Message to jane doe: the military and congress have failed you. Take your case to the American people. Domestic partners need to understand the military gives only lip service to victims of domestic violence, and when the generals ignore racism, they are basically condoning that behavior.

The Mount Rushmore from Hell - left to right; GEN Hokanson, LTG Jensen, MG Pepin, MG Baldwin, COL Dick Pic Six David Bowling. Their pathetic leadership at the National Guard Bureau and the corruption within the Office of Staff Judge Advocate is the center of the problem. At a minimum there needs to be a complete house cleaning of the NGB and several military lawyers should be put out to pasture.


This story is complex and has many moving parts, but it’s basically about domestic violence the Army ignored. Above is one of the assault videos showing Army Captain Jose Moreno delivering a hard slap down to the face of his own one-year-old son. The child cries, while CPT Moreno laughs.

How in the world the Army and their JAG officers could ignore this video evidence tells us all we need to know about their supreme indifference towards domestic violence and Army’s lack of reverence to the rule-of-law.

It’s a story about how the military gets caught with their hand in the cookie jar, then circles the wagons and begins to obfuscate, downplay, lie and ignore. The Army then moved quickly to reassign culpable officers in an effort to protect their careers.

Army Captain and military lawyer, Alexis Markeson… sorry, out of all the pictures we have of Markeson, this was the best photo to use.

It’s a story of unsecured weaponry, possibly stolen from the government and “owned” by the crazy Army captain who viciously attacked his domestic partner and assaulted his one-year-old son.

It’s a story of pure racism within the officer ranks which is both tolerated and ignored by the upper echelon of the United States military.

It’s a story of how ethically-challenged military lawyers really operate behind the scenes to manipulate cases the military brass hats would prefer not be published, and certainly not adjudicated.

Reading back articles on MilitaryCorruption.com will help readers understand how deplorable Army leadership placed Jane Doe and her son in potential danger. Army leaders (and Army lawyers) chose instead to protect the perpetrator and his enablers.


Timeline of Events and Circumstances Surrounding
CPT Jose Moreno and Legal Matters
in Response to Director, Army National Guard (DARNG)
Serious Incident Report (SIR) 22-0483:
Negative (but Honest) Media.


Former Battalion Commander LTC Colleen “Get our of Dodge” Shepherd. She was battalion commander for only 10 months. In a career-saving ploy, she was suddenly transferred. Big Army was circling the wagons to protect certain officers and hide multiple screwups.

Jane Doe and Army Ranger wannabe, Captain Jose Moreno strike up a relationship. Their relationship produced a little boy.

The military ironically selected Jane Doe to be their model and spokesperson to recruit new people into the military and to bring attention to the problem of sexual assaults in the military.

Captain Jose Moreno was also a model for the Army’s recruiting effort. Nearly a life-sized photo of CPT Moreno was displayed in lobby of the National Guard Bureau (NGB) Headquarters in Arlington, VA.

The two attractive people were considering a long-term relationship, but Moreno has some severe mental problems that resulted in a physically and verbally abusive relationship.

Jane Doe initially attempted to gain help from CPT Moreno’s officer friends, one being LTC Tim McCormic who worked with  Moreno at the NGB.

What LTC McCormic actually said to his friend Jose Moreno is anyone’s guess. LTC McCormic had a duty to report Moreno’s assaults on his domestic partner, but couldn’t bring himself to do it.

Lieutenant Colonel McCormic preferred, instead, to risk the life of Jane Doe and her son, than to jeopardize his friendship with CPT. Jose Luis Moreno even though his failure to report the assaults was a violation of military regulations.

For all we know, McCormic failed to intervene to stop the physical assaults because he condoned Moreno’s violent and abusive behavior. McCormic’s involvement, or lack of involvement in the Jane Doe case has never been closely examined.

The United States Army thought so much of McCormic’s leadership, the promoted him Major to Lieutenant Colonel.

During a particularly bad spat that turned violently physical, Army Captain Jose Moreno went berserk choking Jane Doe until she completely lost consciousness. When she finally regained consciousness, she discovered her body had been moved to the bathroom floor.

