergeant Melissa Burgos –
Sergeant Samantha Vargas –
Mark Berglund –
Acelia Flores- DODIG – Fraudulently changed the date and intentionally did not process an IG complaint from Jane Doe.
Jason Kaiser- DODIG –
John Pietri – DODIG – Lied to Congressman’s officer about communications with Jane Doe
CPT Sean Rowland –
CPT Phil Chapman –
CPT Andrew Donnelly –
MSG Lorena Kern –
SA Vu –
Mr. Patrick Dupree –
Polly Lancaster –
April Jeffcoat –
CIV Joel Bliven –
CPT Matt Summerlin –
MSG Dawn Steele –
RET Aaron Mauffrey –

Incredibly, not one of the people in the above list were flagged. They just went about business as usual.

And, where is the “Military Justice Improvement and Increasing Prevention” Act? The whole purpose of this Bill was to reform the disposition of charges and the convening of court martials for certain offences and increase the prevention against sexual assaults in the military. Does it also involve assaults on a child?

Again, military prosecutors knew for months of the scheduled BOI on July 27, 2023 and failed to communicate with the victim Jane Doe. The attempt to conceal the BOI hearing from the victim tells us all we need to know about how the military really “cares” about victims of domestic violence.

The fact that CPT Jose Moreno was allowed to roam wherever he pleased and was never sent to a general court martial, reveals much about the military’s dedication to combating domestic violence. He was allowed to go on holiday leave and miss his scheduled domestic violence appointments… the list goes on and on.

Chary Gonzalez- Special Victims Liaison (Stationed in Germany) – Reached out to Jane Doe after working hours around 5 pm on a Friday, July 21, 2023. God only knows what time it was in Germany. Does that make sense? How in the world can a SVL (Special Victims Liaison) properly help or serve a victim from opposite side of the earth. It’s more evidence the military doesn’t give a damn. And, she’s about two years too late.

Greetings [Jane Doe]:

My name is Chary and I am the Special Victim Liaison. I’m currently assisting the Fort McNair office. I was asked to reach out to you to discuss to see how you are doing and if you have any questions for me regarding your spouse, CPT Moreno.

I would also like to go over transitional compensation and see if you qualify. Are you represented by an attorney? If so, I would like to get his or her permission to speak with you.

If you are not represented, I would love to speak with you. We will not talk about the case and will only discuss what I can do going forward to help you and your family. Please reach out to me by either replying to this email or call me. I’m available anytime even on the weekend!

Thank you and I hope to hear from you soon!


Chary L. Gonzalez-Streeter
Special Victim Liaison (SVL)
Trial Counsel Assistance Program
Grafenwoehr, Germany; SETAF-AF, Italy

Recent maneuverings are even more suspect. BG Mendelson is on TDY until August 14, 2023 and so is the civilian prosecutor. How convenient is that? It’s a tactic analogous to circling the wagons before the big fight begins. But, when Jane Doe discovered the secret BOI, the hearing has been delayed.

Mendelson might want to consider staying on TDY for much longer to avoid being in the area when Jane Doe ultimately files her lawsuit that we at MilitaryCorruption.com hope and pray that she does. It seems the only way to gain any accountability in todays Army is to have a civilian jury hear the entire matter in open court.

The Criminal Investigative Division (CID) never properly investigated this case. Instead, they conducted a preliminary investigation, but after seeing the assault on a one-year-old child on video, CID sent their preliminary report to Army commanders waiting for them to order a full blown investigation or immediately file charges against CPT Jose Moreno.

CID had the video of CPT Moreno, but incredibly decided not to investigate. Common sense tells us that if law enforcement possessed such damming evidence, they would not need permission from anyone to launch a full-blown investigation. Instead, CID chose to kick the can down the road to the officers in charge.

If they would have investigated they would’ve had Jane Doe and her son’s medical records. Prosecutors for MDW contacted a medical professional to obtain a copy of medical records without Jane Doe’s consent, and never asked Jane Doe to be a witness or testify. To this very day, that is true.

This was a clear HIPAA violation and an attempt to obscure Jane Doe and her son as victims in their offenders case. Since Jane Doe was NEVER notified of  the secret BOI, it was a violation of her and her son’s rights as victims of domestic violence. Rights you say! Hell, the Army doesn’t give a tinkers damn about victim’s rights.

