Glenn Francis (AKA: Fat Leonard) shakes hands with ADM Gary Roughhead, Chief of Naval Operations. (Photo Credit: NCIS-DCIS)

A new book published by Simon & Shuster by author Craig Whitlock has recently been released. strongly recommends this book to anyone who wants to know how the Navy really operates behind the scenes.

Whitlock pulls back the curtain describing how one ambitious man used money and charm to bribe senior naval officers for military secrets.

The old adage, “loose lips sink ships” still applies. We’re damn lucky Francis wasn’t providing the Chinese Navy with the information he was receiving from horny and drunken admirals. For all we know, he probably was.

If you’re a sailor on any of the ships in the 7th Fleet, you have no idea just how much your life was placed in jeopardy by drunken scumbag naval officers.

Imagine, losing your ship and entire crew along with your own life all over a blowjob some admiral received from a prostitute courtesy of Fat Leonard.

Fat Leonard wearing his company ballcap. (Courtesy – Glenn Defense Marine Asia)

Naval officers provided Fat Leonard and his company “Glenn Defense,” with sensitive, classified information so he could make a ton of money from the billions of dollars Congress appropriated to the Navy.

Leonard would use that enormous amount of money to bribe even more naval officers with hookers, parties, free booze and free travel.

One flag-ranking officer after another, along with a plethora of other senior-ranking officers took the bait and gave away military secrets as to ship movements.

They called Glenn Francis “Fat Leonard” because he was morbidly obese with weight ranging from 300-500 pounds.

Whitlock says in his extraordinary book that Fat Leonard’s bribes were most effective with his legendary sex parties. It was  a Russian-honeypot-scheme on steroids.

Whitlock describes how Leonard employed an armada of prostitutes to “entertain” (suck and fuck) naval officers in Pacific ports from Vladivostok to Sydney, Australia.

Whitlock wrote that Francis’s talents as a world-class con artist made him a formidable spy. Indeed it did.

(left) LTJG Michelle Coyne Skubic and LT Ruth Christopehrson with FAT LEONARD. Note: Skubic rose through the ranks to become a Vice Admiral. (Photo Credit: NCIS-DCIS files)

Fat Leonard recruited a network of moles inside the United States Navy by targeting officers with personal insecurities, strained marriages, drinking problems and other vices and vulnerabilities.

It as all right out of the playbook for the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR).

The question arises; did Glenn Francis learn these honeypot tactics from the Russians, or did the Russians learn to perfect their intelligence gathering system from Francis?

It’s a simple system that Whitlock describes in his book with the following words…

“once he (Glenn Francis) reeled ‘naval officers’ in with sex, booze, cash and free travel, he expected favors in return.

Francis’s moles included ten Navy officers who betrayed their country by leaking him classified material, a breathtaking security breach that made a mockery of the Navy’s counterintelligence defenses….

his Navy quislings fed ‘Francis’ dirt on his enemies and rigged multimillion-dollar husbanding contracts to his benefit.”


RADM Sam Locklear with Fat Leonard in Singapore (NCIS-DCIS case files)

Not long after we received Craig Whitlock’s book we discovered that a Judge dismissed felony convictions of five (5) naval officers involved in the “Fat Leonard” bribery scandal.

A CBS REPORT states that naval officers Donald Hornbeck, Robert Gorsuch and Jose Luis Sanchez, and U.S. Marine Corps Col. Enrico DeGuzman had all admitted to accepting bribes from defense contractor Leonard Francis, nicknamed ” Fat Leonard.”

But, even though all five admitted to committing crimes, the judge decided their convictions should be dismissed. Why?

The report went on to say… ‘In 2022, Judge Janis Sammartino ruled the former lead federal prosecutor committed “flagrant misconduct” by withholding information from defense lawyers.

In September, the felony convictions of four former Navy officers were also vacated. The four men pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor and agreed to pay a $100 fine each.’

The scandal had embarrassed the Navy so the Navy had to find and destroy some naval officers while they allowed the admirals to skip out the backdoor into retirement.