Captain Moreno was also caught on video assaulting his one-year-old son with a hard slap to his face, then laughing about it as you can see in the video clip above.

Because of the abuse from his father Captain Moreno, his child has sustained long-term injury in the form of developmental delays. For this alone, CPT Moreno needs to be removed from military service and held fully accountable for his physical assaults on Jane Doe and their son.

Jane Doe gave up on LTC McCormic and took her case to military authorities. She divulged the assaults and suspicious weaponry owned by CPT Moreno she discovered in her home, but due to apathetic leadership at all levels, especially Battalion Commander Colleen Shepherd, the whole matter was ignored and covered up.

Even with graphic video evidence of the outrageous assaults on the mother and her child, the military’s disinterest in the matter was heartbreakingly disappointing. It also exposed the avalanche of lies the military has been telling Congress that military commanders take domestic violence cases seriously. The hell they do!


Army Lieutenant Colonel Tim McCormic

Jane Doe initially sought help from then Major Tim McCormic on what to do about the physical and verbal abuse she was receiving at the hands of his friend and coworker CPT. Jose Luis Moreno. Jane Doe continued to report the chronic abuse she was enduring to McCormic on multiple occasions.

According to DODI 6400.6, Army leaders shall take domestic violence seriously and report it immediately.

06SEP 2020
CPT Moreno became verbally abusive towards Jane Doe in front of Tim McCormic and went as far as to show McCormic a nude photo of Jane Doe. McCormic assured Jane Doe he would “talk to him and fix it.”

The time for personal counseling was over. As an Army officer, McCormic now had a duty to report the physical assaults to proper authorities before the chronic physical and verbal abuse escalated to violent assaults.

Unfortunately, LTC McCormic valued his friendship with CPT Moreno much more than his dedication to his responsibilities as an officer in the United States Army.

As a side note; active duty personnel assigned to the “National Guard” are considered Army officers if they are active duty under Title 10. This was the case for both  McCormic and Moreno and thus activated the jurisdiction of Army lawyers at the Maryland District Washington office (MDW).

LTC McCormic concealed the chronic abuse and assaults, never reporting the domestic violence to appropriate authorities as it was his duty to do. It’s unclear to this day if LTC McCormic was totally apathetic, or actually condoned the abominable behavior of CPT Moreno in the form of physical abuse that escalated to felony assault.

CPT Jose Luis Moreno was arrested and charged with felony strangulation and assault and battery on a one-year-old child.

Jane Doe asked FAP (Family Advocacy Programs) for help and guidance. FAP immediately reported the matter to the Army’s Criminal Investigation Division (CID) for action.

CID conducted not an investigation but a watered-down preliminary inquiry. A CID supervisory special agent approved and distributed an “Initial/Interim” Report of Investigation (AKA: CID-ROI). It really wasn’t an investigation at all. The CID report was nothing but a preliminary inquiry to determine the validity of the accusations against CPT Moreno.

CID concluded that assault and battery had occurred. How could they not? They had video evidence of an Army captain putting the hurt on a one-year-old baby. The report reminded Army commanders of Army Regulation 600-8-2, that pertains to flagging individuals and suspending any favorable actions.

Military commanders chose to ignore CID’s gentle nudge to flag personnel files. To our knowledge, not a single person has been flagged in the Jane Doe case except for CPT Moreno. This includes all the people who enabled and covered up the domestic violence that had occurred.

Receiving no help from the Army, Jane Doe was compelled to seek help from civilian authorities. A Prince William County, VA judge issued two arrest warrants for Captain Jose Moreno. Given the video evidence, the judge easily found probable cause that Moreno committed Assault & Battery of a family member and Strangulation of Jane Doe.

