Christopher, Lara and Capt. John in the eternal love triangle of betrayal. The wedding ring is but a mere decoration.

United States Navy Captain John R. Nettleton received a slap on the wrist from U.S. District Judge Timothy J. Corrigan.

As some of our readers may recall from a past article, a fight erupted inside Nettleton’s official residence at Guantanamo Navy base after commissary worker Christopher Tur loudly accused Nettleton of screwing his wife.

Tur was later found dead, floating in Guantánamo Bay on Jan. 11, 2015, two days after the fight. He had four broken ribs, a bruised forehead, and potentially lethal amounts of Prozac and alcohol in his system.

The medical examiner ruled his death was caused by drowning, probably accidental. We have no reason to suspect the ME is corrupt, but it would not be the first time a medical examiner skewed his/her findings in favor of the living.

Many people were suspicious and felt Captain Nettleton may have had something to do with Christopher’s death. Did Capt. Nettleton send out some thugs to silence Tur once and for all? Having someone shouting the base commander was having an affair with his wife would not have been good for promotion.

So, it begs the question, why the hell wasn’t Capt. Nettleton court martialed for his criminal misconduct? Why was he allowed to retire? Did he receive an Honorable Discharge? And, where the hell was the Navy Inspector General?

A civilian jury found that during the search, Captain Nettleton concealed the fact he had fought with Christopher Tur. Nettleton denied to another officer that Tur had come to his house and lied about the affair he was having with Mrs. Tur, who ran the base’s social service department.

Federal prosecutors sought 37 to 46 months in prison. Christopher Tur’s family wanted a hell of a lot more. Nettleton’s defense lawyer asked the court for no time in prison and no home confinement, essentially no real punishment at all.


Here is what no one is talking about and the reason the Navy did not want to court martial Capt. Nettleton. By moving the case into the civilian courts, Captain Nettleton escaped many military charges that otherwise would have descended upon him.

We are referring to military laws that apply to all the underlings, and which are unique to the military.

There are several military laws that Capt. Nettleton probably did not violate, such as… desertion, AWOL (absence without leave), disrespect to a superior commissioned officer, wrongful disposition of military property, malingering, fraternization, unlawful command influence, etc. etc.

But here are some of the charges that Nettleton escaped when the Navy stealthily chose to hand the case over to a civilian court…

  1. Conduct Unbecoming an Officer: (multiple counts for lying, obstructing justice, etc.)
  2. Adultery: (he certainly was a homewrecker in this case, and we are betting there were other women no one knows about)
  3. Failure to obey orders: (there are several general orders that would prohibit Capt. Nettleton’s criminal conduct)
  4. Dereliction of Duty:  (It doesn’t take Perry Mason to make a case that Nettleton was derelict in his duty to some degree)

Knowing the propensity of military court-martial juries to over-sentence military members in order to send a clear message to others, Captain Nettleton would have probably received 10-15 years in Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas.

Nettleton was allowed to retire like former JAG lawyer, Major Dan Johnson, who stole $7,122. And, like Nettleton, was screwing another man’s wife. Capt. Nettleton, like Army Major Dan Johnson probably received an Honorable Discharge from the military as well.

With the help of their respective branch of service, both Nettleton and Johnson avoided a court martial and were allowed to have their cases heard in a civilian court, ensuring those aggravating charges unique to the military would disappear.


Something smells very fishy in the Nettleton case. It was sent to the civilians to be tied off neatly so the Navy would not have to do their duty by court-martialing Captain Nettleton, shown above in his civilian clothes.

Equal Justice Under Law simply does not exist in the United States military. It is an absolute joke.

Enlisted personnel and junior officers are crucified for doing a fraction of what Capt. Nettleton and Major Dan Johnson were guilty of.

Many military members are serving decades-long sentences right now in military prisons. We are betting that several are innocent of committing any crime at all.

When the junior-ranking members finally get out of prison, they will have a nasty discharge, no VA benefits and no pension.

People like Capt. Nettleton are allowed to keep his pension, enjoy VA benefits and hang an Honorable Discharge on the wall in his den for all to see.

The military judicial system was designed from the beginning to protect the system and the people who run the system.

Military justice was never about the fair and equal application of the law. It was never about justice. It was about ridding the military of undesirables.

The military judicial system is about protecting the system at all costs. If a few innocent people are thrown under the bus, it’s just the cost of doing business in the military. If a man if found dead in the bay, nothing to see her folks, move on.

You can bet your sweet bippy, the Navy wanted to quietly retire Nettleton without charges and without a trial.

Unfortunately, having a dead man floating in Guantanamo Bay forced the Navy to come up with a new plan in order to deal with Captain Nettleton. To protect Nettleton and the “good name and reputation” of the United States Navy, they washed their hands like Pontius Pilate and allowed the civilians decide.

Instead of receiving fifteen (15) years, like an enlisted or junior officer would have, Captain “let me mess with your wife” Nettleton received just two (2) years behind bars.

Nettleton doesn’t have to begin his prison sentence until probably well after Christmas, because the judge didn’t feel he was a flight risk. The judge felt Nettleton had suffered enough and should be home with his family during the Christmas holiday. Again, a luxury not given to other military personnel who are sent to a court martial.

Did Captain Nettleton kill Christopher Tur? Did Captain Nettleton drive Christopher Tur to suicide, which is a form of murder? Or, was it just an accident like the medical examiner stated? We will never know, because in the military, the fox is always guarding the hen house. And, it’s the fox that does the investigation.

And finally, we have to ask… how many military members were referred to a court martial by Capt. Nettleton during his long and illustrious career? How many careers did he ruin over things that were but a fraction of the crimes he himself committed?


The warden of Guantanamo prison, John Bogdan, described Capt. Nettleton as a bridge-builder who fostered a climate of respect and cooperation. What a bunch of bullshit. Screwing another man’s wife really fostered a climate of respect.

Is the warden saying that if you let the base commander borrow your wife, you are “cooperating?” Give us a freeking break!

Rear Admiral Greg Nosal told the judge that Nettleton was a man of integrity, character and charisma who cared for his people and stood up for what’s right.

Hey Admiral shitbird, Nettleton used his “charisma” to seduce another man’s wife and is hardly a man of integrity and character as he attempted to cover-up his malfeasance. Only a Navy admiral would say such a stupid fucking thing.

Sorry folks, this stuff just makes our blood boil. We end by saying, congratulations to Capt. Nettleton and the United States Navy. Through their judicial machinations, they Navy helped you to greatly minimize the punishment you really should have received.

Our contempt for you and the Navy has gone off the chart. The Navy did their best to protect you. Think of all the suffering occurring right now in military prisons all over the USA, by those who have done a mere fraction of what you have done.

You, and the gravy Navy, can be justifiably proud on how well this all turned out.

URGENT PLEA TO OUR READERS: We know there is much more to this story than anyone knows. If you have any information at all about the Nettleton case, please contact us ASAP. Our gut tells us there is much more to this story. We know the Navy does not want the truth out there, but we certainly do. Contact us if you know something. We know how vindictive these people are, so you will have complete anonymity. And, send high resolution pictures if you have them. Our readers love multimedia items as well.