Zealous military prosecutors had to get a conviction at any cost, so they decided to withhold potential exculpatory information from defense lawyers in order to assure a conviction. Sounds like the Colonel Dan Wilson story and dozens of others as well.

We’ve seen this playout over and over again in the military. Underlings are destroyed, while the admirals get a pass. Equal Justice Under Law simply does not exist in the military.

ADM Greenert became Chief of Naval Operations. He’s shown here yucking it up with Fat Leonard (Photo Credit: NCIS-DCIS files)


We recall a case where Navy Chief Petty Officer discovered massive payroll fraud in the naval reserves. He confided in a Navy lieutenant also assigned to the admin department about what was going on.

In the naval reserves, as opposed to the regular Navy, rank and duty assignments were handed out based on retention numbers. When the commanding officer paid reservists for drills they never performed, then his retention numbers were strangely much higher than those in other units.

The lieutenant spoke with the commanding officer clearly outlining how the payments were in violation of naval regulations, but the way to resolve it was to bring in those same reservists to drill before the end of the fiscal year. This way the command did not have to ask for the money back.

Then Army Major Peter Cole (left), and Navy Chief Petty Officer, Michael Tufariello testifying before a Congressional Subcommittee about massive fraud and corruption in the military, March 24, 1988.

The lieutenant quickly discovered this type of fraud was ingrained in the naval reserve system. It wasn’t going to change any time soon.

The commanding officer wanted no part of the resolution to the “problem” proposed by the lieutenant. The CO decided the lieutenant was the problem because he wasn’t going along to get along and ordered him out of his office.

To make a long story short, Chief Tufariello was tricked and led off in a paddy wagon by two armed Marines to the military hospital at Carswell AFB where he was incarcerated in their psychiatric ward. It was all trumped up bullshit. The plan was to neutralize him as a threat to their system of organized crime.

The Navy lied to the Air Force doctor and staff saying that Chief Tufariello had threatened to commit suicide. In reality, Chief Tufariello told a co-worker that he was frustrated and felt like jumping off the Brooklyn Bridge.

A tongue-in-cheek remark which was a joke was twisted and distorted by the command to label him as a crazy person. After decades in the service and combat ribbons from Vietnam, the Navy decided to conjure up a bullshit story and toss Chief Michael Tufariello in a mental ward.

Four days later, the lieutenant was handcuffed and sent to another base to be court-martialed. He was convicted of one count of fraternization and one count of submitting a “fraudulent” travel claim for $75.51.

The travel claim was submitted at another command three years before arriving to his new duty station in the naval reserves.

The lieutenant was Dishonorably Discharged and received a felony conviction. Yes, that’s correct. A single count of fraternization is a felony conviction and good for two years in prison.

This meant the lieutenant could no longer use his aviation skills in the civilian sector. After the Navy got President Reagan to approve the changes to the UCMJ, the lieutenant was the first naval officer in history to be given a felony conviction over a date with an enlisted woman.

The VP of Delta Air Lines told the lieutenant that even though his conviction was bullshit, none of the insurance companies for all the airlines would allow a convicted felon in the cockpit of a commercial aircraft.

His aviation career was over. And, based on his Dishonorable Discharge, the VA denied the lieutenant benefits for the rest of his life. The lieutenant this year was notified by the Veterans Administration that his appeal to have his discharge upgraded for VA purposes was denied by their administrative law judge.

Chief Tufariello was invited to testify in Washington before a House Subcommittee where he was instrumental in helping to pass the Military Whistleblower Protection Act. Unfortunately, the military has refused to enforce the law. It’s back to business as usual.

The five naval officers who conspired to destroy the lieutenant and send his chief to the looney bin were promoted and have long since retired.

Graft and corruption continues in military unabated, especially the United States Navy. People perpetrating the crimes are seldom held accountable.

Pick up the book on Amazon: FAT LEONARD

Partying with officers from the 7th Fleet aboard the USS Blue Ridge in Tokyo. from left: LCDR Munoz, Fatty, CAPT Doland, LCDR Sanchez (NCIS-DCIS files)