The CID report concluded there was sufficient evidence to Army commanders to take action. The CID report was distributed to the following individuals and departments…

    1. CID Washington Field Office
    2. Chief of Police
    3. Military Police Investigations
    4. Installation Commander
    5. Family Advocacy Program
    6. MDW – Special Victim Prosecutor
    7. MDW – Military Justice Advisor
    8. MDW – Chief of Military Justice
    9. NGB – CDR Battalion Headquarters

Battalion Commander LTC Colleen Shepherd issued a “Plan of Action” for CPT Moreno in the form of an Memorandum for Record (MFR). READ HER “PLAN OF ACTION” MFR HERE:

MilitaryCorruption.com published VOL I about the assaults and unsecured weapons of dubious origin that she discovered in her home. Remembering that CPT Moreno threatened to kill her, then take his own life in a murder suicide, the combination of the weapons and an Army captain that was off is rocker we scaring Jane Doe.

Jane Doe contacted virtually everyone she felt had a duty to help protect her and her son. Military commanders responded with nearly total indifference to virtually all her complaints about… the violent assaults, the racism in the officer corps, chicanery by military lawyers and potentially stolen & unsecured military weaponry.

After apparently reading VOL I on MilitaryCorruption.com, LTC Colleen “Pinocchio” Shepherd immediately crafted a deceptive rebuttal in a “Memorandum for Record” (MFR). Her MFR is filled with false narratives, and loaded with one deception after another.  READ HER DUBIOUS “MFR” HERE:

Jane Doe files an official complaint with the Inspector General in the Department of Defense. DODIG decided to just toss out her complaint. Jane Doe was forced to then submit yet another DODIG complaint 28NOV2022. Thus far, they have taken no action we are aware of on either of Jane Doe’s complaints.

01MAR2023 –
Brigadier General David E. Mendelson admitted in an email, ‘The Army takes domestic violence very seriously, and I am glad that (Jane Doe) raised these issues through law enforcement and IG channels, where they can appropriately be addressed.’

The response to Jane Doe’s dilemma, a mentally unstable Army captain possessing all sorts of weapons, was an absolute joke. The United States Army and the National Guard Bureau does not take domestic violence seriously at all. Brigadier General Mendelson is either terribly misinformed or is a bald-faced liar.


Captain Moreno’s secret stash of weapons.

CID special agents began investigating the Jane Doe complaint right away and concluded there was sufficient evidence for the command to act. But, the command took no substantive action at all.

CPT Moreno lied about his weapons being secured by “Major Fontaine.” LTC Shepherd accepted that lie as fact. His weapons were never secured, and of this writing, still are not secured.

It’s very possible some of this hardware has been stolen from the government, but no one in the Army seems to be in a hurry to find out the truth. Maybe they can’t handle the truth!

The so-called “Plan of Action” for CPT Moreno indicates clearly that he was not to possess, have access to, or frequent any establishment or enter a private residence where weapons are available.

CPT Moreno conjured up a plan to go around that directive by using the address of someone else while he stayed with LTC McCormic and LTC Nelson who had tons of military weapons.

The chronology above tells us that when the lawyers at Maryland District, Washington (MDW) received the CID-ROI (Initial/Interim Report), no one assigned a Special Victim’s Counsel (SVC) for Jane Doe and her son, as it was their duty to do.

Was Jane Doe and her son denied an SVC because she was a Black woman, or was it just careless indifference by the Army that inadvertently involved a Black woman. This must be investigated. Black Americans need to know that White Americans take the issue of racism very seriously. It’s obvious the Army does not take it seriously.

MDW became fully aware that CID had concluded there was sufficient evidence for the command to act. In other words, CID was telling the Army the evidence is strong and you need to take action now. The Army’s response was, ‘Who cares, what’s for lunch?’

In their Initial/Interim “Report of Investigation” (ROI), CID suggested to Army commanders they might want to begin flagging people by reminding them of the statute. Again, to this very day, no one has been flagged in the Jane Doe case.

The NGB/Army not only failed to flag anyone, but took overt steps to protect culpable officers like the perpetrator CPT Moreno and his battalion commander. The strategy was to conduct business as usual and ignore her continual pleas for help, just like they did in the Vanessa Guillen case at Fort Hood, Texas.


Variants of the above text message was passed around between LTC Tim McCormic, CPT Moreno and LTC Ryan Nelson. None of this has been properly investigated. Racism in the Army? You be the judge!