Jane Doe only found out due to a phone call two days prior to the scheduled time of the BOI. The caller was requesting her permission to release her family’s medical information to MDW prosecutors to be used at the BOI. Failure to properly notify and invite Jane Doe to the BOI is just another blatant example of how the military avoids their own rules and regulations when they feel it’s expedient to do so.

A civilian prosecutor stated in September 2022, in an email…

For Thursday, what I was primarily going to cover with her were the details of my conversation with several JAG personnel who want to pursue the same charges federally by court martial.

They confirmed with me that if I were to keep the Commonwealth’s charges pending during the duration of their proceedings, that that would not negatively impact their trial/outcome process. Any convictions that would predate theirs might cause an issue though.

My thought was to pursue the charges here as normally, given that seems their charges would finalize before ours. I will know at that point what his sentences, if anything, would look like, and if it would seem appropriate at that point to continue on with the state charges, depending on what their outcome looks like…

To me, since the state and military charges can be open concurrently, and they are looking into even more charges, it does not seem inappropriate to object to their handling of things parallel to what we have going on.

Military prosecutors lied. CPT Shawn Delancy stated [Jane Doe’s] civilian case had been adjudicated and then military could now proceed with an administrative discharge, but that wasn’t true at all.

On Tuesday, July 25, 2023, CPT Shawn Delancy received the following information concerning the introduction of a Special Victims Liaison….

An email sent by Chary L. Gonzalez-Streeter Special Victim Liaison (SVL) indicated she wouldn’t speak about the Jane Doe case. The SVL will be checking with her to discuss how transitional compensation. Obviously, Jane Doe would prefer to work with someone closer to home and not stationed in Germany. 

Jane Doe was asked for permission to release her medical report. This is when Jane Doe discovered that a BOI had been scheduled and probably wants to know when the BOI was scheduled.

Jane Doe, like anyone else, would want to know when and where the BOI is to be held so she can participate and provide any information needed. Jane Doe does not have enough time prepare for the BOI and is requesting a delay until she consults with her lawyer.

A Special Victims Counsel (SVC) should be advising Jane Doe and working with an assigned Special Victims Liaison (SVL). Jane Doe is within her rights to be notified of the BOI and attend the BOI. Without her input, the hearing is slanted in favor of the person who is the subject of the BOI.

And where in the world is CID in all of this. Was an SVP designated? The referral for an SVC which was submitted last year was ultimately denied. Given the fact a BOI is now part of this thing, it’s logical to assume Jane Doe should have an SVC to help guide her through the process. Furthermore, Jane Doe wanted to relay to the BOI officers information about other matters that have not been resolved. 


CPT Shawn M. DeLancy addressed the SVL situation in the Jane Doe Case. He basically responded that Jane Doe contacts Ms. Gonzalez she can be advised and declare her desire to testify at the upcoming BOI.

Since DeLancy was representing someone else, he stated that he could not speak directly to Jane Doe without violating ethical procedures, but he has already violated ethical procedures by not informing the victim.

Delancy went on to acknowledge that Jane Doe has a right to address the BOI, but suggested she communicate with the assigned SVL in Germany first with only hours before the BOI was to convene.  

Also on July 25, 2023, CPT Shawn Delancy received another communication concerning the assigned SVL. It essentially said…

Chary L. Gonzalez-Streeter made multiple attempts to contact Jane Doe after working hours on a Friday evening. We doubt that has actually happened and have yet to confirm that with Jane Doe. 

We do know that Jane Doe wanted to know when was the Board of Inquiry scheduled and why was she finding out about the BOI with less than a week before it convenes? Can’t the military find a local Special Victim’s Liaison (SVL)? Why did the military select an SVL who is stationed in Germany for Heaven sakes?

An SVL stationed on the opposite side of the earth can’t really attend the BOI with the victim. Was this done by design? Did the military not want Jane Doe to actually have any guidance or help during this process? Is this not a mild form of obstruction of justice?

Jane Doe and everyone else knows that something fishy is going on. Given all the foregoing, it might be smart to reschedule the Board of Inquiry so the victim can attend. Common sense demands it. 

