Major Clarence Anderson III, USAF has appealed to President Biden. Anderson was railroaded into prison by an Air Force trying to be more politically correct than all other branches of service. All they needed were sacrificial lambs and Major Anderson was pushed right into their politically correct buzz saw.

United States Congressman Barry Moore (R-AL) has petitioned President Biden to have an external investigator outside the United States Air Force look into the 2015 military court martial of Major Clarence Anderson III.

Evidence strongly suggests the Air Force deliberately misled Congress and violated discovery laws in order to ensure the wrongful conviction against Major Anderson stuck for good. The Air Force didn’t count on the tenaciousness of the Alabama representatives who take defending their constituents and the rule-of-law very seriously.

Congressman Moore’s request to President Biden can be read here: Letter To Biden.pdf

The Air Force has recently come under fire for revelations that its black service members are discriminated against, up to three times more than their white counterparts.

Congressman Moore has twice requested information from the United States Air Force and yet, the Air Force refuses to clarify the statements made to his predecessor (US Congresswoman Martha Roby), or respond to the strong evidence withheld from Anderson’s attorneys at the time of his trial.

This is certainly unprecedented, as a member of Congress has never officially requested a sitting US President to investigate potential criminal conduct from senior officials of a service department within the Department of Defense.

In 2015 Anderson was found guilty of sexual assault and other related charges against his now ex-wife even after civilian law enforcement officials and military investigators never found any physical evidence against Anderson to prosecute him.

In 2017 the Air Force’s senior defense appellate attorney, Mr. Brian Mizer, interviewed an ABC affiliate out of Alabama telling reporters that the police nor the Air Force ever found any evidence against Anderson, and the political pressures to prosecute service members even if they are innocent.

Brian Mizer is more notably known on the national level, as he represented Osama Bin Laden’s driver in a military tribunal at Guantanamo in Cuba.

Mizer’s interview on the Anderson case can be viewed here:

Both US Congressman Barry Moore’s petition to President Biden (link above), and the 2015 United States Air Force correspondence with US Congresswoman Martha Roby are attached. Representative Roby’s correspondence.

Additionally, Clarence Anderson III is part of a petition that can be easily accessed via the website


The United States Air Force can sometimes be a most corrupt organization. Major Clarence Anderson was railroaded and crucified by the United States Air Force on the alter of political correctness. All the generals needed were heads on a platter they could serve up to Congress.

When Major Anderson gets the goods on them, brilliantly displaying how he was railroaded right out of the service and into prison, the good-ole-boys circled the wagons, continuing to do all they could to deflect, lie and obfuscate so they could put this pesky case to bed and forget it.

No commander in the military wants to be found guilty of railroading someone right in the prison using the apparatus of the military judicial system. The Air Force does not want the American people to realize just how malleable the military judicial system really is and how they destroy lives over an over again without any oversight.

The frivolous destruction of a man’s life and career was of no consequence to the United States Air Force. They were glad to do it for the sake of political correctness.

Major Anderson prayed for intervention by the President. The President (or his minions) sent the Anderson case back to the fox guarding the hen house.

But, Representative Barry Moore (2nd District, Alabama), took up the banner and is reaching out to President Biden, once again, to have this outrageous abomination of justice properly investigated by an independent party.

One would think their should be some accountability for a kangaroo court conviction that resulted in a wrongful and long prison sentence.


When a service man or woman is detached from the service, the military always produces a DD-214. This happens for service personnel regardless of their characterization of service. If you were honorably or dishonorably discharged, you always receive the most important separation document, the DD-214.

Unfortunately, the intentional vindictiveness of the United States Air Force means they never provided Major Clarence Anderson his DD-214. He’s been out of the service now for almost five (5) years, and still no DD-214.

He’s railroaded into prison on bogus charges, then when he gets out prison after many years, the Air Force is still looking for ways to destroy this remarkable man. Just when you think the Air Force could not stoop to a  lower position, they continue to go even lower.

In the Navy we called it being “lower than whale turds.” Shame be upon you Air Force, shame be upon you.

The vindictive low-life’s in the United States Air Force knew their failure to provide this critical document would impede Major Anderson’s future employment and any attempt to procure VA benefits down the road.

While the President is hopefully ordering a full and independent investigation into the wrongful conviction and imprisonment of Major Anderson, the President may also consider issuing an immediate order to the United States Air Force commanding they produce a DD-214 for Major Anderson within 24 hours. Five years is absolutely unacceptable.