Former Battalion Commander Colleen “Pinocchio” Shepherd frankly, didn’t care about the potential danger she was creating for Jane Doe and her son.

A threat to kill Jane Doe and her son by a mentally unstable Army captain with access to military weaponry wasn’t important enough for military commanders like “Pinocchio” Shepherd.

Shepherd’s trip to Hawaii was more important than doing her job properly.

LTC Colleen Shepherd found it easier to reject CID findings and accept the word of the suspect as fact. LTC Shepherd was totally derelict in her duty. She should answer for her failings as an military officer.

Statistically, we may find that LTC Shepherd treats people differently depending on their skin color. For all we know, she may very well be a dyed-in-the-wool racist. We don’t know because the Army doesn’t want to know.

Nobody in the Army wanted to find out if their Gay lieutenant colonel battalion commander is a racist or not. That could open up Pandora’s Box. The Army viewed this as a no-win situation so they did decided not to launch an investigation.

If her questionable decisions are laced with racism, LTC Colleen Shepherd should be immediately removed from military service along with LTC Tim McCormic and LTC Ryan Nelson who clearly displayed their racism in a text message.

At a minimum, Shepherd, McCormic and Nelson should receive a nasty GOMOR with the “suggestion” they submit their resignations from the Army immediately.

If an intensive and thorough investigation had been initiated, numerous people should have been flagged, with several sent to a general court martial. The military could easily conjure up a mountain of charges like they do against whistleblowers.

Instead the racists and the assaulter are being protected while the Army and Air Force are trying to figure out a way to eighty-six Jane Doe and put out the fuse on a potentially career-damaging political bomb involving racism, unchecked domestic violence and unsecured weaponry that may have been stolen from the military.

SIDE NOTE: We sometimes like to educate our readers who don’t know the meaning of military acronyms:

An LOR is a “Letter of Reprimand,” which is an administrative reproach or “chewing out” given to a Soldier by a Commander. This is normally viewed as a slap on the hand and his non-punitive in nature. An LOR is frequently used by commanders to provide them cover so no one can say they didn’t take any action at all.

A GOMOR is a “General Officer Memorandum of Reprimand.” It’s a serious reprimand issued by a general officer who has General Court Martial Convening Authority (GCMCA). A “GOMOR” can be filed in…

either a soldier’s official military personnel file (“permanent file”) or,
a soldier’s military personnel record jacket (“local file”).

An LOR cannot be filed in a soldier’s official military personnel file without a general officer’s approval.

LTC Shepherd’s MFRs in the Jane Doe case are prima facia evidence of conduct unbecoming an officer, dereliction of duty and possibly falsifying official documents with her outrageously deceptive MFRs.

Had CPT Moreno gone crazy and killed Jane Doe and her son, Shepherd’s lack of action could be viewed as wanton or gross negligence. She clearly demonstrated a careless disregard for the lives of others. Her deceptive MFRs could be considered as criminal acts designed to conceal her own misconduct.


National Guard Bureau (NGB) leaders knew almost immediately they had a problem and decided to do all the normal tricks they always do to cover the matter up.

Military commanders should have flagged everyone involved and launched a full and complete investigation, leaving no stone unturned. NGB commanders instead, decided to get Shepherd out of Dodge as quickly as possible in an effort to conceal her inadequate and pitiful response to a potentially dangerous situation.

Army commanders immediately transferred Shepherd to Ohio near her hometown, even though she had only been a battalion commander for a measly ten (10) months. Army “cavalry” began to circle their wagons to stave off any career-injuring arrows of truth.

Army Colonel Njeri Hanes

The military will routinely dispatch a Black female to “investigate” a complaint filed by a Black service member. The Black female officer will amazingly find no evidence of racism. Such a report, especially from a Black woman, provides cover for the good-old-White-boys in the Pentagon.

“It can’t be racism because the investigator, who is also Black, found no evidence of racism.” Military Standard Operating Procedure (SOP): Give the Black woman a promotion, and keep her phone number handy for future politically sensitive situations.