Jane Doe has been advised that her newly assigned SVL will not discuss the dispute she has with CPT Jose Moreno or anything about the Board of Inquiry. We have to ask ourselves, “What the hell good is she as an SVL?” Is Jane Doe and her assigned SVL going to only talk about the weather in Berlin? 

The military’s feeble and half-hearted attempt to allegedly provide help and guidance for a victim of domestic violence is an utter joke. Why can’t they be truthful with  themselves and the American people? The truth is the Pentagon doesn’t give a damn about women and children who are battered and abused.  

The command failed to update Military Protective Order (MPO) in accordance with withholding policy set forth by Major General Pepin. The Army/NGB has failed to abide by their own publication, a pamphlet which describes victim’s rights. The military makes rules and regulations they have no intention to enforce or abide by.

Amazingly, CPT Moreno’s attorney contacted Jane Doe stating he was just made aware that she would be a witness on Friday Jul 21, 2023, knowing there is a permanent restraining order and there is no contact of any kind. This is believed to be a violation of civilian and military protective orders.

Once CPT Delancy realized he was in violation of the law and helped to cover up the secret scheduled BOI he wrote the following…

Then CPT Shawn DeLancy sends out the following communique which is summarized below…

He apologized for the communication Gonzalez being confusing. It actually wasn’t confusing, he simply got caught in his lie. If Jane Doe has contact information we will put her in contact with the SVC regional manager who will determine if Jane Doe is eligible for SVC services.  

Jane Doe’s initial request for an SVC was denied, but then later on granted. According to a communication dated October 6, 2022, SVC services were no longer required because Jane Doe was represented by a civilian attorney. 

If Jane Doe would like to participate in the BOI, we can request a delay for a reasonable period of time. We need to know the time she needs to prepare and I am available to discuss any testimony she would like to provide. 

Shawn M. DeLancey


Jane Doe has done everything possible to obtain her rights as a victim of domestic violence against her and her son. It’s all fallen on deaf ears. Early on, the military decided Captain Jose Moreno was the victim, even though they had video evidence to the contrary.

Jane Doe requested help and filed numerous complaints with several inspector general offices. Frightened, she urgently sought help from the top of the Army’s “food chain” when she copied Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin and Secretary of the Army Christine Wormuth.

We don’t know if they took time out of their busy schedules to view the video of an Army captain slapping down his own son. And, we don’t know if they had any desire to hold anyone accountable for failing to comply with Army policy concerning victim’s rights, not to mention all the other malfeasance.

Here is Jane Doe’s LETTER.

Does anyone remember the Jonathan Major’s story of March 2023? He was used in Army ads to help recruit people into the service. But, Johnathon had an anger management problem and was accused of domestic violence. The military quickly acted to remove all of his ads and TV commercials.

While they were pulling Jonathan’s ads, they were fully aware of the Jane Doe case and didn’t lift a finger in her case. Was it because she is a woman, or because she is a Black woman? Why did the Army/NGB literally do nothing? We question the Army and NGB’s prioritizations. What they say and what they do are two different things.

CPT Jose Moreno was also a spokes model for the military. His image was plastered all over the place to boost recruiting. For some odd reason, the military approached Captain Moreno’s domestic violence differently. His ads and commercials stayed up and running. The Army/NGB were OK with Moreno’s domestic violence conduct.

The text messages between two Army officers LTC Tim McCormic and LTC Ryan Nelson. Army brass know all about these guys, and yet, neither have been investigated, flagged or even reprimanded. Racism? You be the judge!

A lawsuit may be the only way Jane Doe will ever receive any accountability for the danger she and her son were subjected to, simply because the military didn’t prudently act to enforce their own laws.

By filing a lawsuit, it could help expose and cleanse a dirty system so that others might not have to endure what Jane Doe did endure and is currently experiencing.

Still, no one wants to talk about CPT Moreno’s weapons that he left behind in Jane Doe’s home.

Jane Doe (and others) believe some of the weaponry may have been stolen from the Army, but no one wants to talk about it, and no one in the military even wants to investigate it. Very strange indeed.

We keep asking ourselves, what if Jane Doe and her son were murdered by a drunken and wacked out Captain Moreno?

