Governor, Henry McMaster beams with pride as he appointed Maj. Gen. Van "Porky Pig" McCarty as South Carolina's new Adjutant General. One of his first actions as South Carolina's Adjutant General was to enable his fellow Citadel alumnus, Army Major and JAG Officer, Daniel E. Johnson to receive an Honorable Discharge after he stole $7,122 from the Army National Guard.

For the record, we didn’t make up the name “CRUMBSNATCHER.” Someone else did. His real name is Colonel Krompecher, but we’ll keep the “Crumbsnatcher” moniker for now. Where deceitfulness is concerned, Crumbsnatcher is “Army Strong.”

During one of his attempts to obtain information from an Army Inspector General, Colonel Crumbsnatcher, former Army veteran Earl Graham finally came to the conclusion the Army was stonewalling.

Colonel Crumbsnatcher did what he could to put on a phony professional face during the phone conversation, then after he thought he had hung up the phone, the real Crumbsnatcher came out and Earl Graham kept recording.

Below is just a small snippet of a much longer phone call that reveals some of the evil that goes on behind the scenes. You can hear the IG and his minions subtly weaving their little web. Most of the conversation we have is actually after Colonel Crumbsnatcher thought he had hung up the phone.

Check out the the audio below to hear nattering military nabobs scheming on how to deal with this recalcitrant individual.


Mr. Earl O. Graham, former Army Captain became a target after calling out Solicitor and Army Major Dan Johnson

Former Army captain and 100% disabled veteran continues to demand answers from Army authorities doing what they can to conceal their failings.

The United States Army, in their infinite wisdom, bestowed an Honorable Discharge on former Army JAG Major Dan Johnson after he stole $7,122.

You may know the story from our previous article(s) about the dubious antics of the South Carolina 5th Judicial Circuit Solicitor.

Earl Graham caught the powerful 5th Circuit solicitor having an affair with his wife. Then after he files a complaint, arsonist(s) set fire to his home.

The first arson attempt failed, so a week later, the arsonist(s) came back and completed the job burning Graham’s home to the ground.

Graham was accused of burning his own home, but video shows Graham was seven miles away at the Texas Roadhouse Restaurant when the fire started.

Earl Graham hasn’t let up on his assertion that philandering solicitor Dan Johnson was having an affair with his wife, and continues pressing his outrage about the sleaze-ball, home-wrecking solicitor.

In his heart of hearts, Graham feels the slimy solicitor could have been connected with the torching of his home and all  personal belongings. Graham truly believes an evil cabal of law enforcement personnel conspired to arrest him on trumped up charges.

Richland County law enforcement officials finally made their move arresting Earl Graham and illegally tossed him in jail. In an effort to silence and break him, they kept Graham in jail for nearly two years without charges and without any trial.

Graham was ultimately released from jail 22 months later, but had to wait for an additional three years for a letter of exoneration.


Major Dan “burn down your house” Johnson. He may have been a conspirator in an arson and attempted murder, but the Army regards him as an Honorable man.

Graham’s illegal incarceration was carefully ignored by the U.S. Attorney’s office. For some reason, they didn’t want to go there.

The scumbag solicitor of Richland and Kershaw Counties in South Carolina was breaking all sorts of other federal laws. Finally, they had to do something.

Prosecutors had more than enough to get scores of convictions and a twenty-year prison sentence against Dan Johnson, but decided to give him a break.

Dan Johnson spent only 50% of the time behind bars, than what Earl Graham was forced to endure. Equal Justice Under Law, give us a break.

Sadly, the U.S. Attorney’s office was OK with it. It was a classic case of how the system rallies around one of their own.

Solicitor and Army Major Dan Johnson, who broke nearly every law in the book, spent less than a year behind bars. Earl Graham who did nothing wrong except to file a complaint against the evil solicitor, spent almost two years in jail.

When you spend that long in jail, it becomes a prison. Jail was designed as a temporary holding facility for those awaiting trial. Solicitor Johnson had filed charges but Johnson had to recuse himself because of his involvement.

The Attorney General of South Carolina, along with Solicitor Dan Johnson had no real intention of bringing Earl Graham to trial. For one, he was innocent. And secondly, during a fully contested trial, the truth can leak out which could be politically embarrassing.

Just for show, the U.S. Attorney’s office filed over fifty (50) charges against former South Carolina Solicitor Dan Johnson, but reduced it to two or three under the guise Johnson would “cooperate.”

AS A SIDE NOTE: The Occupational Safety and Health Administration, AKA: OSHA plays a similar game. OSHA inspectors come in to inspect a company than makes a bazillion dollars every year.

The morning after, headlines read that company xyz was fined five million dollars for a multitude of OSHA violations. Six months later the fines are reduced to $5,000, because the company allegedly corrected their violations.

The public is thereby deceived that companies who violate OSHA regulations are being held accountable. It’s all one big game they play. Graham sincerely believes that is what happened in Dan Johnson’s case. They racked up a ton of charges, then suddenly reduced over fifty charges down to a pathetic two or three.

It was all a ruse by the U.S. Attorney’s office to make the people of Richland and Kershaw Counties think justice had actually occurred. Johnson’s only “cooperation” was to confess to his own crimes. It’s a common practice to reduce charges for a confession, but throwing out fifty charges? Good grief!

U.S. Army Lt. Gen. Leslie C. Smith, Inspector General of the Army. Known for taking care of his buddies and to hell with the law.

Miffed that Solicitor Dan Johnson illegally had him arrested and thrown in jail for two years, Earl Graham continues to demand answers. Wouldn’t you?

South Carolina civilian authorities have no interest in holding Dan Johnson accountable for violating the laws of South Carolina.

Military authorities weren’t interested in holding the Army JAG lawyer and Major accountable for violating military laws either.

Everyone in South Carolina’s so-called law enforcement divisions were doing whatever they could to protect Dan Johnson from the punishment he so richly deserved.

Earl Graham has been repeatedly asked Army Inspector General, Colonel “I’ll talk about you behind your back” Crumbsnatcher  as to why Major Dan Johnson received an Honorable Discharge. This is particularly outrageous, when, out of the nearly $50,000, Johnson absconded with, $7,122 was from the National Guard.

Graham has been relentless in his quest for justice, but he’s discovering the civilian and military system is not interested in justice. The system is interested in keeping a lid on things and ignoring anyone’s requests for answers.


Even though Earl Graham filed a complaint against Johnson with the National Guard,  Col. Crumbsnatcher told Graham he’s a third party and cannot have information on the case.

What kind of thinking is that? How can Graham be a third party when he filed the complaint? We think it’s just another example of trying to marginalize Graham’s complaint in the hope he will ultimately give up the fight.

Don’t you wish you and your family were part of such a prestigious protected class of people?