The Army dispatched numerous Black females to gain control of Jane Doe. Her case was spiraling out of control. We see this tactic used over and over again. First, the newly dispatched Black female officer with secret marching orders in her head attempts to gain the victim’s confidence.

Once sufficient confidence is obtained from the victim, the so-called investigator finds out who the troublemakers are, then goes on the attack to destroy the lives of the witnesses and especially the victim if he/she doesn’t keep their mouth shut.

The military will use any and all tactics to neutralize information that is “service discrediting.” This includes, but is not limited to the use of multiple psychiatric examinations to discredit any whistleblower and/or victim of unethical or criminal misconduct.

If the confidence game is not effective against the victim, the military then would role into attack mode going after the victim with a punitive or administrative discharge while the real perpetrators make their getaway like LTC Shepherd did when she quickly rotated out after only ten (10) months on the job.

The one problem the Army had with Jane Doe was the fact that she wasn’t in the Army. Can’t kick someone off the team if they were never on the team in the first place.

One of the latest Black female “secret agents” was a Colonel Njeri Hanes, but Jane Doe didn’t fall for their confidence game. Jane Doe rightfully believes the Army has all the evidence they need to justify a full-blown investigation. She quickly realized the Army was trying to figure out a way not investigate.

BTW, Captain Jose Moreno is still on active duty. It appears the Army is in no hurry to throw the assaulter out the door. His reprehensible conduct is apparently OK with the United States Army.

An Army captain assaulting a woman and his one-year-old baby doesn’t seem to trigger any response from the Army… even when he was caught in the act on video.

We suspect the Army is keeping Jose on active duty hoping the civilian courts who are dealing with protective order violations will be found not guilty. The Army is looking for anything they can hang their hat on at this point to make this story go away.


The Army has failed Jane Doe and her son on many occasions. Had they both been killed by a mentally challenged Jose Moreno, the coverup would have been far more aggressive. In this case the Army just decided to ignore Jane Doe and the video of Moreno assaulting his own son.

Aside from the weakness and timid behavior of NGB’s flag-ranking officers, there is the ethically challenged behavior of the JAG lawyers at MDW (Maryland District, Washington) and the ethics attorney at the Pentagon. Other entities that are ethically challenged are the Inspector General (IG) offices.

One particular Army tactic is to “entice” the victim to provide a list of people to the Inspector General she feels are involved in the case. Then the IG’s office feigns an investigation which allows each person she listed to avoid being flagged. It’s part of the sneaky shell game the military plays to avoid due process of law.

When the Army is asked, “Why the hell didn’t you flag these people,” their response will be, ‘We don’t have to when they are under (so-called) investigation by the IG’s office.’

The tactic is to drag their feet until things die down, then suddenly on a Friday afternoon put out a determination that the victim was uncooperative and the evidence did not justify continuing the investigation. Case closed!

MilitaryCorruption.com has long known that IG offices are not there to find and report the truth. Their primary mission is to protect the military from embarrassing events which could erode confidence in the military by the American people. Their dedication to the rule-of-law is deplorable by any measure.

It was JAG lawyer Alexis Markeson who maliciously told civilian police that Jane Doe wanted to drop assault charges against CPT Moreno. It was a contemptable lie. Alexis Markeson has already been transferred. We have not forgotten about reprehensible behavior and think she needs to be sanctioned for a serious breach of ethics in the Jane Doe case.


Colonel Tasha and Shawn Lowery

At this point for Jane Doe, Black female colonels are coming out of the woodwork. The latest are Colonel Njeri Hanes who legally advising Colonel Tasha Lowery.

COL Tasha Lowery is replacing Colonel “Dick Pic Six” Bowling. Lowery is arriving from the Pentagon and Dick Pic Six Bowling is going to the Pentagon. To protect Dick Pick Six David Bowling, the Pentagon pulled him under their wing.

Colonel David “Dick Pic Six” Bowling failed miserably. He told Jane Doe he would ‘get back to her within 72 hours.’ She never heard from him again. He apparently decided to ignore the entire matter even after viewing the damning video.

Bowling quickly figured out that to do his job correctly, he’d have to flag the files of several Army officers. He frankly didn’t want to do that, so he did nothing.