How fast do you think the Army would move to burn documents in order to cover up their own misconduct which certainly contributed to the death of Jane Doe and her son.

We have published numerous text messages which clearly indicate the Army/NGB is rife with racism. But, contrary to popular belief, the Army and NBG really do not care about racism within the officer corps.

When text messages were exposed, the United States Army made no move to hold anyone accountable on the evidence we discovered. Their failure to act is tacit approval of reprehensible behavior.

An Army with more integrity would have cut CID loose to properly investigate the assaults on Jane Doe and her son, the abandoned military weapons, the denial of victim rights, the corruption in the JAG corps, racism and the rampant violations of the UCMJ statutes.

Given the fact the military had video evidence of a crime, the commanding general should have ordered a thorough investigation. Then upon review of that investigation convened a general court martial to ferret out the truth and hold everyone involved accountable. That includes battalion commanders and numerous others.

Major Chase Cleveland, LTC Brandon Bergmann, CPT Alexis Markeson and Chris Mesa were part of the conversation that misled the civilian prosecutor that the military intended to court martial CPT Jose Moreno. The truth was, the military had no intention of court martialing Moreno.

This falsehood was just another huge lie perpetrated so the military could gain control of the situation and do a more effective coverup.

The problem goes right to the top. Many of the flag-ranking officers involved in Jane Doe’s case are liars, scoundrels and thieves. Translated it means they are “scumbag politicians” in uniform who will say and do just about anything to get another star on their shoulders.

Let’s not forget the antics of Colonel David Bowling AKA: Dick Pic Six. If this is the caliber of people they are grooming for flag-rank, Heaven help us all.

BG David Mendelson who is supposed to be the top cop for the Army. His integrity is highly questionable as well. It reminds us once again that the entire purpose of military inspector generals is to find the problem and put the “fire” out.

Flag officers pretend like they are investigating during the day, then strut your stuff at night for all the cocktail parties in Washington. There job is not to find the truth if the truth become embarrassing to the military. It’s ironic that some Americans tend to condescendingly speak about the need for Asians to “save face.”

In investigating the Jane Doe case ourselves, we discovered a sneaky little tactic the Army uses to avoid flagging officers and conducting investigations. The IGs demand the victims of criminal acts provide all the names of perpetrators ostensibly to investigate. But they don’t investigate. The list of names gives the Army a way out so they don’t have to flag anyone which could adversely impact an officer’s career.


A civilian court levied a permanent protective order against CPT Jose Moreno. And when they did, the military was required by statute and their own “Withholding Policy” to enter that judgement into the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) computers. The entry of this conviction removes Moreno’s access to weapons.

Where in the hell is CID is all of this? They are also supposed to ensure a crazy person does not have access to weapons. They too have a lot to answer for.

When a permanent protective order is adjudged, the Lautenberg Amendment prohibits the possession of firearms by that person. This means that CPT Jose Moreno shall not purchase, transport or possess any firearm while the order is in effect.

Because it’s a domestic-violence related protective order, Moreno cannot remain in the military. Logically, it all makes sense. As a member of the military you are not only around weapons, you train with them. By placing his little stubby fingers on an M-16 rifle, Moreno would be in violation of the Lautenberg Amendment.

The federal statute is clear, if one is convicted of domestic violence or any crime in which it involves domestic violence, that person is prohibited from owning a firearm. Depending on several factors, that prohibition may last as long as the protective order remains in effect and can last a lifetime.

It pains us to say it, but the extraordinary discipline of the Chinese Army is going to have us for lunch. We don’t have leaders anymore, we have politicians and sycophants, most of which do not believe in the rule-of-law, except when they find a whistleblower.

Since it clearly appears the military is treating CPT Moreno as the victim, Jane Doe should trust no one and continue her fight in the civilian courts. The only way the military will get the message is when they are held accountable in a court of law they do not control. Even then, the military frequently does not get the message.

If anyone feels they have been wrongfully maligned by anything we have written, please send us an email. Unlike the sycophants’ we write about, we are curt, blunt and to the point. Being direct does not give us license to be incorrect… so we need your help to be as accurate as possible. We are depending on the true war fighters who have integrity and the finest sense of personal honor. With your help, maybe we can clean up the mess these people have made.