It was easier for Bowling to just let the victim twist in the wind. Bowling morphed into an Ostrich sticking his head in the sand, which he hoped would make the entire Jane Doe case simply go away.

Shawn Lowery (Tasha’s husband) works for the Army Criminal Investigation Division (CID) stationed at Quantico, Virginia.

The jury is still out on COL. Tasha Lowery. We don’t know yet if she believes in the rule-of-law or not. If she doesn’t believe in the rule of law, it’ll become readily apparent soon enough.

ON A SIDE NOTE: We have received information that some of the people connected with the Jane Doe case were also involved with the case involving the murder of Vanessa Guillén a 20-year-old Army soldier, who was brutally murdered inside an armory at Fort Hood, Texas, on April 22, 2020.

Vanessa Guillén attempted to get the Army to help her stop the relentless harassment she was forced to endure by soldier Aaron David Robinson. The Army failed to take prudent action to protect Vanessa Guillén resulting in a horrible death with a hammer at the hands of Aaron Robinson. Her body was then chopped up and disbursed in different locations.

Worrisome information leads us to believe that COL. Njeri Hanes is terribly biased in favor of anything that gets her promoted. She will allegedly do anything necessary, whether it’s ethical or not, to climb the Army’s ladder of success. If true, Jane Doe can’t expect too much fairness from COL. Hanes.

Aside from the fact the NGB/Army has done nothing to address these issues, it’s wrong for the perpetrators to get a pass. The Army in the Jane Doe case failed to flag culpable parties. They were allowed to go about their business as if they had done nothing wrong. Seems like the play book for all of Washington D.C. these days.


BN, LTC Marylane Garcia Rosado

Our investigators have discovered the Army is now in full “Cover Your Ass” (CYA) mode. Army is targeting anyone they think is cooperating with MilitaryCorruption.com.

We hear the Army recently went after a 1SG in the NGB who is retiring. The 1SG submitted paperwork to retire and two days later was flagged and under investigation by a LTC Marylane Garcia-Rosado.

Amazingly and incorrectly, LTC Garcia-Rosado believes the 1SG is the leak providing MilitaryCorruption.com with information. Never trust any officer who walks around with a seagull on her shoulder.

Hey Army, you are screwing up again going after innocent people. LTC Garcia-Rosado even went as far as contacting the new employer of the 1SG in an effort to get the 1SG fired.

The Army has a real problem with their battalion commanders who are terribly insecure and possibly suffering from psychoneurosis. So far, LTC Coleen Shepherd and LTC Maryland Garcia-Rosado come to mind.

Army also has a problem with their flag-ranking officers who refuse to lead. They would rather hunker down, positioning themselves using plausible deniability to protect their fragile careers. They all want to be invited to those career-making cocktail parties.

Major General Baldwin actually stated to someone that, ‘Sometimes we have to make decisions that don’t make sense in order to make the Army look good. We have to preserve the force,’ or words to that effect. MG Baldwin is one of the principle people in the coverup and will be featured prominently in Volume VIII.

Unfortunately, there will be a Volume VIII on the Jane Doe case. Instead of moving decisively to address these issues, the Pentagon is just hoping it will all blow over soon. Their strategy is to ignore Jane Doe, ignore MilitaryCorruption.com and quietly get CPT Moreno out of the service with an Honorable Discharge.


One of our sources in Washington has indicated the Pentagon decided they didn’t want their military members reading MilitaryCorruption.com.

The IT folks at the Pentagon were ordered to block our website so military members could not read the truth about leaders of the military. We wonder if they also blocked SECDEF Lloyd Austin from access. You think they had the balls to interfere with the “mail” to SECDEF?

Hey dummies, everyone will just bring it up on their cellphones or wait till they get home. All you did was to bring us another million viewers. Thank you Pentagon!

Hey Army, clean this up! It’s only getting worse. Might as well keep digging, you’re only a few yards from China.

If you have any information about anyone being harmed by the military as a result of completely screwing up the Jane Doe case, please contact us immediately. Thank you.